NaNoWriMo Update/Encouragement #1

10:47 AM

Well, as you may have noticed, I didn't do a flash fiction piece yesterday, due to being busy. But today is Saturday, and like I promised before, I'll be updating you on my NaNoWriMo project/word count, and give you a quick word of encouragement before Week 2, which is, in my experience, the very hardest.

Anyway! As of now, Saturday morning for me, I've got a grand total of 31,020 words! This is far, far more than I've ever gotten by the end of Week 1 before, so I'm very excited about it.


Some exciting things happened in my WIP, Io, which I've blogged about twice, here and here. My plot is developing, my characters are starting to figure out who they are and tell me, quite loudly, why they can't do what I've planned, I actually have a solid villain now, etc. I went through some rough spots, but I think I've leveled out, with the help of plenty of chocolate and Pinterest and encouragement from fellow writerly people. 

But now we're entering Week 2. 

Are you freaking out? 

Week 2 is the hardest, at least for me personally. The rush of excitement from Week 1 wears off, your plot starts to go in weird directions, and you're starting to see all the problems with the project you've been so excited about. Week 2, in short, sucks.

So my plan is to keep writing. I've been slacking in motivation even before Week 1 ended. I wrote this blog post in a moment full of frustration, encouraging myself and others to keep going - and I think that's a good theme for Week 2, don't you? Or this week in general, if you're not doing NaNo. 

Just keep writing! 

Your plot probably sucks. Quite honestly, I know mine does. So what if the characters aren't all they could be, or not how you imagined them? Just keep going. And if you don't.... 

I will use this. 

So, tell me. How are you doing in NaNo so far? What's your plan for surviving Week 2, or writing when it gets tough in general? Comment away!


    I am not doing NaNo; I'm trying to just write a few words once in a while. But i'm loving all your motivational posts! Thanks Aimee!

  2. My books ALWAYS suck majorly in the first drafts...but I figure that's what first drafts are for. x) I believe in writing messy and wild and fast...and then launching into edits. *nods* Yaaay for you though! And I love these gifs. xD
    Gooood luck for week 2!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!


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