7 Types of NaNo-ers You'll See This Month

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I just like making these, okay?

NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. The cliffs of insanity. The swirling vortex of terror. Your life. Whatever you want to call it, it's that season, and those 30 days of weeping into your coffee mug have begun. However, not all of us approach NaNo in quite the same way; we tend to splinter off into our own little groups of maniacs sometime before NaNo even starts.

That being said...here are, in my experience, the 7 types of people you'll see during NaNoWriMo.

Oh, look, it's the person who actually knows what they're doing. As much as you can this month, that is. These people have done NaNo for years by now. They're seasoned veterans of the war and yet they keep coming back, year after year, because there's something about the amazingness of NaNo that you just can't shake once you've won a few times. They know better than to question or scream by now -- they embrace the madness head-on when it comes around.

Fear them. They should know better and yet they're still here.
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they try to warn others before we fall into the same trap, but no such luck...because they secretly want us to join in.

These people do not embrace the madness because they do not know the madness. Somehow. I don't know what these people are, but they're out there, and I don't know if they're human. They've been planning and plotting and outlining and cover-designing since the beginning of the summer. Or maybe even since last December. They know what's up, they have their outline prepared, and they know exactly what they're doing, right down to scheduling regular writing time. NaNo is no sweat for them, because unlike us peasants, they actually came prepared.

I do not understand. I really don't. They are of a different world than me.
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I love you and your organization, even though you actually suck b/c you make me feel bad about myself.

These poor people need a nap. They live on coffee. As far as I know, they don't sleep. They'll write two, no, three novels this month, and hate themselves for it, but they just can't stop. Is their life busy? They'll still take on NaNo. Are they in the middle of an actual war? They'll still take on NaNo. They are probably pansting the whole thing. They're doing everything in the spur of the moment, with exactly zero percent chill at all times, and someone should probably send them help and some blankets or something okay. 

I love y'all. Stay strong.
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like my child frank castle you, too, need constant caffeine.
In one sense, NaNo was totally built for pantsers. In another much more real sense, NaNo is very cruel to people who do everything in the spur of the moment. 

No character names? No problem. Actually, slight problem. Actually, big problem. Also, how were you going to start again? What genre is your story? Someone HELP US WE HAVE NO CLUE. We dive in without thinking, assuming it's not going to be fun. 

It is the kind of fun we regret about three days in when we have no plans and no scenes to write. 
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*whispers* help me

 They're takin' NaNo by the reins, y'all.

These are the coolest people ever. They don't know what they're doing for the most part, but they're making it look great. They are the pantsers the rest of us aspire to be. They write fast. They write lots. They're those people who write 10k in one day and leave the rest of you in the dust without really breaking a sweat. Sure, they probably acquire some kind of permanent wrist damage along the way, but you know, #worthit. NaNo is their jam and they are prepared to not know what they're doing. The speediest writers around, basically, and proud of it.
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NaNo looks good on these people. Their Instagrams are coffee shops and laptops and lovely quotes of the thing they're writing. Starbucks is their home this month, or better yet, some indie coffee shop that plays lovely music 24/7. They're there with their laptop stickers, their soothing writing music or huge playlists, their notebooks and pens, and all the tools they need to make NaNo classy instead of a caffeine-fueled scream-fest in the middle of the night. Early morning writing sessions, getting together with other classy writers, you name it. They make us all look better this month. Respect them.
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i make fun of y'all but i actually love you okay

This can be a friend or family member concerned enough to get close, but usually it's those writers who either aren't participating in NaNo this year or don't participate at all.

These people have no idea. These people are equal parts sympathetic and terrified. and maybe a little jealous, come on, you know you are, don't we look like we're having so much fun suffering over here? They have freedom. They should be grateful for that freedom.

Either way, I'm sorry we're scaring you if you belong in this group.
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Whether you're doing NaNo or not this year, if you have anything to do with the writing community, it's gonna be a crazy month.

Stay safe out there.

do you participate in NaNo? are you doing it this year? which one of these crazy people are you?


  1. Hahahahaha
    I am probably a mix of the veteran and panster. This is my fourth time doing nano...so? *shrugs* but I must definitely don't plan anything out. If I do plan anything it is the day before nano. And by planning I mean I write my main characters names down. *cough cough*

    1. Yeah, kind of same...I never really learn, sigh.

  2. Pretty sure I'm both the veteran and *screaming*. :)

  3. I would love to be the Instagram one, but let's be real, I'm mostly spilled cups of tea and never changing out of my sweatpants. XD

  4. Oh, I'm definitely the veteran, because I've done this for nine years now, but every year I plan and plan until I have something perfect and then I ruin it by switching to a totally different novel at the last second. So then I turn into *muffled screaming.* I'm that cruel to myself. xD

    If you know Cait from "Paper Fury," I could see her being a mix of Lafayette (who's amazing, BTW) and The Literal Worst. She finished NaNo in like three days every year. It's insane.

    And I know many, many outsiders who think I'm crazy. They just don't understand. *goes back to drowning sorrows in tea and dead characters*

    1. Yasss Cait is totally the worst, isn't she? *glares at her but like in a loving way*

  5. I'm probably Lafayette.😜😂 WHOOPS. Although I always aim for 20K minimum and I haven't damaged my wrists yet?!??! Like please don't let my jinx it.😂 My sister got wrist problems from just playing the flute and I'm like "PLEASE DON'T LET MY WRISTS TAKE ADVICE FROM HERS". Ahem. But I'm also kind of the Literal Worst because I'm organised?? But also where is the one that is THE WEEPER because that's me 100% too.😭😂

    1. *high fives for fellow Lafayettes* I have so many wrist problems now so I should probably chill on NaNo but no??? IT IS WORST THE SACRIFICE.

  6. I'm a mix of veteran and no chill. Totally disorganised, does actually finally (sorta) know what's going on. I think I was Lafayette one year. One year...I'm just not quite that awesome this time around. Oh to be an awesome overachiever once more! Just a guess, but are you *muffled screaming*? To be honest, that state seems to cover pretty much the whole experience. *nods*

    1. I am *muffled screaming* in everything I do, always.

  7. I don't know. I've never done NaNo before. I'm kind of unofficially participating by dedicating the month to a WIP that I've worked off and on for the last two years and it needs to get finished. I'm just not sure it's 50K more. So I'm just trying to force myself to finish draft 1 by the end of the month. I might officially participate next year...

    1. Yeah, NaNo is kind of crazy...and definitely not for everyone, but it's a wild ride!

  8. I'm the Outsider, haha. I'd love to do it at some point, but I just don't have the time this month. I tend to do a lot of research and outlining before I write anything, and while that can be a good thing, sometimes it becomes a form of advanced procrastination. NaNo might be a good thing to do in order to balance that out a bit. However, I just can't this year. Good luck/have fun/don't die, you crazy people.

  9. I honestly cannot figure out which one I am and this is really bugging me. XD

    1. You are alllll the things. Aren't we all? *sage nodding*

  10. Currently I'm "The Outsider" because I've never done Nano. But I do have another friend who does it and probably totally rocks it because she's amazing lol. But the difference between me and a true "Outsider" is that I don't think ya'll are crazy. I understand exactly why you do it....because if you didn't, you'd never get anything written. Lol. It's a way to push yourself creatively and test your sanity level (totally understandable).

  11. I should be consider a Veteran, I have done NaNoWriMo every year since 2012 and still keep going but I have made new accounts too because I will forget my old ones. I am also a Rebel because I always start a month ahead either with a new book or old book, I always begin in October and still make a decent amount of Word Count. For the most part though I am a big binge coffee drinker and fight to stay awake in participating in this event. I am actually very excited again this year because I have a friend helping me as I go since I visualize and don't plot or any of that. I am just glad to do this once a year :)


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