Catching Up On Allllll The Tags

11:36 AM

Jumping right into it all, I'm gonna take care of some tags today.

Let's get this one out of the way first.

I was nominated by Katie, Adriana, and T.A. Christensen. All of whom are awesome bloggers, so give them a visit, yeah? I shall answer all of their questions, which makes for a long post but whatever. 

Katie's Questions 

- Why do you write?
Because I can't help it, I guess? I have all these characters in my head that need to be released into the wild and they'll eat me alive from the brains out if I don't. Also, I want to share these crazy people with the world, and shoot more hope and sensibility into the YA book scene. 

- If any fictional character could be your best friend, who would it be?
Can we all just acknowledge the fact that Steve Rogers would be the best friend ever

- What's one really weird dream you've had?
I don't generally remember my dreams, but there was one I had before the Catching Fire movie came out that involved a very long search for Finnick Odair??? I don't even know, but I was really distressed by the fact that I couldn't find him. (There's a pun there, but I refuse to make it.) 

- If you found a portal that could transport you to any fictional world of your choice, where would you go?
Oh, gosh. See, most of the fictional worlds I enjoy are nothing but trouble for everyone involved. That being said, the world from Railsea by China Mieville is pretty dang epic. STEAMPUNK TRAINS. GIANT MOLES AND FERRETS AND OTHER LARGE CREATURES. STEAMPUNK TRAINSSSSS. I'm all for that. 

- Paperback or Kindle? Why?
There are good points to both, but since I don't have a Kindle I'll go with paperback. (I do have a special fondness for ebooks in their own right, though.) 

- What's one post you've written that you're most proud of? 
To My Introverted Friends (A Response Letter) is one I'm very proud of. It came from a frustrated place, but I feel like I handled it okay, and I love love love the responses I got to that.  

- What's an interesting quirk that you have?
I have Sensory Processing Disorder, which means I'm ultra-sensitive to things like sounds, textures (mostly textures), touch, and so on. It makes it hard to touch things with extreme textures like construction paper, sandpaper, certain fabrics, etc.; makes it harder to tolerate noises (especially scratchy noises); and even affects the way I process and learn things. (You have to tell me stuff about five times with very specific instructions before it really sinks in sometimes, and my motor skills are pretty sucky still.) Does that count as a quirk? Whatever. 

- Can you share a picture of your bookshelf? (More commonly known as: a #shelfie.)
This is a bad-quality picture, but it's all I have right now, so you're gonna have to deal. It doesn't include the very top of the bookshelf, which has my Doctor Who books, or the bottom, which has library books, but this is my collection at the moment. 

- What are three things on your bucketlist? Or do you even have a bucketlist?
  • Publish book (hahaha, someday) 
  • Revolt against the government, build barricade, sing songs, wave large red flag, die heroically
  • Have minions (priorities, guys.) 
- How old were you when you started writing?
Oh, gawsh. Eight? Nine? 

- Share the last sentence of your WIP with us!
Here's the very last thing I wrote in the sixth draft of Pariah (from chapter 23, written last night):
"You're staring again," Icarus reminded him. "You can't cry when we get to the airship." I have no comment on this. 
Adriana's Questions 

1. What is one of your funniest childhood memories?
Why is everyone demanding that I remember things? Heck, I can't ever remember yesterday.

2. What would you say is one of your hidden talents? (Won’t be hidden for much longer. Mwahahaa)
My ability to procrastinate and not feel guilty about it some of the time.

3. What is your ideal vacation? (Location? What would you do?)
I'd want to go to Norway -- I wrote a book set there and it's pretty awesome. (Also, they have tubed bacon. I would go for that first.) 

4. I demand a #Shelfie! (Picture of your book shelf/shelves in case you don’t know what it is?)
See above! 

5. What is one thing you want to do or have done that will/has surprised everyone?
Ummmm? I really don't have many goals. 

6. Favourite color! Go!

Don't say you didn't see this coming.
7. Do you have a favourite notebook/journal? What is the contents of this journal/notebook?
My favorite is my big thick green character notebook, where I keep all character interviews and sketches and such. It's fun to carry around and I love it so. 

8. Who is the author you most want to meet? or have you already met them? (If you have tell us about it!)
I would give many of my internal organs a lot to meet Neal Shusterman. PLEASE. I have met Mindee Arnett, who wrote Avalon, and that was pretty cool.

9. People watching! (Admit it, writers, you do this.) What are your techniques to appear less stalker-ish while people watching?
Admittedly, I am not a very subtle person in this area.

10. What is your favourite movie/TV show right now? Why?
My favorite movie is The Prestige because magicians or Ocean's Eleven because sass and crime. My favorite TV show is Bones because I just started it and I am in love.

11. What are some writing/blogging goals you have for this lovely year of 2015?
*laughs nervously* 

Whew, this is long. *soldiers on* 

T.A.'s Questions

1. What’s something weird/unusual that you collect?
Readers' tears. 

2. Any interesting childhood nicknames?

3. What is the strangest piece of information that you know?
It is technically possible to survive having your throat slit. (strangely, this information almost singlehandedly inspired Crimson Gods, my fantasy novel. You're welcome.)

4. Sweet, savoury, or both?
Have you ever had chocolate-covered bacon? Because that is the best of both worlds.

5. If you could learn any instrument, what would you learn?
I've always thought it would be cool to learn the cello? 

6. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

7. What is your opinion on instrumental music?
Pretty, but not my thing. 

8. If you could change one thing from your childhood, what would you change?
There would be more chocolate, probably. 

9. What is the worst book that you’ve read so far this year?
Shatter Me by Tarereh Mafi. Ugh. That is all. 

10. Where is the last place that you would want to travel to?
I'm not sure I can pick one... 

11. What is the first thing that you notice about a person’s appearance?
How much they look like a potential serial killer. (It's all in the eyes.) 


Annika @ Writer and Proud tagged me for the Creative Blogger Award, which is shorter. Thank you, Annika! *happy face* 

I must now post five facts about myself. 

1. I do karate. I've mentioned this before, but whatever. It is hardcore karate. 
2. I've always been homeschooled. And it's awesome.
3. I've written seven full first drafts. Topics include amnesia, attractive Norwegian soldiers, steampunk assassins, blood, death, blood, revolution, etc. 
4. My librarians now greet me by name when I walk in.



I am not going to tag anyone, because I tag people often and all the people I would've tagged tagged me for stuff. Also, I have used the word tagged too many times now. 

Enjoy these weird facts. 

Do you have any more questions for me? Any comments on my awesomeness? Will any of you volunteer to be minions? Comment away.


  1. You've got the best bucket list I have ever seen. That is all...

    ...actually no it's not. I SEE THEM ON YOUR SHELF. THE UNWIND BOOKS. *flails*


  2. I would volunteer to be a minion, except minioning isn't really my thing. I'm more for the leading a campaign to rule the world kind of person. I'll take th subtle route. No barricades and revolutions here. I'll let you wave your flag. :D
    Also, that disorder sounds . . . Annoying, to put it mildly. I will admit to being curious, but I'll hold questions to myself.
    *sigh* guess I can't tag you for the Liebster award now. I really need to find more bloggers to tag.

    1. Well, you can use your INTJ skills to help me rule and manage the world once I have taken over. *nods*
      Yes, it is, and you're perfectly free to ask questions about it sometime if you want. I'm totally cool with that. xD

    2. Only if we are of equal authority in the world. Then I may consider a deal. Your bright and flashy revolutions could serve as a decent catalyst and distraction to my more subtle manipulations of government and economics. *nods*
      I'll keep that in mind in case I ever decide to write a character with it. :)


    Haha sorry. I couldn't resist XD

    1. Oh. My. Gosh.
      I'm laughing so hard now. xD

    2. Heehee XD I was so happy I wasn't the first to comment that one! haha yesssss! I will admit I got so excited that I scrolled to the bottom of this post, commented that, then went back to reading it so no one would beat me to that :P

    3. THANK YOU. XD I was hoping someone would pick up on that, because it's one of my favorite jokes ever.

  4. "Revolt against the government, build barricade, sing songs, wave large red flag, die heroically" <---C-can I join you?

    and haha the favourite color thing made me laugh a little. (I just watched Les Mis for the first time the other night. IT WAS NOT BY CHOICE! I WOULD HAVE WATCHED IT A LONG TIME AGO IF I WERE ALLOWED JUST SO YOU KNOW!!!) *cough cough* sorry for the caps... anywho....

    1. LES MIS IS LIFE. Or, you know, just my favorite movie. I'm glad you were able to get the references, and enjoy the soul-crushing thing that is Les Mis.

  5. Can I just say: I WANT MY LIBRARIANS TO GREET ME BY MY NAME. Apparently I'm not special enough or something. Tell me your secrets. :p

    1. My librarians greet me by name AND one even recognized me in a store. Before moving out of town I spent every day of my summer at the library so....

    2. I go alllll the time, and it's a small library. xD

  6. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN BY CHARACTERS EATING THEIR WAY OUT. It's so frightening, especially when you tell them "but I'm writing this other thing right now!" and they're like "I don't caaaaare. *eats*" It's like Plants vs Zombies, but you only have Wall-nuts in the form of words.

    And wait, someone in Pariah is called Icarus. I can already tell these parents aren't particularly optimistic. But I like foreshadowing, so plus points for mythology. I wouldn't mind being your minion if I could read your words, but I'm not exactly a religious person, so maybe not the priory bit. Prairies are totally fine.

    1. Oh gosh, that is actually the best description of it. Those characters are very stubborn and vicious and like to mess with your head if you don't comply and write them already, sadly.

      Oh yes. Allll the foreshadowing. The name is very intentional and I've had a lot of fun referencing it as much as possible, because heck, it fits him and I CAN.

  7. Your "To My Introverted Friends" post was really, really good—I'll bet that was hugely cool for you. Sensory Processing Disorder sounds really interesting, though—and inconvenient in its way, I'm sure, but if you ever decide you feel like talking about it, I'd definitely be interested in learning more. Your bookshelf is ridiculously neat, by the way. Like... ALL THE BOOKS ARE THE SAME HEIGHT. Norway sounds cool, although even though I love bacon I'm not sure I'd like to eat it in a tube... Also, I do hope you meet Neal Shusterman. I got to hear him present and read at a local bookstore on a tour (score one for books set here XD) and he was a really good presenter and reader. Also, THANK YOU. I DIDN'T LIKE SHATTER ME EITHER. AND IT'S HARD BECAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYONE ELSE NOT LIKE IT. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. (I feel like looking at your book preferences we don't agree on what we like, but there's a lot of overlap on what we don't... So confusing.)

    Lovely tags, and now you're done! :) Thanks for sharing, Aimee!

    1. Ha, I'm a little bit obsessive with books and owning the hardbacks and so on. I just got several new books so it's less neat-looking now, but whatever. I am very proud of my bookshelf and the similar heights. <3
      YOU GOT TO HEAR NEAL SHUSTERMAN? I don't know if we can be friends anymore. That's not fair at all. *sulks*

  8. Do I have the eyes of a serial killer? O.O
    I enjoyed reading all of these things, but was glad I didn't have to answer them myself. I give you a high five for boldness.

  9. Cool. These are cool questions and cool answers.

    Talking about tags and awards and things, this is month #2 of my Writing Chain (its sort of like a tag, only something new every month!) and my July prompt is out if you would want to sign up this month. :) You can read about it here: ...I need all the participation I can get, lol, but dont feel bad if you arent interested :)

  10. Haha these are some funny facts. XD Sensory Processing Disorder is interesting. I've never heard of that ... And high five fellow homeschooler! I was formally homeschooled lol. XD

    1. Yeah, not very many people have, but it's not like it's a life issue or anything, it's just annoying. XD *high fives*

  11. ATTRACTIVE NORWEGIAN SOLDIERS HECK YES(my gosh I flail about him so much XD)


hey. hey. talk to me. i'm a fan of comments and flailing with you. go for it.