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(That's 'Work in Progress' for anyone unfamiliar with the terminology.)

Just kidding. But I got you hopeful, didn't I? 

On Sunday, I shared plans for my NaNo novel. But, as I've mentioned already and some of you may know, that isn't my main project. Well, for any of you interested, I'm going to be talking about that today!
It's Avengers GIFs today. You're welcome. 

Anyway, because I'm awfully fond of lists, I'll share it in an organized, list-ish format complete with helpful pictures I found on Pinterest. Also GIFs. Don't look so surprised. Enjoy! 

The Genre: Now, this is a hard one. Steampunk mystery, I suppose, although the mystery isn't even the main focus of the story. 

The Setting: Alternate-timeline 1960s London, complete with airships and automatons and lots of fun steam-powered things! Yay! 


The Plot: Now, I suck at back-cover blurbs. Big time. In fact, just like with my NaNo novel, I'm going to make up one on the spot. I'm sorry in advance. 

Sacharin Tagaskri might be a thief, but she's not a murderer. So when she finds herself accused and convicted of the brutal murder of one Colonel Knyvette, a man she's never met, she sets out to clear her name. 
Ize Lauryl wants nothing more than to find a way out of being an assassin. In his mission from an unknown client to find Tagaskri and kill her before she solves the mystery, he finds his method of escape - joining her in finding the real murderer, a chance to both find redemption and have a way out of the cycle of killing.
The search for both the murderer and their own redemption leads them not only into the darkest, twistiest sections of London, but into their own dark and twisty secrets as well. The murderer isn't just out for blood - he wants to break Sachi and Ize, and in order to catch him they might have to allow him to do just that.  

Well, I tried. One day I'll actually have a proper, well thought-out blurb.

And now, on to my personal favorite part and what everyone must be excited about: 

The Characters! 

Because I had to work this one in somewhere.

Allow me to introduce you to Sacharin Tagaskri, (one of) the most famous street thief in my version of Victorian Era London.

I made a pretty thingy again! 

Sachi is one of two POVs in this story. She's grown up in the slums of London her whole life, and of course has had to resort to thievery. She's gathered a gang of sorts of like-minded men, who do their best to keep the people in the slums fed - think Steampunk Robin Hood. Sort of. Sachi is hotheaded, determined, and holds a deep hatred for the upper class of London who let 'her people' starve. But she's very loyal and sticks to a strict code, which doesn't include murder. Being accused and arrested for something she didn't do, something she would never, ever do, offends her more than just a little bit, and drives her to clear her name and find the real murderer.

She's also one of my absolute favorite characters to write, along with this entire WIP being my baby right now. I'll interview her sometime for you guys! 

Next, meet Ize Lauryl. 

Isn't he adorable? 

Ize is one of my favorite characters ever, too, and the other POV in this story.  He's kind of my baby. A real sweetheart.

He's an assassin and can't possibly be a sweetheart, you say? What's wrong with you, you say? Well, Ize isn't just an assassin. He was forced into it - but that's all spoilers. He hates his profession, although he's very good at it, but he doesn't see a way out of it, seeing himself as nothing but a murderer lost in darkness with no chance of redemption. Until, that is, the much more confident Sachi, the person he was supposed to kill, offers him a share in the reward for finding the true murderer if he just helps her with what little he knows of his mysterious client. Despite being, you know, a hardcore assassin, he's very sweet, loyal, and kind when he has the opportunity. 

I'll interview him sometime, too. 

So, this novel was just recently (after a whole year of working on it!) titled Pariah, which fits exceedingly well. 

I'm currently in the third draft, switching things over to third person, improving upon the plot, making both plot and characters darker, etc. I'm also killing myself with feels. Once I get it to a good place, which it definitely isn't in right now, I'm hoping to start querying it and working on getting it published. I'll keep you updated on my progress in Pariah as I go, because I need somewhere to rant about it, and you'll get to hear more along the way!

Hope you enjoyed this, and I didn't bore you too much. And now, a question: For the writers, do you have that one misunderstood, perhaps anti-heroish character that you just love to bits? Or who's your favorite character in your own WIP? And for the readers, do you have an all-time favorite misunderstood perhaps anti-heroish character in a book? Comment away! 

Yes, this was necessary. 


  1. My favorite character in my WIP is actually a side character that doesn't come in till halfway through the thing. And he's going to be fun to edit too, if I can come up with some snarky stuff for him to say. I think I'll like my other characters better once I complete the story and can go back and edit some more character into them.

    1. Snarky characters are the best! And I totally get that, I have a hard time figuring out and getting into the mindset of characters immediately as well.

    2. :D they are!
      hah yes.. the struggle is real. :)

  2. Oh, and your book sounds awesome, btw. You know.... rough drafts are welcome at EABR. :) haha


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