Flash Fiction Friday

5:44 PM

I really get too excited about it, despite the difficulty I have with (1. Picking a picture and (2. Summing it up in a hundred words or so when all my brain wants to is turn everything into a novel.

Anyway, here's today's:


Sunrise bathed the valley gold. 

"We're almost to the top, just a few steps more. Just in time," he said. Oh, his smile was better than the sunrise. 

She took his offered hand and allowed him to help her up the last few rocks. They stood there at the top, panting, until she grabbed his arm in excitement and pointed ahead. 

"Look, look how the sun makes the water shine. Just like diamonds." 


  1. I ship it. And I don't even know the characters.

    but I ship it.

  2. There we were again; the wrong place at the wrong time. The only difference was that this time, escape was suicidal.

    "You promised that you would never let go..." He said, eyes pleading for me to stay.

    I looked at him, tears falling from my eyes, "Never."


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