I Return / The People Have Spoken

7:00 AM

I've come back from my blogging vacation. It was surprisingly productive, but I'm wondering how you all survived so long without me.

So a couple of weeks ago, I assembled a survey so you all can tell me exactly what you think of this place. I got many wonderful responses and you're all fantabulous, by the way. As promised, I shall give you all cake. 

Here at the barricade we believe in letting the people speak for themselves, and I can't exactly have a moderately successful blog/barricade without you lovelies, so I let you speak for yourselves and voice your opinions and you did. I, however, did all the hard work and put together some handy and colorful data for you to look at! Look at me, being all professional. (some of them came out smaller than I'd like, so you can click to make them bigger/scroll through them/whatever.)

Points to whoever had it live-streamed. I don't even have that much dedication.

I may add another post during the week? Maybe I'll try it over the summer. 

Seriously, though, apparently most of you approve of the gifs. Which is good because I can't rein myself in with those things. 

I'm sorry, 1%. 

Apparently I will be trying ALLL the things. Which is totally cool with me. (Look out for announcements about stuff coming up soon!) I mean, at least none of these ideas were hated. So that's good. A lot of you wanted to see writing stuff for some reason, which makes my cold dead heart feel warm and fuzzy again. SO YOU SHALL HAVE THINGS. 

Aw yas. 

Other things you want to see this summer: 

I let you throw stuff out there and here's what you said:

"MBTI ones are awesome and bacon. Your blog needs more bacon." (I concur.)

"I always love to see writing advice and encouragement." (Got that down.) 

"REVIEW ANT MAN. Okay, it's probably going to be cheesy, but I'm so looking forward to it. And it comes out near my birthday. *hyperventilates*" (ANT MANNNNN.) 

"More posts about your writing process/your writing/EVERYTHING ABOUT WRITING, a post about home schooling, a post about your journey through all the drafts of Pariah, a post about querying agents." (EVERYTHING ABOUT WRITING is my specialty. And I'd love to shove more Pariah stuff down your throats.)

"Maybe reading a few books outside your normal genre? That would be cool." (Cool, yes, but at what cost?)

"Like I said, I'm game for whatever. Link ups are always fun. I also like snippets from your writing. And please. By all means. Release the Kraken." (Hello, new best friend.)

Also, you asked me questions: 
I wish I could answer all of them, but sadly, that would take forever. 

"Do you like Josh Groban? Because I do, and I listened to him while I did this survey. (Also, what is your favicon of? It is of a thing but I can't tell what the thing is.)"
Sadly, I am not aware of this person. (And I honestly don't remember because I did it agessss ago. I think the thing is a piece of bloody paper. I am planning on changing it soon.) 

"Why isn't there a 'NO' answer on the 'are you ready for summer' question??? :P"
Because I was not aware that there are people who aren't ready for summer. 

Do I get cake now? Please?
Yes. Yes you do. 

What's a question?
What do you think? 

So... hypothetically speaking... if there was more than one bigfoot out there, would a group of them be called a herd of bigfeet?
Absolutely. (Hello, second new best friend.)

And there you have it. Look out for new and summery things coming soon, and go be awesome, my friends. 


  1. Good to hear that it was a productive break. I have been the opposite of productive lately (except for killing a character) and I'm glad to see that some people are still capable of productivity. I applaud you.

    I am so excited to see some of this. ^_^ And by all means, shove more Pariah down our throats. I'm good with that. And do post more snippets. I need more snippets. I want to read it sooo badly. :D

    1. Haha, I've done my share of killing characters this week... *laughs maniacally* But thank you! I rather enjoyed being productive for once.

      Huzzah! I've added you to my beta list. :D I'll shove alllllll the things down your throat.

  2. Heheheheh, it looks like your readers are just as awesome as you are! :D I'd love to hear more about your writing, and see more awesome stuff you come up with... ALL OF THE THINGS, you know? Also, welcome back from the break! :)

    1. Right? They're pretty hilarious. And awesome. I'm really excited to show you guys everything!

  3. *gobbles cake* Yay, there shall be the gifs! I've started a Pinterest board just for gifs, simply because they are too awesome. And of COURSE we like chocolate, and I await to see ALL THE THINGS. (Especially the writing. Because your writing is fab, even if I think I've only read the first page of Pariah + other ideas.)

    1. I think I'm following that board -- I have a mild obsession with gifs and using them. I guess I should tone it down occasionally, but whatever.
      (Why thank you. Same to you!)

  4. My question is... if there is no option for not being ready for summer. Why is there a no button for liking chocolate? I just cannot fathom how someone could not.

    *runs away in confusion*

    1. *whispers* I was trying to weed out the weak.

  5. But I still don't know what a question is. ;-; Welcome back!

  6. The cake though, that and gifs make my world go round.

  7. O.O You have too many awesome people reading your blog. Those questions, tho... xD

    1. I know, right? It made me laugh lots of times. I'm very pleased with the sorts of people I attract to my blog. xD

  8. Yay! ALL THE THINGS! (I've no idea which way I voted, but this idea; it sounds good).

    Yes, bring on the gifs! I love your use of gifs. :)

    1. ALL THE THINGS are fabulous. *nods*

      Thank you! I love using them.

  9. I'm glad you had a productive blogging vacation! It was fun to read the responses to your survey (also I'm glad you agree that it should be "bigfeet" :) I am looking forward to ALL THE THINGS, and I will be watching out for the Kraken.
    Thank you for the cake.

    1. (Of course it should be bigfeet. That makes too much sense NOT to use it.) Thank you for participating!


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