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I haven't done a tag in a while, so what better way to get back into it...

The awesome Liz tagged me for the Bookshelf Tour Tag, an original tag by her! I love showing off my bookshelf and I love ranting about books and I love tags in general, so this is perfect and I'm gonna do it. Let's go. I'm too lazy to link all the books to their respective Goodreads pages but if you wanna look them up on there and get more useful information, good for you. 

A short but powerful book

I've ranted about Gatsby many times but seriously, this book is important. It hits you right in the gut every time. I've re-read it over and over and over again, and every time, I find something new to think about. Gatsby talks about the "American Dream" and humans as they are and envy and wanting but not having and pretty much every other human emotion on the planet. (Plus the writing is a masterpiece.) Everyone should read it. It's small, but you could spend months on it. 

A good, long book.

Just in case you didn't understand the title of my blog: I love everything about Les Miserables. I love the musical in all its forms. I love the movie. (The new one, yes. I happen to adore it.) But more than anything I love the book. It's long and heavy -- there's a reason the fans refer to it fondly as "the Brick" -- but it's beautiful. And sure, he spends chapters discussing the Paris sewers. But we love Victor Hugo for it anyway, because he's a master of themes and characters and everything else. 

Favorite classic (on your shelf). 

This book, tho, you guys. I don't understand it. I don't know what's even going on 90% of the time. I've only read it once, as opposed to other favorite classics. But Catch-22 struck a chord with me that I don't understand yet, so I have to call it my favorite. It's bizarre and crude and literally insane and dang, I loved every bit of it. (I did a school project for it that I'm rather proud of, too.)

A relatively obscure book.

But why do we not talk about this one??? It's a steampunk retelling of Moby Dick with large rodents and TRAINS. ALL THE TRAINS. Seriously. It's the weirdest thing I've ever read and I love it to death but no one talks about it. 

An underrated book. 

I will never ever ever understand why there aren't enough people screaming about Lemony Snicket. He's diabolical and clever and uses his words. Technically these are "children's books" but honestly, they're smarter and deeper than most YA? (shots fired, I know.) They've got too many layers to count and I love them forever and ever. ALSO I NEED ANSWERS. BUT I WILL NOT GET THEM. BECAUSE SNICKET. (I once wrote a poem entitled "Snicket, Mr. Snicket, Why???" and everyone thought it was hilarious but I was genuinely distressed.)

An overrated book.

Admittedly I liked this better than I've liked all other John Green novels (I do not like John Green, sadly) but still, it fell super flat for me. And it made no. frickin'. sense. And it was pretentious. And I think it, along with all other Green novels, are vastly overrated for being super smart and teenager-y when really they're just snobby and illogical. Sigh. 

Most re-read book. 

Are you even surprised anymore. 

Of all the books you own, how many have you not read? 

Confession time: I just...I don't understand people who buy books and then just don't read them? Maybe it's because I don't own hundreds of books -- how do you even get to that point, where does this money come from -- but I don't buy books unless I've read and loved them or I really really want to read them. So I have maybe one or two I just haven't read yet? ???? But I definitely don't have stacks that I haven't read and this confuses me. 

A book you haven't read

My reasoning for this one is that it's insanely long and I'm saving it for a special time, probably the beach this year. So there. 

A collection of short stories.

Again, Neal Shusterman. These are all perfect and layered and made me cry, because the Unwind universe is by far my favorite universe. There's a good mix of backstory and epilogue stuff and wow, it just makes the whole story that much richer and explores parts of the world that we never got to see in the series. I love it.

A non-fiction book.

Purchased for Pariah research but it's really just fascinating as a book on its own. Victorian London was a twisty, messed-up place, you guys, and I can't get enough of it. (This author also wrote a book solely about murder and the murder culture in the Victorian Era. I think we could be good friends.)

A book (physical copy, not the story itself) that has an interesting story behind it.

You would not believe how much I love this hilarious book. This is not a picture of my copy, of course -- my copy is a super old hardcover that's falling apart, it's so ancient. I found it shoved in with a bunch of other Twain books at a homeschool convention and bought it because hey, Mark Twain. But the book is old, like I said, and has lots of names in it and also a library sticker. It smells old. I feel like there's a lot of stories in it that I don't really know? Which is cool. 

Alllll the books. 

I Tag:

How do you feel about these books? What's one book you think is underrated? I should read them all. (Also, steal the tag from me if you want and I haven't tagged you. Feel free.)


  1. Oh glorious books!! SO hard to balance buying books and buying food, I love books better, but alas, food is sort of necessary.

    One underrated book is Mara Daughter of the Nile, by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.
    ...Maybe I shouldn't be recommending this 'cause I only read it once awhile ago, but it's a short read and I remember adoring it.

    1. I remember reading that when I was younger and enjoying it a lot! I should pick it up again...

  2. I feel a large tag post coming up next month xD I've got a couple to catch up on now but I love doing them so yessss.

    I have so many classics I need to read and you keep mentioning several of them - Gatsby, mostly - and I feel like I should get on that??? Maybe this summer I will read all the classics.


  3. Ohh, I'm probably going to steal this...

  4. So I've been stalking for a bit but I figured I should say HEY and introduce myself.

    So... HEY I'm Jonathan. *sticks out hand* XD (And FYI I also love Les Miserables, gifs, and sarcasm so #coolbeans)

    OOH THAT ONE WITH TRAINS LOOKS KEWL THOUGH. XD Hmm also I haven't read The Great Gatsby yet. *add to TBR* However I HAVE READ The Count of Monte Cristo so #bonuspoints. (it's amazing you'll love it it's filled with spies and intrigue and back-stabbing goodness and revenge)

    1. Hi! *high fives and confetti* Sounds like we'll get along great.

  5. Railsea is one of those books that I keep meaning to read but never quite get around to--but I will one day, because it sounds like it would be right up my alley. And, yeah, I've never been able to understand what the big deal with John Green is, either. He's not a bad writer, but his stories just aren't my style at all. I got more than halfway through The Fault in Our Stars before stopping because I realized I just didn't care.

    1. Yesssss you really should read it because no one has but it's honestly so much fun.

  6. Great tag Aimee. I'll have to check out a couple of these books. Btw The Count of Monte Cristo is totally worth a read, I really enjoyed it.


    1. Ahhhh I will! It's my plan for this summer :D

  8. OH MY GOSH THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO IS AMAZING YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT (no promises cause I don't know you personally but still) IT IS FANTASTIC AND DESCRIPTIVE AND BASICALLY PICTURE IF TOLKIEN AND SNICKET DECIDED TO FUSE HALVES OF THEIR BRAINS AND WRITE ABOUT FRANCE IT IS SO AWESOME I JUST ASDFGHJKL!!!! Literally though, this book is the only one I've ever felt close to tears at, so I just think that's really impressive. Like I was really almost crying! I love books that make me feel and this is THE BEST ONE AAAAAA :3

    1. PEOPLE KEEP TELLING ME THIS AND I AM SO EXCITED YUS. *needs to read it immediately*

  9. I need to read the Great Gatsby, finally someone shares my love of Lemony Snicket.

  10. Well. Railsea sounds fantastic. O.o I have never heard of this.

    1. you have now, and you should totally read it. :P

  11. Enjoyed this tag! Your first two answers are ~that emoji with the hands up with halos around them~ Do you know I've actually only read Gatsby twice? Weird I know. I've been craving it recently (along with a gazillion other reread wishes).

    I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Count. Also, I must read Catch 22.

  12. Catch-22 is probably my favorite classic on the shelf! The existentialist viewpoint and the characters just make me love them. Have you seen the movie? Obviously, this is a tricky book to cover everything onscreen, but I watched it and I think it's actually worth watching.

    Also, Gatsby, Unwind, and Unbound are worthy books. *applause*

  13. Thank you for doing the tag! (And sorry I'm late commenting.)

    I really love The Great Gatsby and The Series of Unfortunate Events, and I NEED to read Les Miserables and The Count of Monte Cristo this year. I have them both on my kindle. I need to do the thing. *nods* And a lot of the other books you mentioned I really want to read as well.

    I share your opinion of John Green's books. I think he's smart and I enjoy watching his vlogs, and there are parts of his books that I liked, but they are really pretentious, and even nerdy me did not act that pretentious, so...

    For me, the reason I have so many unread books is that I got a lot of them as gifts, or I bought a bunch of them lightly used (so, for cheap) and haven't gotten around to reading them yet because they all came in bunches. But I don't have too many brand new copies that I haven't read yet, and if I personally buy something, I am far less likely to leave it lying around for ages (unless it's on my kindle, and then I will probably forget I own it for a couple months.) :P

    Thank you again for doing the tag! *runs off to grab the books on Victorian life and murder culture*


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