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My writing buddy Katie, who is awesome and deserves alllll the people visiting her blog, tagged me for a writing thing.

I like writing things.

Behind The Scenes Writing Tag (Original Tag by

Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing? 

Popcorn, but I wouldn't say I eat it while I'm writing as much as I stop writing in order to eat it and then find myself with a stuffed face and zero words and a greasy keyboard and more greasy fingers. 

Hey, I try. 

The only acceptable way to eat popcorn.

When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning? 

I'm not even sorry for liking this movie. 

I prefer the darkness of night. I'm a night owl and what better time to be sitting there typing away and cackling to yourself than when everyone else is asleep? It makes me feel gloriously evil. It's usually when I have nothing else going on and that's my time to sit down and procrastinate, with the occasional actual writing going down. I almost never write in the afternoon unless I'm doing something crazy like 10k and absolutely have to. I am not awake in the mornings, usually. Although, lately school has driven me to be awake earlier and I've tried to get in the habit of writing some before I leave for classes. So there's that. 

Where do you write? 

Apparently, some people have a consistent place where they sit down and write. To which I say: HA! Actually I would say that you're allowed to write wherever you want but saying HA is much more dramatic and fun. So there. I sit on my bed, or the floor, or at my desk when it's not cluttered with stuff. If family is quiet/not home (who am I kidding, only when they're not home) I venture out and write at the dining room table, or on the couch or something. About once a week I venture out to the library/coffee shop and get writing done in those locations as well. Because writing in coffee shops is totally original. 

How often do you write a new novel? 

I can finish first drafts in about a month and a half, but that's usually followed by a bunch of months of hardcore Pariah edits to make up for probably neglecting that steampunk monstrosity in that time period. But I like to keep things fresh, so I probably start something new every four months or so? It really depends but that's likely my average. (The problem with this being that I have a bunch of completed first drafts lying around that I would love to edit but don't have the time to attend to the way they deserve. But so it goes.)

Do you listen to music while you write? 

Short answer: Yes. 

Long answer: Yesssssss. Pretty much anything, but it depends on the story/my mood. I'm actually not big on instrumental stuff and sountracks because apparently my brain works better when subjected to aggressive screaming. I focus best on writing while listening to Linkin Park, for some obscure reason. Other writing favorites include Twenty One Pilots because Twenty One Pilots works well with all things in life, the Sherlock Holmes movie soundtracks, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Young The Giant, Jon Foreman/Switchfoot, Snow Patrol, and the like. My genre is moody

This is my new favorite band. This is my life. These are my choices. 

What do you write on? Laptop or paper? 

The artistic writer answer is something along the lines of "usually computer, but writing on paper is so ~romantic and writerly~". Writer though I am, I am not artistic, and I would probably stab myself in the eye with a fork if I had to write anything longer than snippets on paper, because I have wrist problems and my hands cramp easily and I have texture issues that make paper an absolute nightmare to touch for long periods of time, especially with a writing utensil. Also, I like keyboard sounds. So. 

Is there a special ritual you have before or after you write? 

See also: "Screaming". 

What do you do to get in the mood to write? 

Real talk: If I waited until I was in the mood to write, I would not have very many words written. Ever. I don't believe in waiting for inspiration to strike; I can't afford that. I believe in sitting down and forcing words out until they come natural. Working for it, I guess? Writing is a fickle thing most of the time and we hate it and I'm slightly too practical to be in love with the idea of writing madly when the muse strikes me, so I beat myself and my words into submission instead and it's only slightly less painful than an actual flogging. 

But oh well. 

What is always near the place you write? 

This question doesn't quite make sense to me, and I don't really have a consistent place where I write so it's always changing. But you will probably find food near me at all times, so there's that. 

Do you have a reward system for your word count? 

I've tried, but I'm inconsistent with even good things apparently. 

So now my reward is simply that I don't have to write any more that day once I write however many words I wanted to write that night. And I get to surf Pinterest more. Which is a lame reward because I was doing that anyway. 

Hey, don't knock my flawed reward system. 

Wherever this came from, it's beautiful. 

Is there anything about your writing process that others might not know about? 

Real talk: A lot of crying goes down. 

Other than that? Well, I can't stay still for more than about five minutes tops, so my writing is I usually write a paragraph or so, maybe more if I'm really into it. Then I get up, pace around, flop on the bed/couch if I'm at home, and revel in the feels I'm creating for a second before I go back, sit down, and repeat the process. Sometimes I can't stay still at all so I pace and write on the Google Docs app on my phone instead. Sometimes I stand up and jog in place while writing. I'm a crazy ESTP child and I must be on the go at all times, after all. 

Look, we got through that and no one got hurt! *confetti* 

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Go forth, my peeps. Write all the things.


  1. Ugh. So earlier this morning I had crafted a nice and long comment and then my phone decided to crash on me so all my thoughts got deleted. *growls* Anywho.
    This post is basically my favorite post ever now because it has so many things in it that I love and I kept laughing. So, kudos to you. *hands chocolate*

    Ahh, The Lego Movie. It is the berst. (Ha.. ha..) It's SO incredibly stupid, but yet I can't help but laughing at it a gazillion times because my sense of humor is just that lame. xD
    And Twenty One Pilotsss you already know how I feel about them. Oh! You probably already have, but have you listened to the album "No Phun Intended?" I just found it last night on Youtube and am dying because of how wonderful the songs are. (Mainly Drown... That song is amazing.)

    Screaming. Pinterest. Ha. xD
    Thank you for doing the tag!

    1. *frowns at phone*
      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do it xD I HAVE NOT HEARD THIS ALBUM I MUST FIND IT. *looks it up immediately*

      Ugh it's so wonderful. And Tyler wrote the songs when he was seventeen. *flails and replays* xD

  2. THE LEGO MOVIE IS THE BEST EVER. Best what, I don't know. JUST THE BEST. Do not question this.

    I've never understood the reward system thing because I was always like, "How do you remember to reward yourself?" I'm not consistent even with good things, either.

    Basically, all your answers made me laugh.

    1. I've seen it sooooooo many times and it always makes me laugh. That's one of the many advantages of having small siblings. xD

      Ughhhh consistency. I can't ever have the self-control, either.

  3. LOL, I LOVE THIS POST. Aimee, you are hilarious. :D

    I have the same problem with the million-and-one first drafts that need editing! But I love my primary project too much to give it anything but the best <3. So yeah, those others will just have to wait.
    And I have to move around sometimes too! So I use the notes app on my ipod, then email it to myself and paste it into my document later. Sometimes, movement's just the only way for me to get my ideas flowing.

    Also, I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Like I said in the post, I haven't been paying attention lately, lol, so I really don't know who's done the tag and who hasn't. This is just to let you know that I think your blog is lovely :D.


  4. I'm totally stealing this tag. Like, no shame, I'm just going to do it.

    You're answers, or, most of your answers, describe me spot on. Like, I have to keep changing my writing spot, and I'll write downstairs when there's no one else in the house, and I like to sit on the floor and in my armchair and I'll lie down on my stomach. I have yet to sit on the roof while writing, but that's only because the cord won't reach and my battery lasts for about ten minutes and then But yes, all the things. *nods*

    1. Yessss do it I want to see your answers. This one is probably one of my favorite tags for lots of reasons. *enthusiastic nodding*

      *high fives* Ooh, writing on the roof would be AWESOME. I should try that sometime o.o

  5. I badly need to be more strict and structured about my writing--I didn't used to be a wait-until-inspiration-strikes type of writer, but that's more or less what I do now. Also, I admire your ability to write wherever you need to--I'm so scatterbrained that it's almost impossible for me to focus if I'm not sitting at my desk. Great post :)

    1. Haha, I still don't *enjoy* writing, but it has gotten easier for me to push through it when I have to, which is amazing because I used to just write when I felt like it and then I'd get constantly frustrated with myself. :P

  6. This is essentially how I write as well. xD Although lately I've been unable to write at night (which I love doing) because so many things going on. And I can definitely relate to the 'not being able to stay still for long'. Which is honestly frustrating at times because then hardly anything gets done so I end up staying up too late writing.

    Writing is weird.

    1. Yessss now that school has started writing at night has been more difficult because homework and tiredness and all of that, which is really sad. :/

  7. Night owls unite! I definitely write better at night. Sometimes in the afternoon. Never morning lol. XD And popcorn is the bestest. I make mine in air popper and it's just scrumptious. Also Linkin' Park is awesome.

    1. Popcorn is actually the best. Hard to eat while writing, but the best.

  8. EY, another night owl! You picked the most perfect of perfect GIFs, I believe. I too cannot deal with rewards because they muck me up (ugh) but I will say that I really like listening to a variety of music, just like you. Usually I let my erratic Pandora station run free while I'm writing, but I will say that sometimes when I need to concentrate I only listen to instrumentals just because sometimes it is hard to do words when others words are getting in the way of your words. Right? Of course right. (Sorry, I have my Yente on today.) Also, I think it's very cool that you're an active writer, just because usually turn into a marshmallow whenever I think about writing. :P

    1. I usually end up forcing myself to write because I don't ever want to, but I think I've managed to get good at being consistent, which is one good habit. So. xD

  9. I relate so much to this. I love the Lego movie, Twenty One Pilots as well as most of the other music you listed. I tend to write a night because it's quiet. I also reward myself with Pinterest even though I use it anyways.

  10. Oh dear, I haven't heard of people moving around so much while writing before. XD


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