April Wrap-Up

4:08 PM

April flew right by, didn't it? 

But here's some stuff that happened: 

So, it went well! Camp NaNo (we'll get to that in a minute) meant that the schedule was a bit spotty, but it was cool for the most part. 

high five animated GIF

Camp NaNo is a thing that happened this month. 

And it was awesome. On Tuesday I talked about how it stole my sanity and offered you some quotes from the novel I tackled, so I won't go too much into that, but suffice it to say I finally jumped into the big wide world of fantasy and I'm exhausted. So much respect to all of you who write fantasy most of the time! It was a lot of fun, but way more effort than I even anticipated. I actually wrote 75k this month and finished the novel, so that's a bit of a big deal.

And this has basically been me all month. 

Anyway, I'm taking today off but this weekend I return to Pariah, where I shall begin the first draft all over again. Stuff is going down there too, as I prepared to find betas after this draft. *collapses of tiredness*

I was supposed to turn it back a bit to focus on Camp NaNo this month. 

I consumed 35 books. 

Send help. (Although, to be fair, some of these were graphic novels. BUT STILL.) 

And this is just some of them. 
Favorite Book: Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman (It totally broke my heart).

Least Favorite Book: Snow Likes Ashes by Sara Raasch (I'll confess, I didn't even finish it). 
For my own bookshelf I bought Artemis Fowl, The End Games, Railsea, and The Scorpio Races. All of which are lovely. 

In which I talk about random highlights of my life briefly. 

I got my hair done. It's quite awesome. 

SUMMER BREAK IS HAPPENING SOON. And thusly, you people will get more blog posts with some extra cool stuff over the summer. So there's that. 

I guess that's it? Camp NaNo kind of consumed my life this month. 

Also due to Camp I haven't planned a whole lot for this month, but: 
  • You'll probably get more Pariah stuff. Lucky you. 
  • On that note, I'm sending out the call for beta readers soon! So clear your schedules for that.
  • Sometime this month I'll put together a survey so I can start putting together a plan for the summer. 
  • What else would you like to see this month? Do comment. 


  1. Finally. Someone else who just didn't like Snow Like Ashes. I tried it, but couldn't get past even the first few chapters. *shrugs* I'm glad someone feels the same way. :p
    And though I've already told you, your hair is awesome. xD
    THIRTY-FIVE BOOKS? That's more than a book a day. W-whhaat? How? I'm confused. You are amazing. xP

    1. Same! It's just...not my thing. At all. And I'm confused by all the good reviews. xD
      *hides* A lot of them were graphic novels, soooo...

  2. Congrats for completing 75k! That's awesome, and more than I can imagine writing to be honest. And you finished the book as well, which is even better.

    Ooh, more Pariah! That books sounds absolutely amazing. I'll beta! Although I'm sure you've had a ton of people say that already. :) I'm sure I can find plenty of time to do that. My schedule isn't very full for a long time, actually.

    By the way, love the hair. That's awesome!

    1. Thanks! It basically sucked away everything else in my life, so I'm not sure it was really worth it. :P

      Yay! I'll add you to the list. :)

  3. I really enjoyed the breathing post this month, and wow, you read a lot. A lot a lot a lot. I do need to read Challenger Deep (you've got me convinced) and also, it's a very interesting hair choice. Blue is cool. Also, thanks for the shout-out. XD I did verily enjoy writing the cat dissection post. :)

    1. I also read insanely quickly and often miss things, so it's a downside sometimes. xD

  4. YOUR HAIR IS FRICKIN RAD!!! I LOVE IT! I have been craving blue hair nonstop for the past few weeks and its actually becoming a real problem. also your hair cut....I just cant get over it. I adore it. wow. you're so cool. lol.

    also congrats on camp nanowrimo!!! you wrote a lot geez. thats not easy so congrats. seriously. thats awesome.

    And I recently read Scorpio Races. It was lovely.

    I very much enjoyed this post.

    1. Oh, thanks! xD It's a lot of fun, definitely. Colored hair is a blast.


  5. I remember the posts you mentioned! Especially your Cinderella one, I drew inspiration from it and wrote my own post. :) Your hair is awesome, btw!

    1. Huzzah! *goes to find and read that post*

  6. You did heaps of awesome posts in April :) And your hair looks amazing! Well done on finishing your novel during camp :)
    I hope you have an equally good May!

  7. Loving the hair. Both the color and cut. It looks awesome!

  8. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Aimee! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the snippets.

    And the reading and writing you got done this month still shocks me. That's awesome. O.o


    1. They were really lovely snippets! :)

      Thanks xD

  9. I don't understand how you manage to get so much writing and reading this month. Camp NaNoWriMo failed for me, I've read maybe two books, AND I have school to catch up on. I'm not really sure where April went. Oh, I know, my drama play. :P Time-sucker. Oh well.
    Oh your blog I'd like to see reviews of ALL the books. xD You give better recommendations than GoodReads. Also, once you're not so busy anymore, maybe we can pick up on the Myers-Briggs project and do that over the summer.

    1. *coughcough*by failing school*coughcough* xD
      I shall attempt to review ALL the books, yes. Thank you. xD And I'd love to do that! Spring kind of sucked away all my time but it's on my list of things to put together.

    2. Lol, oh well, it's what home schooling is for, isn't it? xD
      Same. I'm practically done with school now, so whenever your schedule frees up to spend some brainstorming time.

  10. Wow you do a lot in a month, I need to step up my game. I love the hair, looks amazing and the shirt is awesome too.

  11. Wow! You did have a busy month lol. XD And you read so fast. I cannot read as fast as most people. I finished ... two books last month lol. XD I'm about to finish another.


  12. Well gawrsh. You put my post up there. o.o I feel so honored :D :D You're awesome! And I agree with Victoria, someone's been bussy! Take a nap sometime soon, k?


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