Hey, Look, A Liebster Award!

7:00 AM

So the lovely Rebekah tagged me for the Liebster Award, which is awesome of her. I love answering question,s if you hadn't noticed. It gives me joy and lets you all find out more about me. 


1. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what? If not, why?

I most certainly do! It depends on what I'm writing, of course, and how I'm doing it -- editing requires music without words, but while I'm first-drafting I can jam out to whatever I want. While I'm working through Pariah I've been listening to a lot of the Sherlock Holmes movie soundtracks, Break of Reality, Game of Thrones soundtracks, etc. Vaguely steampunky things with a lot of soundtrack angst and pretty violins. My dystopia, the sequel of which I will be returning to next week, is in the first-draft stage right now, so I listen to things like Paramore, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, and so on while I do that. 

I have very diverse tastes and I blame the novels. 

2. Do you have a certain type of character that you always love/root for? (I. e., the orphan hero, the bad boy/girl with a heart of gold, the loveable rogue). Why do you like them?

I will always always always be a fan of the sarcastic, clever, fumbling guy MC who makes mistakes but doesn't angst about things and genuinely tries to do the right thing most of the time without being sickeningly noble. Think Darrow from Red Rising, Connor from Unwind, Yarvi from Half A King, Day from Legend, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Artemis Fowl from Artemis Fowl, and so on. Yes please. 

3. Has your taste in books changed much in the past ten years? Do you find that you like a certain type of book now better than you did then?

Well I would've been like five ten years ago, so.... 

Way back then I was fond of sarcastic, exciting books about smart people. Also, books with a slightly morbid or twisted sense of humor because I was a diabolical little child.

So no, it really hasn't changed that much. 

4. What literary trope or cliche do you hate the most? Which one really doesn’t bother you?

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- let's just get rid of the YA heroine who has no personality and finds a hot guy and becomes the chosen one who suddenly has all these skills. Let's just not do that anymore, okay? 

I hate tropes with a fiery passion. I can't imagine one right now that I don't dislike. Oh well. 

5. Name one book that you love that no one else seems to have read. Include a picture and a link so the rest of us can check it out.

Okay, guys, let me explain to you a thing. 

Why are we not talking about this more? Do you know who wrote this? Suzanne Collins wrote this. We all love The Hunger Games, for the most part, so why does this not come up more? It's pretty awesome. Underground cities. Moral discussions about war. Giant bats that one can ride. HECK YES. There's not a single reason NOT to read this book. 

6. Do you prefer contemporary novels or historical fiction? Why?

This is a hard one because I very much dislike both, for different reasons. But I'm going to go with contemporary because there have been a few I've enjoyed, unlike historical fiction, which tends to make me want to cry of boredom or cheesiness or something. 

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

7. If you write (stories, novels, poetry, anything other than blog posts), do you write with the hope to publish, or just for fun?

Confession time: traditional publishing is my dream. That's not why I write, or what I'm writing for, and it's not the end of the world if that doesn't happen the way I want it, because life is weird sometimes and doesn't give us what we want. But as of now, that's very much the goal. Getting things out there and sharing them with everyone excites me; it's one of the reasons why I love blogging. So, yes. Writing is a joy for me, but I also want to do something with that joy.

8. Why did you start your blog? What keeps you posting?

I started it because...I wanted a blog? It was always something that appealed to me, even before I started actually reading blogs. So little innocent me put up the strange thing you're reading today, and I've loved it ever since. 

As for what keeps me posting, that has to be you guys. People actually read this stuff that I put up, which is so strange to me, but also one of the reasons why I keep going. Because it's pretty neat to know that I have things to say and people who actually want to hear them. 

9. If the internet disappeared overnight, how would you feel? Do you think life would be better or worse, and why?

Honest and not-at-all popular thing to admit here: I'd be way better off without it. I would spend more time doing good, healthy things like going outside and talking to people and actually getting some writing done. I would feel like I could breathe more often. I wouldn't have that silly thing that tells you you're all wrapped up in how many people like a blog post or like a Tweet. Life would be way simpler, and I'd probably enjoy it slightly more. 

But here we are, and the internet has LOST and music and blogs, so I'm not leaving anytime soon.

Even though this is how it feels sometimes.
10. If you could have tea (or coffee) and a chat with any author living or dead, who would you pick? What would you want to ask them?

You love to ask the hard questions, don't you? 

I'd want to get together with Neal Shusterman, because that man is brilliant, has written some of my favorite books in the whole entire world, and has a really interesting view on life and things in general. I would ask him about some of my favorite characters and how they came to be. I would ask him about some of the themes and ideas found in Unwind, because I'm wildly curious. I would ask about his experiences that inspired Challenger Deep, and let him know how personally some of that impacted me. 

It would be awesome. 

11. What do you like best about your writing or your blog? Why?

I have to say that regarding my writing, my characters are my favorite. (It's like having kids, guys. I'm insanely proud of them and they're better than everyone else's kids.) I think that's a strong point of mine. When it comes to my blog, I'm fond of the gifs. I spend way too much time finding them and I think it really pays off. 

Look at that, now you know way more about me than you probably cared to know. I'm not going to tag anyone, because this has been around my blog circle a lot lately and I don't want to pressure people to repeat it. So, you can simply enjoy my answers this time. 

Now, you tell me: What author would you go out for tea/coffee/whatever with, and why? Comment away. 


  1. Eoin Colfer, hands down. I would just point to my Artemis Fowl books and collapse into a pile of sobbing, fangirling mush then ask for his autograph and all Arty bonus material he has. As a second choice, I'd say Eva Ibbotson, because her books make me feel like a kid again.

    Fantastic choice of gifs, as always. (And you keep bringing up Challenger Deep, I must get my hands on it. *runs off to library*)

    1. Eoin Colfer is AWESOME. He's one of my writing heroes, actually -- I think my writing style is close to his in a way, minus all the good bits. :P And his other book, Airman, is one of my favorites ever.

      You MUST read Challenger Deep. It's incredible.

  2. Ooh, you like answering questions? I'm tagging you in like every tag I receive from now on. *nods* The GoT soundtrack really is lovely for writing, because it has such glorious moods. I've put my soundtrack on loop for revisions so much that the lyrics don't even register anymore. XD

    Author ... eh, I'd probably go with V.E. Schwab, or maybe Renee Ahdieh because even though Wrath and the Dawn wasn't an absolute winner for me, I really want to learn more about all her research.

    1. Yessss tag me for all the things and I will answer them. *also nods*

  3. I'll be somewhat unoriginal here and say C.S. Lewis or J.R.R Tolkien. Lewis I'd want to have a general conversation with about Narnia and magic and all the wonderful things. Tolkien I'd probably end up sobbing to about what Lord of the Rings does to my feels and also yell at him for separating Frodo and Sam at the end because no.

    1. C.S. Lewis would be awesome -- he's so incredibly smart. I think that would be a really valuable conversation.

  4. Great answers ;) I enjoyed reading them (which was why I tagged you). I like answering questions too, but I usually get distracted and forget one (or twelve). And I also love Neal Shusterman - he is brilliant.
    I would have coffee with Herodotus (he wrote books, therefore, he counts). I want to know if he saw the giant ants with his own eyes, and if he really expects to believe all of the crazy in his "Histories."

    1. Thanks so much for the tag again! I really enjoyed doing it; you had such good questions. And yes, Neal Shusterman rocks. He's my favorite. xD

  5. Wonderful question. I think I would choose J.R.R. Tolkien-- just so that I could make him sign something to let someone (not Peter Jackson) make a television show of the Silmarillion. ...My lotr obsession is showing... :3

    1. Hahaha, it's always the right time for Tolkien obsessions. *loves allll the books*

  6. The Cumberbatch gif. *dies*

    I've seen Gregor the Overlander in library and have always toyed with the idea of reading it. I just haven't actually done it yet. But since I know it really is good, then I will have to read it posthaste.

    I don't know if I'd actually muster any courage to talk to an actual author, dead or alive. But if I happened to do so, I'd probably go with Tolkien. If he would just ramble on about his writing as if the characters are real (because they are *cough*), or how/where he got his ideas from, or if he talked about the languages. Anything. If Tolkien just talked and talked about anything writing, I would just sit and listen.

    1. Gregor the Overlander is AMAZING and I will shove it down everyone's throats because I love it soooo much. *nods wisely*

  7. These are some cool answers! Soundtracks are awesome. ^ ^ I'd definitely have tea with C.S. Lewis hands down. ^ ^ His books whether fiction or non-fiction have influenced me so much in life and I'd love to pick his brain about his philosophies. ^ ^


    1. Ah, yeah. C.S. Lewis ROCKS. I've read most of his books, I think, and The Screwtape Letters is one of my favorites ever.

  8. I'd love to meet Neal Shusterman! I've only read Unwind, but I was pleasantly surprised with how thoughtful it was.

    Also, I love characters like Artemis Fowl! I'm such a sucker for that, haha.

    Interesting post!

    1. Yesss. You should read ALL the Shusterman because it is amazing and I love it.

  9. Oh yes these type of heroine are soooo annoying *looks at Bella Swan*. I don't know why author create characters like that. Who wants to read about a girl who's main goal is to the girlfriend of some hot guy?

    Anyway, I definitely get your feeling about your characters. I write as well (still a beginner) and sometimes I feel so connected to my characters, like they're part of my family or something.

    Even though I love Internet and couldn't live without it, I completely understand you. It's very distracting, especially because of things like Twitter.

    1. "like they're part of my family or something" is the perfect way to put it! That's how I feel too. :)

  10. OHMYGOD, I've just realised I have a terribly overdue Liebster award tag sitting unwritten in my drafts folder. PANIC!!!
    Anyway, I completely agree with you about the internet. I mean, it's amazing and I have lots of internet friends and please don't take away my blog and all that, but at the same time, I always feel that I'd be better at LIVING if I didn't have the internet to distract me. I wouldn't need to compare myself to other people or get lost in the spiral that is wikipedia or anything... I'd just be able to be a bit more mindful, without the internet, I guess.
    Beth x

    1. Yesss. It's kind of sad, in a way, that I'm not often able to find that balance between enjoying internet and actually living, but I'm working on getting out of that spiral of addiction. xD


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