A Character Invasion

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I'm going to try something a little different today! You guys have told me that you do indeed want to know more about my WIP, Pariah, so this week you're going to get a lot of that.

Don't complain, you asked for it.

Since I happen to suck at summing up or explaining my stories - is anyone good at that? -  and that would probably be boring anyway, I figured there wasn't really a better way to talk about it than let the main characters themselves come in and tell you all about it. This, you did not ask for. I have no regrets, however, it's always fun to let my babies talk. Essentially I'm giving my MCs a guest post. Don't question my sanity, please.

Anyway. I'm going to introduce you to the MCs of Pariah, Sachi Tagaskri and Ize Lauryl.


This here is Sachi. She's a street thief in my alternate, steampunky 1800s London, and somewhat of a people's hero. She's harsh and sarcastic and practical and doesn't put up with nonsense or unwanted emotions from anyone, and she happens to be one of my favorite characters to write. Because let's face it, sarcastic and slightly pessimistic characters are the most fun to write.


And this is Ize. He's basically Sachi's opposite. He's mute and a little shy and also happens to be an assassin, but not exactly by choice. (It's complicated.) Very rarely do I abuse and beat up characters as much as I abuse and beat up Ize, which is a shame because he's a real cuddly sweetheart behind the knives and black clothes and occasionally dark/brooding attitude. (You're actually going to get to see more of him tomorrow, so be sure to check out that post too!)

I'll shut up now and let them talk a little. (In their respective text colors, so you know who's who.)


Hullo, I'm Sachi. You can't really listen to anyone else tell the story, see, they'll get it all wrong. 

She conveniently forgets that I was there too. 

Yes, well, you tried to kill me right off, so don't talk just yet. The beginning's the important part and you missed that. (That's Lauryl. Nice fellow, but he don't know what he's talking about sometimes). 

And you can be rather offensive. 

I know, it's one of my talents. Anyway, you want to know about the whole mess. It wouldn't have happened if that toff hadn't died, and someone decided I would be just the person to frame for it, which is flattering and makes for a good dramatic prison escape but was kind of inconvenient. Running around as a fugitive ain't much fun. 

Isn't that what you do all the time? 

Stuff it, Lauryl, it's not your turn yet. Anyway, what I was getting to before someone thought they'd try and be funny. Me and Eli - a friend, I guess, we've known each other since we were little - decided we'd find out who really did do all the murdering, before I ended up hanged for it, since I didn't really like the idea of spending forever running from something I didn't do. So I started poking around and that's where Lauryl comes in. 

Thank you. Are you sure you won't interrupt?


All right. I was the one - 

He's an assassin, you know?

Yes, they know, and you said you'd keep your mouth shut. 

And I will, now. 

...Fine. I didn't want to, but my uncle the crime lord hired me out to find this Tagaskri and finish the job for someone who really wanted her dead. So I tracked her down, but I wasn't about to kill someone innocent - not that I'd want to kill anyone at all... 

And his girlfriend was there. 

You took her hostage to get away from the police. And she wasn't - 

He's touchy about that bit. 

Can I finish? 

All right, fine. 

...I decided I'd help her find the real murderer, so maybe I could get away from my uncle, do some good for once, and maybe use that reward money for turning the real murderer in to get away and have some peace from what I'd done for once. 

Glory, Lauryl, don't go all sappy on them. 

Are you going to spend the whole time insulting me? 

Don't I usually? 

You see what she's like now. Anyway, it turned into a mess. Sachi and her friend Elias and me and Scarlette - 

His girlfriend~ 

We got caught up in more than we thought we would. There were other assassins, and a particularly nasty jaunt on an airship, and trying to talk to someone like Sacharin when you can't actually speak over her, but in the end - 

In the end nothing, Lauryl, we're out of time and you can't just tell everyone the ending. Where's your sense of theatrics, man? You have to leave them on the edge. 

You have a twisted sense of humor. 

I'm smart, is what I am. That's Lauryl for you. Could gut you in two seconds flat, but if you actually talk to him he's sweet as sugar. And you should see the way he gets all red around Scarlette. 

You should mind your own business. Aren't we trying to wrap it up? 

I don't know, it sounded like you were trying to argue. 

You're baiting me. We're supposed to be finished by now. I'm terribly sorry about that, she isn't very good at presenting things coherently - and quickly, without arguing with everyone in sight. 

And you aren't very good about not being touchy! 

I'm not - we're finishing now. Hurry up and say goodbye. 

Well, that didn't tell them much - what do you mean, that's my fault? - but all right, I'll leave it at that. We'll be back in the future, you know. We really ought to do this more often. 


That wasn't nearly as coherent an explanation as I'd hoped, but oh well. They do love to argue. Via text, usually. Being mute makes it hard to argue with Sachi, even harder than usual. Maybe I'll bring them around another time, since that was actually kind of a fun character development exercise. What do you think? 

So, that's basically it, if you got anything from the plot out of it. Pariah is a steampunk murder mystery featuring those two and several others, about Sachi trying to clear her record and Ize trying to clear his conscience. There's steampunkiness and gadgets and mechanical things and lots and lots of blood. I'm on the fourth draft - I'll be looking for beta readers soon, so do keep an eye out for that if you're interested! And if you have any questions about the story or the characters, do leave them in a comment below. 

I'll leave you with some quotes!


What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing more Pariah in the future? Have you ever done anything like this? Which of your characters is your favorite to write? If I put a excerpt of this on Wattpad, would you be interested in reading it? Comment away. 

There's more Pariah coming tomorrow, in the form of the Beautiful People linkup! I'm very excited about this particular edition, so do check in tomorrow to catch that. 

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  1. These two are awesome and very entertaining, It's always fun writing something from a character's perspective.

    1. Thanks! It definitely is...you really have to think about it.

  2. I love Ize! He's adorable - just the way I like my mute Victorian assassins. Your story sounds fascinating... steampunk is the best punk! (That sentence took me eight attempts to write. Just FYI.)
    Beth x

    1. Awww, thanks! Writing him makes me happy xD And that sentence is a lovely one. :P

  3. These characters are awesome. Sacharin has so much personality and Ize is just so sweet! I would totally be interested in seeing more about Pariah in the future, especially an excerpt on Wattpad. Also, I absolutely love that quote about the mute boy and the girl in the jewel coloured skirts. Simply glorious.

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favorite quotes too <3

  4. I just realized this, but I think I actually read the first chapter of Pariah when you sent it to me a while ago! I remember it being really exciting. Oh, and I think these character are really cool!

    1. Yeah, I think I sent it to you. Thanks so much!

  5. Love the characters, though Ize was right when he said Sachi wasn't very good at being coherent. ;) This sounded sort of similar to a character chat or interview . . .except no one else was involved. Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Haha, yeah, she's easily distracted xD I'm glad you liked them! (and they're glad too, I guess?)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Also, I love books with a character with a abnormal challenge (such as being mute). I actually began writing a fanfiction with a mute MC . . . That was before I started wwriting more original stuff. But I know it can be a challenge so good for yluou

    4. Aw, thanks! It's definitely been a challenge (a whole year, and I still sometimes give the poor man dialogue) but totally worth it, in a weird way. I really like the way he's turned out because of it and it's meant I've had to go for something other than the easy way out on occasion.

    5. Eek, don't know what happened with that earlier comment. Phones.
      Haha, I've done the exact same thing!

  6. Sachi and Ize sound like amazingly complex characters, and I love the banter between the two. I also really like how you made Ize mute. That should complicate things a bit. Setting the characters aside, even the plot Pariah sounds awesome, and I would totally read an excerpt from it. Also, I don't know if this was intentional, but it almost sounds like a very very loose retelling of Snow White since Ize was sent to kill Sachi, but didn't.

    1. Oh gosh, thanks! <3 They're my favorites to write because of all that banter - even if it's mostly nonverbal in the story. I've had a lot of fun with Ize being mute, even when it causes me some plot issues.

      I've never noticed that before o.0 But omg there are parallelssssssss.

  7. This is an awesome post! I love other peoples characters. Sachi and Ize sound kind of like my sister and I- we joke about, but we really care under the surface.

    If Ize is a mute, does this sort of banter go between them silently often?

    1. Haha, thanks! I totally get that feeling - reading about other people's charries is one of my favorite things, especially when they get all passionate about them. It's always awesome to see inside the author's head like that! And as someone with close siblings, I can get/see that xD
      Oh, yes, they silently banter all the time.

  8. Oooh, I love getting to look into the minds of characters. :) I liked that you covered several different things, and the pictures... It was all just great! Also, some of what you let me read is making a little more sense... Keep these posts up!

  9. Sachi and Ize have such interesting conversations! Poor Ize... He tried very hard to not argue with Sachi. xD I would love to see more posts like these in the future.

    1. Yeah, he did...She likes baiting people like that. xD I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Ize and Sachi were making me laugh. XD Excellent sum-up!

  11. Oh they sound like so much fun! And Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may or may not have been obsessed with him in LOST.
    Anyway, yeah, it sounds like a really interesting story! And I love those charries! Hilarious together, they are! :D

    Alexa S. Winters

  12. I love this! But I'm confused....if Ize is mute, how are they talking? Do they have like some super cool telepathic connection? Cause I that would be epic!


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