Flash Fiction Friday: Touching Memories

12:00 AM

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm back with more flash fiction, and like my last flash fiction post, I'm going to invite you to join me in it. Take the prompt picture below and write a piece of flash fiction, 100 words or less, and put it down in the comments below, so we can share the flash fiction wonderfulness amongst ourselves. Go forth and write!

They think I've gone insane. They see the words on my hands, crawling up my arms, and they think I've finally gone mad. 

They're wrong. 

If I don't write things down where I can touch them, I'll lose them altogether. Those memories will fade into mist, like the ones I can't fit slowly are. I have to pick the best memories, good and bad, the ones I love dearly, and I have to preserve them. 

I don't know what I'll do if the ink washes away. 


  1. I wrote them down.
    I have to make sure I remember. They say I'll be confused when I go in, disoriented.

    But I've heard the horror stories, seen what the serum can do.

    And I can't forget she loves me.

  2. This is a really cool story—it actually reminds me a little bit of the movie Memento. The best part is the last line, though. :)

  3. They said if I didn't, they would burn me. But if I did, the words would never be erased. I made my choice long ago, but sometimes I still try to remember the times I looked normal. The times I was accepted...

    But today I stopped trying and gave into the emptiness that consumed me; never looking back.


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