February Wrap-Up

9:49 AM

Prepare for lots of stuff and maybe a new-ish format?

So. We've reached the end of February, which is crazy. BUT SPRING IS COMING.
16 Signs You Are So Over Winter

Yeah, it happened. 
  • I talked about how writing is personal and you have to dig deep, y'all.
  • I HIT 100 GFC FOLLOWERS. So I thanked you all, and hosted a giveaway! (The winner of that giveaway, by the way, was the ever-lovely Krissy! Thank you all so much for entering and being awesome that way.)
  • I wrote a very belated review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which really just turned into a feels-fest because Star Wars is my life.
  • Instead of talking about shippy things around Valentine's Day, I wrote about friendships. Because that's how I roll.
  • It went down this month -- I aggressively defended Bella Swan. You'll probably never escape my Twilight-defending nature. 
If you haven't seen this video you should immediately.
Essentially, I'm figuring out how I want to schedule things and do different-themed stuff, so you'll see that in this upcoming month, I promise. I'll try to skip as few days possible, hopefully? Sigh. 


I've somehow managed to not be way behind on my 250-book goal? I read 21 books this month! Including some comics and non-fiction. Go me.

Favorite Book: I read so many mediocre books this month, BUT. Morning Star came out. So did you really expect me to say anything else here? It blew. my. mind. Made me cry. Send help. Pierce Brown will slay me one day. (AND HE'S WRITING MORE BOOKS. LORD SAVE ME NOW.) But Alexander Hamilton -- yes, a biography -- is close second. That made me cry too. I have a problem.

Least Favorite Book: My Heart and Other Black Holes struct me as really problematic? Enough with a love interest being enough to save someone or cure them of their mental illness. Let's just not. 

Comics: All-New Hawkeye was feelsy and blew my mind and I adored the art. Clint Barton will forever be my favorite superhero, and his comics will always have my heart. Daredevil was HILARIOUS and the best introduction to Daredevil's story. (I need to watch the show now, if only I had Netflix...) Ms. Marvel just gets better and better the more I read. Excuse me while I ship aggressively. 

Lots of reading went down this month.

Oh my gosh, you guys, it actually happened this month. 

So. As you may know from this post, I've spent a while now suffering under the weight of what I call the writer's block of death. With Pariah. Ugh. I ran into a wall. Nothing was happening. It was the actual worst. I was ready to throw the whole thing away in frustration. 


That's right, Pariah re-writing is going ahead at full speed again, and I've never been happier with this plot. I'm finishing this beast by the end of March, I swear. Hold me accountable, peeps. Bug me here. Bug me on Twitter. Let's make it happen so I can send it out to my impatient betas. (Love you guys.) 

Me, smashing through the writer's block.
Other than that. We Caught a Vampire suffered this month, as in, I posted nothing. THAT IS CHANGING THIS MONTH. (I've been shouting at you a lot in this post? Whatever.) Anyway, expect to see new chapters. Sorry. February kinda steamrolled me. 


I feel like this is always gonna be the longest section. Look how much I care. 

I'm caught up with Agent Carter and let me tell you, I could not be more pleased. Peggy and Jarvis and Sousa kicking butt together is everything I've ever wanted ever. The sass pleases me. The music pleases me. The outfits please me. The shipping pleases me less because I will always support Peggy and Steve and can't get past that, but whatever. This season couldn't be more perfect, even though it's hitting me with alllll the feels and ugh. 
Can we please just take a moment to give the costume designers all the awards.
That's right, the Hamilton obsession continues in full force. I'll never be over it at this rate and I'm okay with that. But they won the Grammys and I'm unreasonably proud of them, so there. (That performance was just. I need to go see this stupid thing already.) 
Started season 5 of Castle with the little bro. We're enjoying wailing over the feelings immensely. Except not. Because too many feelings. On the bright side, Nathan Fillion make everything better, especially when he throws out Firefly jokes.

the costume bit a few seasons ago was flawless.
The Twenty One Pilots obsession also continues. Three more months and I'll be seeing them in concert, you guys. 

Hamilton isn't the only musical I've been obsessing over. I rediscovered my childhood favorite, Newsies, and found Next to Normal. I've been enjoying alllll the Broadway lately. 

SWITCHFOOT IS MAKING A NEW ALBUM. Yasssss. I'm so happy about this.

I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation because I might as well get another stamp on my Ultimate Geek card at this rate. Whatever. I like it a lot, and you'll see a post on it this month because I have thoughts.
Data is such a precious cutie.
Basically: Lots of fandom stuff.

What did you do this month? What have you been watching/reading/flailing over?


  1. OMG, this is my first time here and I love it! I love it so much. Your blog is awesome and so many levels of YASSS!!! Okay, so I'll probably be shouting a lot but whavevs, right?!?! Where do I even begin!?!

    So, like feb kicked my ass in terms of being a sucky month for writing so I totally understood/understand what you were talking about with Feb steamrolling you. Like, dude, what's up with Feb!?! I feel like it just steamrolled everyone! F* february. lol

    ALSO, I'm SOOO happy for you that you broke through your writers block! That's like the best feeling ever! I still haven't and am obviously procrastinating...I'm here aren't I?, lol. But, it's soooo worth it being here! HAHA! Wow, you're gonna think I'm a total nut job. >.< I should stop.

    But, one more thing!! Twenty One Pilots is LIFE!!!

    Okay, now I'm done! Kbye.

    1. Awwww, thanks so much! I'm glad you found my blog. :D

    2. Okay, so silly question that I'm realizing is going to get answered right now because I see the little "notify me box" *facepalm*. Wow, I was going to ask how to get notified of follow up comments until I saw the check box. *backs away slowly and hopes no one notices, lol*

  2. Daredevil is WONDERFUL and season 2 is coming out in just a few weeks! Also, I think one of the perils of reading lots of books is reading more than a couple mediocre stories along with the good ones. Congratulations on getting so much done this month!

  3. I'm glad that some of us poor, stuck writers have been breaking through their blocks! I'm not quite there yet. Getting somewhere, but not really. *sigh*

    AGENT CARTER IS ACTUAL PERFECTION. I'm almost caught up on season 2, and honestly, it's everything I need. Peggy is fabulous. Jarvis is fabulous (and unintentionally sassy). Everyone seems to hate Sousa but I think he's fabulous as well. And they all have the best friendship (although, some nudging at romance has been happening, sigh) and it's all wonderful.

    I REALLY NEED TO GET ALL-NEW HAWKEYE. CLINT BARTON IS EVERYTHING. *takes deep breath and tries not to shriek my love of him forever*

    Ohhh, yes, Daredevil is *amazing*. You need Netflix, if just to watch Daredevil, because oh my gosh it's amazing. I mean, really dark and gory, but honestly some of Marvel's best work I'd say. That, and Matt Murdock is the cuddliest vigilante beating-people-up person ever. Seriously, it's amazing.

    1. I'll probably be flailing over Agent Carter forever. xD

  4. I've been writing with my co writer, but not much else, blogging, and need to grab some library books!

  5. Twenty one pilots concert, I am very jealous. I need to watch Peggy Carter, and I think I need more Castle in my life.

  6. Agh, I'm still on Season 4 of Castle, but it's good that its awesome has not yet decreased! Of course I say keep up the Hamilton and of course Newsies is always lovely... Those guys are crazy awesome. I myself find myself enjoying the new Hunchback of Notre Dame cast recording and I LOVE the new storyline and the music and Phoebus's voice is hot. It didn't make it to Broadway but who cares musicals. Also, I'm very curious to read the Hamiltome but I don't have time to grab it right now. Blah.

    1. Castle is just...the best. Feelsy, but the best.

  7. The fandom life is strong with this post. xD GO YOU. I need to watch the original Star Treks..and probably Star Wars? omg. I'm a shame to the nerdom name. aHEM. I'm glad you smashed the writers block though! *flings confetti in your face* I absolutely loathe getting stuck. BLEHH. I've finished editing so I'm kind of in this weird space of "do I write something new, edit something else, or laze around with books" OH THE STRUGGLES OF A WRITER.
    On that note, though, YAY FOR SO MUCH READING!! Morning Star just arrived for me in the mail. I think I cried just looking at it. I'M SURE EVERYTHING I LOVE IS GOING TO DIE OMG. (Except I guess not Darrow since the new series was announced? I guess they should've maybe waited to announce it so it wasn't a spoiler but heh. I'm okay with knowing.)


  8. Writing was actually pretty awesome this month for me too, and I was a bit surprised at that.

    1. Oh, and about the writer's block: someone says that dressing up and prettying yourself serves as an idea attractor. Just in case you needed more ideas for how to solve them.

    2. I'm so glad it's working for you!


    Hamiltonnn. *hugs it to death* Werk. xD

  10. I love the Daredevil TV show! I haven't read the comics though :/ I really need to watch Agent Carter.

    Take spring, take the sun! It means we get winter in NZ and I can't wait :)

    1. I've just now gotten into the comics and I'm loving it so far, so that's a good sign. *shoves Agent Carter at you and gratefully takes the spring/sun*

  11. I still haven't watched this season of Agent Carter. :o I need to catch up. And yesss, Peggy and Steve. Ugh. The scene on the bridge in the season 1 finale (when she poured out the blood) just absolutely broke me and my heart cried the entire next day.
    And I've been doing so much reading (though not quite 21 books a month xD). Last year I really slacked off without meaning to, but this year I think I've already read more than I did in 2015. And it makes my soul happy. Reading is seriously the best.

  12. THAT FIRST GIF. it's too accurate. give me sunshine or give me...well, not death, but something just as terrible, because I am over winter.

    My Heart and Other Black Holes frustrated me. I was really excited by the concept at first, but the more and more I read, the more it rubbed me wrong. definitely not the greatest message for people struggling with mental illness.

    Congrats on breaking through your frustration with Pariah! I love seeing all your tweets and updates about it, so I'm super happy that you feel like you've gotten things somewhat sorted out. that's always a great feeling. :)

    this month I started the x-files after many people saying I should, and I am in love. so so good. I've also been reading a bunch of non-fiction books recently, which is so not me? but I am really liking it. In the middle of a biography of Lady Jane Gray and have one about Aaron Burr next in line (yes, I am a history nerd. I do not deny it).

    1. Thanks! History nerds are the best kind of people and I am one too, so. :P

      Ahhhh I need to watch X-Files. So. Many. Shows.

  13. The Schuyler Georges is literally the best ever. Also, if you haven't listened to In The Heights yet, do it. I need to catch up on Agent Carter...
    Congrats on making progress with Pariah!!
    I was thinking about February and I tried very hard to think of something I've done, but I basically spent the whole month freaking out over various musicals. It's all I've done. Oh, and I've been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine (no, really). I also read A Tale of Two Cities....and listened to the musical...please send help, there's no escape.

  14. I love Out of the Easy! What did you think of The Once and Future King? I've not read it yet but it feels like a preemptive favourite. (Do you ever get that, where you feel like a book is your favourite before you've read it? That was me with Les Mis (which I finished last week!); LotR; and the Game of Thrones series.

    So it's March 15th which is halfway through so this is me BUGGING YOU ABOUT PARIAH! (What even is Pariah? I mean obvi it's your WIP but what's it about?)


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