March Wrap-Up

9:52 AM

Note: Yes, it is April Fool's. Unfortunately I completely forgot about this until now, and therefore you lucky people can enjoy a post free from all trickery I might have otherwise planned. Consider yourselves lucky. 

Lots of stuff happened this month.
It was rough for me several times this month, and I got a little bit drowned in things, so my posting schedule was spotty and so on. I do apologize for this, so let's hope I can get back to the program for April. (Well, as much as I usually stick to the program. Which admittedly isn't all that much.) 

Moving on to the actually productive stuff that happened: 

Basically, it was an awesome month on the blog, and as usual you people were all positive and supportive and commented lots and it generally went well. 

Do ignore the context. 

  • I finished the first draft of my Norwegian dystopia thingy that I am very pleased with. Interrogations and shipping and Swedish-via-Google-Translate happened.
  • Erm...plotting stuff happened with Pariah? I'm trying to work out some rough patches and editing is slowly destroying my soul. 
  • On a happier note with that....the first 150 words of Pariah won third place in Kingdom Pen's Begin Your Novel Contest. I am very proud of my baby. *tears* 
  • A Year of Short Stories is continuing on well. 
  • CAMP NANOWRIMO, OH YAS. I'm writing a fantasy titled Crimson Gods this month, and going for 75k because I'm a crazy person who likes to give myself way more than I can handle. (You can find out more about this NaNo project of mine in the 'stuff I write' tab. So yeah.) 

I read 20 books this month. 

I may have a slight problem. 

(Yes, I did indeed up my book goal from 100 to 150, because it's going so well.) 

Favorite Book: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson (alll the feelingggssss) or Beware the Wild by Natalie C. Parker (Beautifully, subtly Southern and warm fuzzy and adorable and intense all at once.) 

Least Favorite Book: The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (Yes, I know, don't judge me. I was bored by it.)

For my own bookshelf, I acquired Bruiser by Neal Shusterman (one of my favorite books ever) and Unhinged by A.G. Howard (because the cover is lovely and I need moreeee Jeb.) 

P.S. - I'm on Goodreads

Stuff came up and I pretty much dropped the ball with Fan Month, but I did work on it, and here is my (brief) wrap-up for that: 

I followed some new blogs! They are as follows: 
And I think several others, but I couldn't find them. *waves at new people I'm following* 

For a complete list of blog posts I visited, look here, on my Pinterest board

Some April plans: 
  • A post about Camp NaNo, of course. (And a Beautiful People about one of those characters.) 
  • A review of All the Bright Places (aren't you dying to know what I thought of it?) 
  • A discussion about what makes a good story 
And so on. I haven't done much planning, honestly, because I've been busy. 

This is pretty much my favorite gif ever. Just saying.


  1. Ahaha, I ADORE the caption for the Moriarty gif. And I completely forgot it would be April Fools' too, and so my blog is also devoid of pranks -- although I've also spotted some interesting posts around the net! And aaaah congratulations on the book reading! I'm shamefully behind this month, although I did read a bunch of Star Wars EU spin-offs -- those count, right? XD

    Eek, so many posts about Camp NaNo. Can't wait to read yours -- I may jump in for July!

    1. I do love that Moriarty gif. I use it as much as possible. xD *sighs at April Fool's*. All the posts for it are hilarious, though.
      Thanks! I'm not sure how it happened - spring break probably helped.
      *flails because Camp NaNo*

  2. Doesn't editing ALWAYS destroy one's soul? Keep on working on it, though. From what I've seen of Pariah, it seems like a wonderful book! Gosh, All the Bright Places was a very painful book. There was some skimming involved in some places because it wasn't quite as clean as I hoped, but the rest was amazing. It was so honest and so touching and so heartbreaking and just...I don't even know...

    1. Ughhhhhh editing. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Thanks so much!
      It wassss. I did some skimming too, admittedly, but I did love it. <3 I almost cried - almost. I'm slightly coldhearted. :P

  3. Goodness! You did get a lot done this month! I am quite impressed.
    I really liked learning about your main characters on the Beautiful People linkup, and I also enjoyed your post about first lines. Good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo!
    :) Bailey

    1. Thanks! I was surprised at how much I accomplished considering the fact that March was kind of an awful month. xD

  4. March was a good month, and I definitely appreciated your letter to us introverts about being an extrovert. :) Airman is good on your list. I look forward to the new posts in April, and I'll bet you knock everyone's socks off with Camp Nano. Because how could you not? :)

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed writing it - it was a little bit of venting some frustrations. xD
      *blushes* Hopefully it goes well, yeah.

  5. You did so much in March! I also forgot about April Fools Day xD
    I hope April is a great month for you :) And yay for Camp NaNoWriMo!

  6. I'm tempted to do Camp NaNo, but I think I'll just wait till June so that I'll have more free time. Good luck with your writing, though! And I can't wait to see your thoughts on All the Bright Places; it was such a beautiful book. (And how do you read so fast???)

    Precious @ Clockwork Desires

  7. That is so many books, I'm impressed! I'm usually crazy busy (I actually don't remember reading a single book during February), but since I had no internet for a while recently I did read 3 books in the last few weeks, which is an improvement. Awesome post as always :)

  8. Looks like you had a great month! I want to read 150 books this year....but....LIFE. Gah!

    I read 144 last year, but it's becoming obvious to me that that's not gonna happen this year. I'm still reading a lot, but it's not enough! I'm going into withdrawals :( I may have a wee little problem myself.


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