Do The Thing

7:00 AM

Motivation mostly directed at myself.




Listen to me. Are you listening?

Do the thing. 

Whatever the thing is. Today NaNo is upon us, maybe that's the thing. (That's the thing for me right now.) Maybe it's schoolwork, or job applications, or texting someone back, or catching up on writing in general, or a blog post, or a chore, or music practice, or anything at all, you name it. Something you should be doing. Something you're not doing. Bonus points if it's a creative thing, something you're passionate about, an opportunity to shine and keep on going.

Do the thing.

You don't want to do the thing, but you should anyway.
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if you thought i wouldn't use this gif you are sorely mistaken
As internet people we like to procrastinate, and we like to make putting things off a lifestyle. We like to talk about how much easier it is to be lazy and sit around. And it is easier. It's way easier. But is it better? Is it easier in the long run?

Nope, nope, and nope. Nopeeee. 

(do the thing.) 

Right now there are things we could be doing. Opportunities we could be taking. No one ever got anywhere sitting around and if they did, it wasn't anywhere good. Sometimes you have to get up, take some responsibility, have some discipline, get the thing done. Actively chase what you want, push through the unpleasant necessities, and get it done. Sometimes you have to put the work in, even when you're tired and it's inconvenient. Sometimes you just gotta do it, bruh. 

do the thing. 

There's not a better way to say it. I could spend a lot of time talking about why you should do the thing, or waxing poetic about all the good stuff that happens when you do the thing. But you already know all that. You know what you want to work toward, what you want to achieve, and you need to know that that won't come without effort, even if you don't want to put in that effort in the moment. 

I need this. Badly. I need to remember it when I would rather sit down and do nothing. I'll need it this NaNo season, when I come home from work and I'm exhausted and the last thing I want to do is sit down and type out 2k words in one sitting. maybe more. who knows what i'm up to this month. But we can't get away with that, not if we intend to pull ourselves together and get. crap. done.

Do the thing. That's all there is. Get up, close out Pinterest, remember your goals (do you have goals? you should have goals) and what you want. You can get it. 

You just have to do the thing. I believe in you. 

Do ittttt.

This video says everything so much better than my words ever could. Stay strong and go do the things, majestic peeps. Do ALLLLLL the things.


  1. This is honestly the most effective motivational thing I've seen in a while. Thanks for the lovely post! Once again, good luck with NaNo.



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