Flash Fiction Friday: The Pizza Tragedy

12:05 PM

After the break last week, I'm back, and I'm going to be doing something a little different today. Instead of using a picture, I'll be using a writing prompt (found on Pinterest, of course) and I'm going to extend the flash fiction challenge to you as well.

That's right, person reading this. Take the writing prompt below and write your own piece of flash fiction (100 words or less, preferably, like I try to do) and post it in the comments below if you dare! Feel free to change POV/tense if it suits you.

Go on. I dare you.

Because I felt like something ridiculous today. 

All he mourned was the pizza. Which was strange considering the fact that when you were randomly catapulted into the 19th century there was a lot more to miss than just the food. 

"I'm telling you, I'm starving." 

"Maybe less complaining, more working on this stupid malfunctioning machine so we can get back to your precious pizza?" 

"Whatever," he grumbled. "I always told you time travel was a sucky idea." 

Now go! Put together some wacky pizza-related flash fiction yourself and comment below. It'll be fun. 


  1. All he mourned was the pizza. He could care less about the weapons and other crap.
    "This is so unfair," he moaned.
    Ellie looked up from her pacing. "What'd ya mean?"
    "I mean look at that pizza. Right there. Frickin' five feet away. I could just reach out and grab it if not for that dang electricity shield."
    She lever him with a glare. "The pizza. That's all you care about. Not the /lock-picking/ kit? Or the blaster?"
    "A lock-picking kit won't go bad. I'm gonna have to sit here and watch this pizza molder."
    "You are absolutely hopeless," Ellie moaned. "I'm not even kidding; I have no idea why they sent you on this mission. All you did was get us locked up."
    "Hey. Blame it on the pizza."
    She looked ready to scream.

  2. All he mourned was the pizza.
    There it was drowning in the puddle, soaking in the mud and grime that had become everything he knew.
    That was the last of it. The last piece of home he had, the final connection the the life he once knew. Now reality forced it's way into his mind, torturing him with the truth he had to face.

    Life was never going to be the same. Every thing he knew-- everything normal, was gone, drowned in filth. Ruined.

    And there was no going back.

    1. Ooh...I'm intrigued. This is great!

    2. This makes me wonder who this character is... I would like to hear more!

  3. All he mourned was the pizza. By Micah Karr. Or Ranger. *nudge nudge* http://ranger-the-writer.blogspot.com/
    I changed the phrase a little since it fit better but here it is:

    They’d been celebrating for hours now when the place blew up, but Ray didn’t really care for any of the people he’d been partying with. He stayed by the food table, lingering near a box of pepperoni pizza. He didn’t know anyone there and all they cared about was football, sports, and girls.
    He was a scrawny stick of a boy who, no matter how much he ate, couldn’t seem to gain an ounce.
    Somewhere in the depths of the party hall, a gas leak ignited. Hardly anyone made it out alive, but all Ray mourned was the pizza.

  4. Jared had been dragged through the mall shopping for hungry orphans, wiped dog pee at the pound, hammered nails into wood while building something humanitarianish (he didn't really care /what/ it was) and just about ruined his health for the stupid girl. She wasn't even /his/ girlfriend.
    He was filling in for his angel twin brother Drew, who had never really cared for Jared, but was suddenly willing to give him anything if Jared were to pretend to be Drew for a day. Apparently, he'd bitten off more than he could chew, signing up for service work with his girlfriend.
    Jared didn't care. He'd been in it for the pizza, and had been playing the part rather well when the girl turned berserk and suddenly broke up with him. Oops. They hadn't ever gotten to pizza hut. His brother would mourn his lost girlfriend, but all Jared mourned was the pizza

  5. You know, I'd never really thought about how much I'd miss pizza if I time traveled...


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