Beautiful People: The Shippy One

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Because let's face it, I just really like doing this link-up and also throwing Pariah stuff out into the void.

beautiful people valentine's day

Once again I'm linking up with Cait and Sky to do Beautiful People, a monthly writerly link-up in which I get to shove stuff about my characters into your faces. As you do. This month is all about shipping, in honor of Valentine's Day, so I want to talk about Sachi and Elias, two major characters from my steampunk novel Pariah. (If you're new and not familiar with Pariah you can go here for more context.) 

This is slightly tricky because technically Sachi and Eli aren't dating or whatever -- but they are very bestest friends since they were little, and there's definitely feelings there. Not that either of them would admit it. So we'll proceed, even though they wouldn't approve. because this is my favorite friend(ship) to write and gives me and everyone else all the feelings. So there.


1. How did they first meet?
As squishy not so innocent little kids on the London streets. They both come from mildly sketchy backgrounds and so spent a lot of time running around stealing from people and running from the police and such, which led to running into each other and getting into a fight. 

As you know, all great friendships/relationships are born from getting into fistfights as children.

After that they sort of stuck together and started talking, and grew up together from there. Ah, the adorableness of it all. 

2. What were their first impressions of each other?
Sachi thought Elias needed to be punched in the face, which he probably did, and gladly obliged. After that she thought he was way too stubborn and annoying. 

Elias thought Sachi was kind of funny. (Which she was.) 

They were both impressed by each other's talent for taking no nonsense and beating up anyone who tried to mess with them.

3. How long have they been a couple?
Again, it's a ~complicated~ situation. They've been best friends since they were little kids running around steampunk London together. Once they were teenagers, the lovely thing called feelings kicked in, though neither of them would ever ever ever admit it. They're special/frustrating that way. But they're extremely close nonetheless. So years? 

4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?
I see this and raise you the fact that the whole novel involves them beating up people who try to mess with them. They've had to trust and rely on each other for long enough now that they'd do anything for the other. They argue constantly and get in lots of fights because they don't always see eye to eye, but when it comes down to it they're inseparable. 

And yes, they would most certainly die for each other. 
5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
Excuse me, but this question is adorable and I kind of love it. 

1. Sachi has a huge sweet tooth. It's kind of a weakness. (But same, honestly.) 
2. Elias prefers coffee to anything else, but he likes it completely black, mostly just because that's what he's had to make do with his whole life.
3. Apples are a bit of an inside joke with both of them -- that's what they fought over when they met as kids. Neither of them really like apples, anyway.
4. (okay, so this is harder than I thought.) 
5. Elias does not like cake. Elias saves up to get Sachi a cake every year for her birthday. 

They're such sweethearts. 

6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Not that I know of -- they're on their own, for the most part, and not people care about what they do in general, much less their relationship status.

7. What would be an ideal date?
Sachi loves exploring and Elias loves mechanics, so they would be both be thrilled by the opportunity to get onboard a steampunky airship and take a nice long flight. Plenty of exploring and heights and poking-around for both of them. 

It's fair to say that this happens, but I wouldn't call it a date

8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
Sachi is ESTP and Elias is ISTP, so they're sort of similiar in ways. They're both rough-and-tumble and used to doing whatever they have to to survive. They're both very practical and choose logic over emotions. They've got a knack for physical, practical things, and lots of street-smarts. They both have a sarcastic, morbid, sometimes crude sense of humor that a lot of people find offensive. Sachi is very much an extrovert and Eli is very much an introvert, so they balance each other out in that way.

They fight. A lot. Most of the time it's because they're worried about each other, but still. 

9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?
Going off scenes in Pariah, because I can: 

Best: All I'm saying here is that there's a moment where they're working on solving the murder-mystery plot and their minds are totally in-sync and they're totally hardcore and blow it all out of the water. There's hugging and it's beautiful. 

Worst: Arguing. Lots and lots of arguing. Lots of things they'll really regret saying later, because, you know, things I can't tell you. 

10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?
Oh, don't you wish I could tell you the full truth here. 

Ideally they'd both like to be out of London, traveling the world and exploring together like they've always wanted. (Well, Sachi has always wanted it. Elias is a darling and would follow her wherever she went anyway.) They'd love to have their own aeroplane/airship and wander like that. They're both a little shy about feelings, but I can imagine they're both hoping they'll get past that barrier soon and be together foreverrrrrr. 

But you know me, I don't let characters off that easy.

Do you have a favorite couple to write about? Are you doing Beautiful People this month? Tell me all.


  1. Ugh Aimee they're so perfect I can't with the two of them. <3 THEY'RE MY FAVORITE COUPLE EVER, OKAY? *happy sigh*

  2. GAH, WHY MUST THEY BE SO ADORABLE? I would go down with that ship. *nods* I MUST KNOW ALL THE THINGS ABOUT THEM.

    I think it's funny that I decided to take a break from editing my own Beautiful People post, which will go up tomorrow, to visit your blog. :P *retreats to editing cave*


  3. "And yes, they would most certainly die for each other." *SHRIEKS LOUDLY* AUGH I AM STILL NOT REALLY OVER THIS, OKAY? I STILL KIND OF HATE YOU FOR THAT. *grumpily scowls* However, I ship these two sooo much. They're like the actual cutest ever. *flails*

  4. They sound downright adorable. I seriously want to read this book. Your characters sound incredible!

  5. i really wanna meet elias + sachi now

  6. I am so terribly pumped for Pariah! When it comes out, I'm gonna run 24.5 miles to my nearest bookstore. In my slippers.

    (Elias is the cutest cutie ever! *squeals* and Sachi's MY type of girl.)

  7. DUDE I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW. And of course I'd only just kinda sorta gotten over all the feels from Pariah when you had to bring them all crashing back down on me. *not-so-internal screaming*

    But in spite of the gut wrenching feels, this post is just downright adorable. I will ship this ship forever. <3

    1. Sorry for all the feels.

      Sort of.
      *gives chocolate*

  8. THIS POST IS YOU LAUGHING IN MY FACE AND IT STINGS OKAY MY BABIES *but really, they are the actual most adorable I love my children so much*

  9. ...Okay. So, I have this one guy (referred to as ESFP from now on) that I ship with everyone that doesn't violate the creepiness rule (half of older partner's age plus seven) or that violates the law of common sense (Mr. Demonface, obviously) because he makes everyone happy and he's so sweet and basically my child.

    Generally, however, I like him best in one of two ships:

    ESFP/ESFJ - This one is sweetness and fluff and little smooches and not so little smooches, and he starts of the series in the relationship. It's well-balanced, and healthy, and supporting... until she dumps him. This is unfortunate, because as it turns out, it comes at a bad time and the resulting emotional shock partially leads to him getting stabbed. But it is definitely not her fault. They balance each other out a bit, but not much, and they both rely on more cool-headed friends to help them plan and be reasonable.

    And ship number two, which I have spent a lot more thought time on for various reasons...

    ESFP/INTJ - Hooooooo boy. Okay. This one is a lot trickier because not only am I writing opposites, it also happens to be gay. My own personal views on the subject aside, they balance each other well, have the back of the other constantly, and are strong where the other is weak. I am entirely unsure if it will end up cannon in the storyline, because in addition to any potential romance, they are also best friends, buddies, comrades in arms, partners in crime, mentors and students to each other, guardians in a strange, complicated way, and I have a random little snippet in which INTJ refers to ESFP as his brother, almost by accident. I don't want to ruin the relationship in any aspect.

    And then I kind of ship this crotchety, salty old grump with the sweetest little old lady, and they're pretty cute too. Haven't written them much yet, but they are very sweet.

    1. This ship is lovely too: filled with vaguely grouchy people. I must write that sometime: instead of the happy/grumpy pairing, I'm going to write a couple that's just all crabbiness and saltiness and snickering at the world in a cynical manner.

    2. He is. He's a sweet little ray of sunshine. Who I really, really mess up even before he steps onto the page and who I also mess up after he steps onto the page.


  10. I'm glad you appreciated #5. :') THAT WAS AAAALL MY DOING. Ahem. Obviously. I mean, what is a BP post without some sort of food flavoured question squished in there? #noregrest. ANYWAY. I LOVE THESE TWO MIGHTILY mainly because they beat people up who mess with them and what is not to love there?

  11. Oh but I KNOW THAT THIS ENTIRE POST IS A TRAIN WRECK OF FEELS FOR ANYONE WHO READ PARIAH. OMG. Aimee. Stop. Gah. Why do I even beta for you. (Oh, right, because Pariah is awesome.) They would be SUCH a badass couple.


  12. I love childhood friends who turn into couples, they always have the best chemistry, these two sound especially sweet.

  13. I just read the synopsis for Pariah for the first time and dang. please write this. and publish this. please. it sounds wonderful.

    1. Awww thank you! I'm doing my very best to finish it. xD

  14. Oh no, I'm getting attached to them. I feel like you've probably killed one or the other (or worse), but I will go down with this (friend)ship, romantic or not. I can feel it.

    1. The more I read this post, the more doomed they seem..
      But I am excited and will definitely read it someday.

    2. Mwhahaha. *laughs and disappears into the shadows*


  16. I am feeling the deepest need to read Pariah now because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

  17. I see London and steampunky airships in the same book. This wouldn't happen to be a steampunk novel would it? I very much hope so, because I adore steampunk. But Elias and Sachi are so adorable! You know you've got a good thing going when you can go out and beat people up together.

    1. It is indeed steampunk! That's my favorite genre ever.

  18. This is perrrfect, definitely sounds like something I would love to read, because, you know, adorable characters are the best. I love their first impressions, especially thinking that Elias needed punched in the face. That's one of the best ways to start friendships (I know from personal experience) :D


  19. Aw they sound cute! I do love anything Steampunk. ;) Wonderful gif usage of Eleven. ;)

  20. They sound so cute!! :D

    I'm currently writing my book and when I was "plotting" I had intended for Hope and Alex to just be best friends. But since I've started writing, basically none of my original ideas have gotten down on the paper lol. My characters have popped up in random places and I have no idea what's going on. So I guess I'll just have to wait it out to see if Hope and Alex will be best friends, mortal enemies, okay friends, lovers, Romeo and Juliet, etc. lol.


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