August Wrap-Up

7:00 AM

August was actually successful, and I feel good about it. 

On The Blog

Basically: This was a successful month. We made some big changes, had a lot of fun, and so on. Thank you all for being so supportive and awesome! (On a side note, there are 65 of you now on GFC alone, not to mention all my Bloglovin' peeps, so that's amazing.) 


Major, major stuff went down here. Not only did I finish draft 7 of Pariah, but I also sent it out to beta readers. 

*horrified scream* 

That's the first time I've ever done that before, and I have to say it was rough at first, but all of you beta-reader people way exceeded my expectations and now I have so much awesome feedback to work through and so many ideas already. So thank you all for that, so much! You seemed to all like it when you weren't yelling at me for traumatizing you. Not sorry.

I'm giving myself a break from Pariah for a while, to write a first draft! The sequel to a sci-fi I wrote way back months ago, Little Hero. (I shared a snippet from it here the other day.) 

Also: If you're interested in seeing more about these stories, and also the other places you can find my writing on the internet, just check out the tab on my brand-new, really classy menu. This new blog design is making me incredibly happy. 


Despite school starting up (*groans*), 19 books were consumed this month, bringing my total for the whole year to 163. I think I need a break. 

Favorite Book: 
Half the World by Joe Abercrombie. The first book was my favorite last month, too...basically this is the best fantasy series I've read in a while and you should all go read them too. I'm in love. 

Least Favorite Book: 
Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I could find basically nothing that I liked about this book, so we won't even talk about it. 

  • I have many unpopular opinions about books. I ranted about them here
  • Alyssa tagged me for her Milk Tea Book Tag so I did the thing and it was fun and I rambled about The Wrath and the Dawn, which I adored. 
  • Once again, I acquired no books for my own shelf. This is a tragedy that I must fix. 

Around The Blogosphere

(is 'blogosphere' even a proper word?)

It was a very good month for lovely blog posts, guys!

Next Month: 

  • I am in need of someone to guest post in October. If you're interested and willing, click here
  • The theme for September is genre. I'll be talking about four different genres and the cliches associated with them and so on. We'll have a lot of fun. 
  • Thank you all for being so awesome this month! 
What was the best book you read this month? 


  1. I definitely had a lot of fun at To The Barricade this month! I definitely am loving the new design (although I desperately want your favicon to be like a red flag or something; I am just in that mood, sorry) and I liked the posts you shared this month! Also, wow: you read a lot this month. I read like... three books. *sighs sadly* Anyway, I look forward to learning what you have to say about genre in September! :)

  2. Congrats on launching a new blog design and finishing the seventh draft of Pariah to send it out to beta readers! You accomplished so much this month. I'm very excited about these genre posts. It would be awesome if you did a post on sci-fi cliches since that's what I'm writing right now, but now pressure. :D I'll be excited to read any one of those posts!

  3. Best book I read? *whispers* Yoursss. xD

    And I'm still insanely excited about your new blog design. IT'S SO PRETTY.
    I also have all the admiration for your blog and how often you post on it AND how often you write and keep up with stuffs and I'm kinda jealous. *le sigh* You're awesome. xD

  4. I read 17 & GONE this month too! What did you think of it? And what did you think of IMAGINARY GIRLS? Because I desperately love that book too!

    All your posts were fabulous this month (not that they weren't all the other months) and I'm so happy for you that you have so many followers! *does happy dance* *trips and falls over*

  5. Beta-reading was so fun and I still hate you for traumatizing me. Just saying. And again, I LOVE THIS NEW DESIGN IT'S GORGEOUS. I look forward to all the new posts. Also, as for favorite book this month, I gotta say Red Rising and Golden Son. *flails*

  6. Best book I read this month? Either Pariah or Challenger Deep. (Let's go with Pariah... :P) And you are insanely cruel to your beta readers. *cries*

    How do you read so many books?? I am in awe, as always. *sigh*

  7. It seems like you've had an awesome month. ^ ^ August has been pretty awesome for a lot of people it seems. Me included. :D Good luck with writing!

  8. Love the new design, and wow that is a lot of books.

  9. I hardly read any books in august, but I had school so whatever, right? How does your homeschooling process work? Your design is awesome, and I liked hearing about your missions trip. Great job with Pariah! That takes a lot of courage and is very impressive.~Shar


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