A Million Things I Haven't Done...

8:20 PM

Yes, yes, I know what you're saying. And I know you know what I'm gonna say.

I have failed at posting for the last few weeks.

okay, i'm mildly sorry. mildly. but whatever.
The truth is, it's been a wild summer. I've been on vacation stuff, and I've been reading and writing, and Camp NaNo happened, and all that kinda stuff went down and it was wild. I've been out of the house more often than in this summer. Which isn't really bad, but...it makes it hard to sit down and blog. Now August is here and life is coming up. School, getting a job, getting my life together finally.

Because of that...I'm going on hiatus this month. 

Official hiatus. Not the unplanned hiatus I've been on for a while now. 
RealityTVGIFs work vacation big ang mob wives
again. another break.
I'll be back when life starts back up again...until then, I'll be scheduling blog posts for that time, trying to get ahead before school hits me, organzing, and otherwise sorting my life out so it's a little less chaotic and a little more bearable. I'll have awesome posts for you guys to make up for it, I swear. also i need an actual official break because anxiety hates blogging, so I guess it's a mental health vacation too?

See you guys in September. (Until then, you can stalk me on Instagram and Pinterest and Goodreads.)
maybe i should re-watch doctor who soon...


  1. I totally got that reference in the title! HAMILTON! I totally understand taking a hiatus. Everyone needs them sometimes. Can't wait for you to get back though!

  2. *sees title* "BUT JUST YOU WAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAIIIT!!"
    I'm going to miss your posts!!! But I hope that you get a well-deserved break:)

  3. Aww, I'm going to miss your posts! But breaks are really awesome too...and you definitely deserve one. Hope your August goes really well :) (MINUS SCHOOL *cries*)

  4. Well, look who isn't dead! I'll really miss your posts, but I totally understand the need for a break. I hope the rest of your Summer is amazing, and that you feel rested and refreshed before school hits. Good luck with everything!
    Nice Hamilton reference, by the way.

  5. "I'm not even sorry" To be honest, that cracked me up. I don't mind that you're taking a break. Everyone needs to rest, right?

  6. And it is a well deserved blogging break. Enjoy it!

  7. I hope you enjoy your hiatus. Mental health breaks are so important, and I salute you. *nods*


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