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So, both Rae @ What Happened to the Wallflower and Heather @ BitsNBooks tagged me for this, so thanks so much for that, both of you! (You should all check out their blogs. Really.)

This one is simple - you're just naming your ten favorite characters on-screen.

Or, it would be simple, if I could pick favorites! It always feels like:

But I'll do it anyway. Sigh. They're more or less in order of favoritism, here... 

Top Ten Favorite Screen Characters

10. John Pope (Falling Skies) 

Not gonna lie - he's a pretty nasty guy. He's a thief and a backstabber and kind of greedy and selfish, but hey, who wouldn't be in the midst of the alien apocalypse? He has his good moments, too, and he's exceedingly sarcastic and witty and logical and funny, so, you know, points to him. 

9. Donna Noble (Doctor Who

If you don't love Donna, I don't know how we can keep on being friends. 

8. Quicksilver (X-Men: Days of Future Past) 

That's right. 

7. Simon (Firefly

Of course he's on this list. The sass level is unmatchable. 

6. Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Captain America) 

And yes, quite a lot of my favorites are from Marvel. Don't judge. 

5. FitzSimmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) 

I'm just laughing 'cause this picture is so them. 
Okay, so technically this is two people, but why on earth would you want to separate them? (*sobs quietly*) I mean, they come with their own ship name and everything. And Fitz is perfectly adorkable and Simmons is actually such a princess. SO MUCH LOVE.

4. Natasha Romanof (The Avengers, etc.) 


3. Peter Quill/Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy) 

How could you not like him (or this movie)? 

2. Desmond (LOST)

I think the feels in that show slayed me. And, I mean, between the facts that he's one of the few decent people on the show and he's also Scottish, what's not to love? 

1. Enjolras (Les Miserables) 

Definitely my favorite of all time. I could basically rant all day about Enjolras, but hey, we'll leave that for another blog post. You're welcome.

Guess what? I'm lame, and I'm not going to tag anyone specifically. So. If you want to do it, I am unofficially tagging you and telling you to go do it so I can see your favorites. Have fun. 

What about you? Who's your favorite onscreen character? Why? Comment away. 

Stuff That's Happening This Week: 

Tuesday - A quiz-ish sort of thing, huzzah!
Thursday - ALL the book recommendations. (You get to give me some, too!)
Saturday - A Myers-Briggs thing that is hopefully entertaining. (Also, another short story will be up, like the one I posted today. You should check it out on the blog or on Wattpad, where you can also follow me.)


  1. I. Love. Donna.

    Just, her personality. Everything time I think of her I think of the window scene where she and the Doctor are mouthing to each other across the room. She's hilarious. Goodness, I miss her in Doctor Who.

    I watch hardly any television, so I don't know most of these. But I can definitely agree with you on Desmond and Donna!

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

    1. Oh gosh, me too. She's basically my favorite companion. xD We need more characters like her! She's one of the few that can make me really laugh out loud...


  2. I know most of those. The ones from Marvel (excepted Agents of Shield), Les Miserables, and Doctor Who. I know these people. xD
    Is it strange that I try to pin down these characters' Myers-Briggs type just looked at your brief descriptions and their gif? I'm wierd. And obsessed. Okay, I'll go now.

    1. It's not strange, because I've spent way too long typing most of them xD If you were curious, here's my conclusions:

      Pope: ESTP (come to think of it a lot of my favorites probably are... *le sigh*)
      Donna: E...SFP?
      Quicksilver: I think I said he was ESTP...I've seen it twice, but it's been a while since the last viewing so I don't remember exactly :P
      Simon: INTJ (woot!)
      Bucky: Pre-Winter Soldier Bucky was ESTP. Sigh. I didn't plan this. xD
      Fitz is INFP. Simmons is ISTJ.
      Natasha: Erm...E/ISTP. Can't decide yet.
      Starlord: Probably ESFP.
      Desmond: ISFP? Gosh, he gives me trouble every time.
      Enjolras: ESTP, actually. I'm alone in this opinion, but...suffice it to say I've spent a lot of time studying this character. xD
      Those are my guesses, of course. You probably didn't need to know all that, but oh well. xD

    2. I think it makes sense that most of your favorites would share your personality type. I think most of mine are INTJs (with a couple ENTPs, I think, because the smooth-talking just floors me).

    3. Haha, those ENTPs are pretty nifty. xD

  3. I haven't watched any of those movies *gasps*

    I'm excited for your book recommendations! :)

    1. You must watch ALL the things. *nods*

      Aw, thanks! I'm excited about it too. xD

  4. Whoopdeedoo, and I decided to do this thing. The link is here: http://writerandproud.blogspot.com/2015/02/favorite-screen-character-blog-hop.html

  5. Nice choices there. I see Desmond from LOST; also, Romanof - her feature film should be pretty awesome! Although I didn't like the movie, I do agree that Starlord brought a quirky kind of humor to the whole thing, a really cocky human in the wide galaxy.

    Great list!

    1. Oh, dear, it's a shame you didn't like it... :/ But I suppose I can forgive you. xD Thanks for reading!

  6. YES!! Donna is my favorite companion of all times. She is brilliant. :D And Enjolras. *sigh* He's wonderful, though I do like Ramin Karimloo's portrayal best. I do like Simon, though personally Wash was my favorite. :D

    1. Right? She's so amazing and hilarious. xD
      Ah, I like that portrayal too - heck, I don't think there's one I don't like - but this said screen characters, so I went with Aaron Tveit. I think he does such a good job in his own right. :P
      WASH. Oh, Wash.

  7. Simon! Natasha! Star Lord! Bucky! Simon! 8D These are great choices; I do love Simon quite a bit and no I am not wearing a Firefly sweatshirt right now why do you ask. Anyway, I also like Enjolras in character but I have a hard time saying nice things about the movie so I won't. That is all I will say on that.

    As always, lovely GIFs.

    1. You like Firefly too??? I knew there was a reason we got along :P I actually have Jayne's hat and I think I wear it a little too often.
      Ah, but you didn't like the movie...that's a shame, but I'll forgive you this time.

  8. Bucky Barnes!!!! :D :D :D *fangirl squeals*

  9. I'm not even going attempt this tag because I love way too many characters. lol But kudos to you for doing it and I love a lot of these people, too, so I'm just gonna say FITZSIMMOMS, OKAY??? BESTEST SHIP EVER.
    I may have to do a post on them.
    Also, Desmond, Donna, and Natasha. Awesome people.


  10. Ok, sorry to creepily comment on such an old post, but I love this list very, very much.
    All the Marvel characters! Donna!
    Also, FitzSimmons. The feels.


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