October Wrap-Up

9:15 PM

October was...a weird month, to say the least, but here we are at the end of it. 

Really, though, it wasn't THAT bad... 

So, I have 78 GFC followers now. Maybe one day I'll tally it all up with Bloglovin' and such, but...today is not that day. *waves at new followers from this month* You all make my blogging experience awesome and I'm feeling like I've really started getting into the swing of it and figuring out how I want to approach this blog, so that's good. And hopefully I can stick to the schedule this month, hah.



*laughs more* 

*slowly melts into a puddle of laughter and mental breakdowns* 

So. Writing has basically not happened this month, aside from character sketches. I meant to start the next Pariah draft but that very quickly didn't happen, so I've been troubleshooting and trying to plot and crying otherwise taking a break from that mess of a thing and basically attempting to not drown in homework/blogging. Fortunately, NaNo is here to save me from this writing slump. 

I blogged about my NaNo novel here and it's new and different and exciting and not at all angsty, so hopefully that helps. We'll just see how insane it is this month. 

14 books this month! Better than last month, and a lot of these books were solid if not great, so I'm pleased. 

*excluding The Girl At the Center of the World because I read that last month.
Favorite Book
Illuminae, most definitely. Alllll the sci-fi and feels and excellent writing and it's basically a win. I'll shove it in everyone's faces all day. The Martian comes in close second for being also gloriously sci-fi-ish and hilarious and smart. 

Least Favorite Book 
Elantris or The Game of Love and Death because I DNFed both of them and was a bit bored to tears. (I suspect I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Brandon Sanderson.) 


Anxiety and stress continues, huzzahhhh~ I'm surviving, though, probably.

I'm trying to juggle homework for the first time in my entire life hello, homeschool kid here and that's a nightmare, but we're reading The Great Gatsby in English which makes my Gatsby-loving soul happy.

I finished Season 8 of Bones. Someone help me. 

Finally saw Ant-Man. My love for Marvel increases by the day. (Perhaps I'll do a movie review?) 

evangeline lilly animated GIF

I actually had a thing called a social life this month and it was exhausting but fun and great for my extrovertedness so maybe I'll try to keep it up now that I have friends.

I've been binge-listening to Snow Patrol, Twenty One Pilots (big surprise there), Young the Giant, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, and Rise Against. It's an moody-music sort of month.

Who even knows at this point. 

How was your October? 


  1. You're so sweet - thanks for the shoutout. <3

    Wait, are you no longer homeschooled? o.O And I get you with the stress and all that. I really don't think NaNo is going to help but it's NaNo and everyone is so encouraging so I'll get through it. :P

    (and I would be interested to see a Ant Man movie review. *nods*)

    1. Probably should've clarified that...I am, but I'm doing classes several days a week at a hybrid private school sort of thing. So I do a lot at home, but now I also go to classes and have homework and such. xD It's going to be be interesting to see how I juggle NaNo with all that going on.

  2. Fourteen books that is quite a feat, I read maybe two this month.
    I'm starting to think that anxiety and stress just go hand in hand with growing up.
    I love your Nano story, so I hope that all goes well.
    Good luck with it :)

    1. To be fair some of them were DNFs, but yeah, I'm impressed with myself. I thought I was way busier. xD Thank you! Good luck to you as well, whatever you're doing this month.

  3. All your posts this month were absolutely wonderful and your NaNo novel sounds amazing. o.o

    I just discovered Twenty One Pilots and have been listening excessively to them. I didn't realize I needed it in my life. But I do.

    Yes, you should review Ant-Man. So go do that. :P

    1. Thankssss! YESSSS ALL THE TWENTY ONE PILOTS. I approve.

  4. Aside from drowning in school despite my homeschooledness, it's been fine. *Laughs in an increasingly maniacal manner* No. No, it's been completely insane. But that's okay. We had a field trip thing with our co op early on, and for some reason my friends all decided that October was a great time to do ALL the social things, and I didn't do most of them due to my increasingly monstrous load of homework, so really I didn't have much of a life. And geometry is killing me. However, we just had our Autumn youth retreat, and it was really great to just relax and worship God with my friends, if only for a short time. So yeah.
    Ooh, I was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for Halloween. That was fun.

    1. *laughs maniacally with you* October was busy socially for me, too, which is...weird. That never happens. But oh well. It sounds like you had a great month! And I feel ya on the geometry thing.

  5. Yessss write an Ant-man review!! I ADORED that movie and long to shove it in the faces of the entire world. Because Scott. And Antony. And Louis. And cheesy banter. And the movie makers obviously making fun of themselves. And basically everything.
    So yeah, that was my really long way of saying that I really want to see what you thought of it. :)

    1. That movie was so much fun. <3 I definitely want to write something about it.

  6. Ooh, good luck with NaNo, by the way.

  7. My October was busy. I was away for 10 days hiking on a school trip (and I had an AMAZING time), had a birthday, second semester (/quarter/trimester) of school (who even knows any more), a long weekend, and also having no mother for a whole month. (Lets just say the dishes/general tidiness was neglected. Just a tad). Good luck with NaNo! I hope it's amazing and wonderful and exciting and successful (I'm sure it will be) weavingwaveswords.wordpress.com

    1. Hiking for 10 days sounds AWESOME. I wish I could do that. xD Sounds like you had an interesting month too.

  8. Sounds like you had a great October!! And wow, that's a lot of books. :O You read way more than I can. *is sad* That being said, I did read The Martian! And I loved that book, too!!

  9. Oh my gosh, I loved Ant-Man too! It was FANTASTIC.

    I know what you mean about the social life thing. I've been hanging out with IRL people more lately too (*shocked gasp*), which has been amazing, but I'm shocked that I, a very introverted introvert, have managed to make some friends. ;)

    Good luck with NaNo!

    1. Haha, yeah, having friends is weird..school has been an interesting experience for me. xD

  10. It sounds like you had a good month! Happy NaNo! I'm actually ahead this year significantly. Woot woot! Happy writing! And yes Ant-Man is awesome.



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