#thestruggleisreal - Writing Woes We All Hate

7:00 AM

Being a writer is hard, guys.

So you're a writer. Maybe you write sci-fi, or fantasy, or historical fiction, or urban fantasy/time travel/crime (hello, Artemis Fowl). But no matter what you write, you've probably encountered some difficulties that are common to lots of us writerly hermit people. Stuff that would sound totally weird to - ahem - normal people.

The struggle is totally real.
I'll be using this forever because it's 100% relevant. 

1. Too. Many. Plot. Bunnies. 

You have something like fifteen storyboards on Pinterest, or floating around in your brain. There are some characters clamoring for attention but THEY HAVE NO STORY. One day, you'll get to all these things. But...today is not that day.

2. The disappearing plot. 

Who knows, maybe it's gone forever. Having your characters wander around for 30k instead of going somewhere important will totally make up for not having a coherent plotline, right? No one will ever know.

Just wing it. 

3. "Dear Twitter, I'm writing a LOT today". 

I could also be binge-watching an entire season of Doctor Who. Or all of Sherlock. 


4. What even are words. 

You think I'm being productive, but I'm really just slamming the keyboard and hoping something coherent comes out.

5. "So what is your book about?" 

It might just be about how I got away with murder. 

6. Good books are just kind of...depressing sometimes.


7. Reading counts as writing. (Right?)

It's the perfect excuse to not write words of your own.

8. Enjoying having a morbid Google search history. 

The more gruesome and/or weird it is, the better. Writers take a weird sense of pride in this kind of thing. I mean, how cool is it that someone reading your search history could assume that you're a serial killer? This is not so much a struggle as it is a perk, I guess.


9. People trying to read writing over your shoulder/interrupting your writing time.

We can be surprisingly violent creatures sometimes. Do not approach. 

It's been so long since I've used a good Sherlock gif.

10. Writing. 

What's your [least] favorite writing struggle?


  1. All of this is 100% accurate. Especially the disappearing plot. That's probably my worst struggle. Yay, pantsing. WHERE DID THE PLOT GO.

    1. I think my plots like to run away and hide. o.0

  2. Why is everything you post so 100% accurate and perfect, I don't understand. Just got to say you effectively and correctly used ALLL those GIFs, and it just makes me feel so much better about my lazy and confused writing self OMG.

    1. My favorite writing struggle would be me procrastinating because I pantsted, or letting all the plot bunnies infiltrate my already non-existent plot.

    2. Haha, I had fun finding the gifs. Less fun writing the post, because it's all true and painful for me. xD

  3. (Least) Favorite Writing Struggle: When the characters just won't talk to me. You know, knowing who they are, where they're from, what their occupation and backstory are, might be just a tiny bit useful. -.-

    1. Characters like to be stubborn, and I don't know why. It's very rude.

  4. That first gif is one of my favorites. Like you said, it's accurate now and forever.

    The bunny gif. That's scary. Because I really do have that many plot bunnies. . . or characters, as I rarely have a plot. *cries*

    #9 AGH! Why can't people understand? You do not going reading over other people's shoulders! That's probably my hugest pet peeve. Even if I'm just blogging. My dad likes to come up behind me and read aloud something he sees on my laptop. But he always says it this "That's really weird" judgmental kind of tone. Then he wonders why I get upset at him.

    XD #10 Always.

    All of Sherlock. HAHAhaha. . . We need another season.

  5. My Nano project was easy. Not even the time crunch, which I excelled on my own, but the inspiration. I hit that project in a place I have never hit anything else before or since, and I plowed through it like a crazy woman. I have seen your little parts in your NaNo rambling about crazy people who pound out 50,000 in four or five days. No time for it, yes? I'm the crazy person who did it in eleven, on top of school and an orchestra clinic. I was obsessed, and it felt great.

    Now, though. After I finished the full book (day 20) I just... I am drifting a little. Everything else fails to capture my attention like that one perfect idea did, and there's like, the entire vast expanse of Netflix awaiting me... but no! I must write!

    My problem is this: I'm too burned out to continue and too obsessed to quit.

  6. your posts are too accurate it frightens me honestly. But NUMBER 8 THOUGH! So true.

    Gosh. writing is hard.

    *briefly thinks back to NaNo I technically won but didnt "finish*


  7. I hate the sense of paralysis I get when I have a couple of ideas and don't know which one to work on. Having no ideas is even worse. Writing IS hard.

    1. Sameee. I have so many ideas lined up right now, and I want to work on all of them. At the same time. *angst*

  8. These are all accurate, my biggest peeve. Is when I lock myself in my room to write, and everyone assumes I am being antisocial or lazy.

  9. I FEEL SO UNDERSTOOD, AIMEE. And by the way, binge watching Doctor Who (for five days straight) is totally understandable because it's research. Research for what, I'm still not sure, but I'M BEING PRODUCTIVE, I PROMISE!!!

    And the plot bunnies. I have so many plot bunnies, I swear they just multiply every time I blink.

    #6 is super accurate, too. I'll read a bad book, and while my faith in humanity takes a dive, I feel better about my writing. Then I'll read a good book and want to crawl up and die because I'll never be as good.

  10. Haha.XD 8 and 9 are so me. XD


  11. *sighs* But these are so true. *sniffles* My plot disappearing and eating my time on Twitter are especially true for me, and also the last one of writing, because I am not so efficient at that, either.

  12. Captain Jack Sparrow. XD XD XD Yes.
    Yes, that is a real struggle. Don't ask me what I'm writing. I don't have a /clue/ what I'm writing. I know the feeling for what I'm writing, but if I tell you that I'm writing a book that feels like razor lined cotton, and is sand colored and tattooed, you're not gonna have a clue what I'm saying. Unless, of course, you are also a writer. Then I think you might get it.
    I love all of this post. It's true. It's all true. XD *Laughs and cries*

  13. Oh those GIFs....they're too fantastic!!


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