Flash Fiction Friday

4:18 PM

On Sunday, I made goals.

"I'll write 2k a day in my WIP," I said. "Then I can finish these rewrites as quickly as possible and move on!" It was a brilliant idea at the time.

Then I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday and scraped out 1k, barely. Yesterday, I procrastinated, which I obviously don't do ordinarily. Of course not. *clears throat*

Anyway, I had plenty of time to write today, but between organizing already clean shelves and watching three episodes of LOST in a row I was just too busy. So, to make myself feel better about the whole thing, I went over to my Pinterest board for writing inspiration (that's here, by the way) and picked out a random picture to do some flash fiction for. Here you go!

                      What did you do?

The building has been reduced to rubble, heaps of twisted metal and burning wood licked with flames. In the distance, sirens wail. 

I stare at the girl in disbelief. She watches her handiwork coldly, casually. The chair she lounges upon hasn't been touched - she's always liked theatrical touches. But I never thought she would go this far. Not this way. 

"What have you done?" 

"I told you they were no match for me," she says. "I told you I would burn them all." Then her eyes meet mine, and a reptile smile flashes across her lips. "And I have, haven't I?" 


  1. This flash fiction is awesome! I'd love to know what led up to the events in it.

  2. *shudders*
    That. Was. Kind of terrifying...

  3. I'm gonna have to try this Flash Fiction sometime. Brilliant!


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