thankful // a list for 2016

7:00 AM

We've made it to my personal favorite holiday, what I like to call Pie Day.

Thanksgiving is...well, a time to be thankful. Also a time to eat delicious food. You're going to see and have probably already seen approximately one million posts on things people are thankful for this week. I'm going to add to that. Because I can. And really, how often do we sit down and take the time to be thankful for things?

So here, in no particular order: a list of things Aimee Meester is grateful for this year.
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sherlock always has the best and most appropriate gifs.
The internet. I wouldn't be here without it. I also wouldn't have discovered Pinterest, or Twitter, or Marvel's Daredevil, or been able to meet most of my incredible frens. I wouldn't have gone to a writing conference and met internet frens there. I wouldn't be connected with wonderful peeps all over the globe, and my writing would be so very different. It's not the most important thing in my life, but I owe it a lot of things.

Mah family. "But that's cliche, Aimee," you say. "Everyone says they're grateful for their family." To which I respond -- I. Don't. Care. Other peoples' families probably don't talk about Captain America: Civil War and how it relates to logic and politics, or scream about Star Trek, or give each other "points" for using big words. They're my ridiculous nerdy family and I love them.

Marvel. For being Marvel. For giving me Steve Rogers and Tony Stark and Matt Murdock and Frank Castle and all my other superhero faves.
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my hero.
Neal Shusterman. Again. Forever and always. (As I'm writing this it is the day SCYTHE comes out so congrats, Mr. Shusterman. I can't wait to let you rip out my heart once again and have this masterpiece in my hands.) I've learned so much about writing from this dude. I've learned about writing, and emotions, and hope, and myself, and I've felt too many things over his excellently-crafted stories. He makes storytelling an absolute art and it's breathtaking.

FRENS. Seriously FRENS. They watch Falling Skies with me. They watch Daredevil AND Luke Cage AND Jessica Jones AND Firefly AND Stranger Things AND everything else and scream with me and talk about stories with me and share my emotions and laugh with me and cry with me and listen to me and I owe them a lot for that. I love every single one of y'all. You make me so happy, every single day, and I don't deserve you. (Seriously, why are you hanging out with me.)

The beach. My favorite place on earth. My gosh. I'm still not entirely convinced that it's real. 

NaNoWriMo. Even though it's slaughtering me right now. 

Music. Switchfoot. Twenty One Pilots. Bastille. Sia, a new fave. I've been drowning in good music this year (and yes, many musicals, too) and they've meant a lot. 

My Lord and Savior. The biggest thank-you said for last. It's been a lighter year than last year. There's been darkness, and I didn't get through it on my own. I'm not getting through it on my own. Little by little I'm starting to let my broken bits and pieces fall into God's hands and that's made all the difference in 2016. I'm stubborn, but he's good and loving and little by little, I'm learning to get places and follow him. 

Eat lots of pie and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my American frens. (If you're not American, you can still be grateful. It's always a good day for that.)

what are you thankful for this year? tell me allll the positive things.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Aimee!! I'm thankful for lots of things, but the top ones are:
    1. Jesus!
    2. Hope.
    3. Music (it's basically songs of emotions. Just sayin')
    4. My family!
    5. Me fwiends!
    6. My bed. Nuff said. XD
    7. DANNY GOKEY!!!!!!!! My hero.....
    8. Meadows. Just because I love thinking about them....
    9. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

    1. What a great list! Those are all excellent things to be thankful for. *nodnod*

    2. Thanks! I like your list too, especially Jesus, friends, and the Internet!

  2. YESS to these! Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays out there. I'm thankful for how far God has brought me in my spiritual life, because even when my life feels like it's meaningless or broken, He's always there to mend it and give me hope. AAAAH.
    Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving, Aimee!

    1. I love it so much...thankfulness and pie. What could be better?

  3. Happy late Thanksgiving, friend!
    I'm thankful for a lot of things this year.
    1. My friends. They're the coolest. Life would be pretty sad without them.
    2. My family (duh). Whether it's debating Marvel and Doctor Who storylines over dinner, seeing Star Wars for the 4th time in a month at mom and dad's insistence, or talking to my sis about faith, fandoms, and life, I love them. They drive me crazy, but I love them.
    3. Pets. Just...pets. My pets, my friends' pets, whatever.
    4. Books that make me laugh and cry and feel.
    5. Snow, even though we've only had about three flurries so far.
    6. Music I've come across and loved.
    7. Christ's love and the hope that it brings, because I don't know where I'd be or if I'd even be around without it.
    8. Coffee, without which I would be failing all of my classes.
    So yeah. I hope your Thanksgiving was absolutely lovely!

    1. I AGREE WITH ALLLL THE THINGS. Especially family. Family is the best.

  4. HAPPY BELATED PIE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so thankful for all of those things that you talked about. I'm also thankful for books and stories and theatre and cats and so many other things that I can't even name them all.

  5. Love this! God is so good, and the internet is awesome, and Captain America and Marvel and families that celebrate those things with you are the best <3



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