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The first wrap-up of the year. Let's do this.

Well, y'all, we made it. The first month of 2017 is over and behind us. Take a deep breath, step away from the screen, get a flamethrower and attack all the snow, take a moment to figure out how this month has gone for you. It's been a crazy one in general, hasn't it? A lot of things going down. A lot of stress, if you're like me.

But we made it and we're still here so that's cool too.
because #inspiration and i just really like this for some reason. // source

It's been a weird month. The weather is gross, the sky is grey, lots of change and new things both good and bad and things shifting and plans for the future and motivation and work and procrastination all at once. I didn't launch straight into being an ultra-productive hustler who makes the most of every moment, and I made a lot of mistakes and freaked out a lot and made a lot of messes, but...I don't loathe myself for it. I'm figuring things out. I'm playing around. Little by little, I'm putting things together and figuring out what works for me and how I'm going to go about things. I have lots of plans and I'm working to make them a reality. 

I'm scared and messy and not always successful and I guess that's okay. I can only go up from here. probably. don't test me on that.

I THINK I DID PRETTY OKAY. I only missed a post or two, which is a miracle because this was a crazy month, and I think I'm getting closer to blogging about the things I want to blog about and finding what I'm trying to say. I'm finding my own little niche and exploring different blogs and having fun, at least. Allll the things. 

I talked about my plans for this upcoming year. So many things. So many ideas. *collapses*

I presented you losers with a foolproof guide to being as productive as me. Completely foolproof and healthy, I promise you.

Katie Grace guest posted! She is one of my bestest frens and an amazing creative human, so it was a delight to have her. especially since we wrote our guest posts the night before they went out and did it in a caffeine-fueled haze. shhh. 

Blogging is hard and I feel like I'm always changing things up on you but we'll get there, I promise. I'm figuring it out. Sorta. In the meantime...some of my bloggy frens have figured it out already, so here are some favorites/new discoveries/inspiring things/nice blogs:

I've also been continuing my weekly blogging on Youer Than You, and I have to say, I'm enjoying that quite a lot. They seem to tolerate posting my many words, so that's good at least. If you've ever wanted more of a lifestyle type post from me, you should check out the site. It's a great thing and sometimes I talk about how to study like a real person. Win-win.

15 new books this month! Again, a miracle.
It was a strange mix this month. I loathed some. I really enjoyed others. Huh. 

Some -- Beauty Queens, These Shallow Graves, Storm Siren -- I couldn't get through. I just...didn't care, so I stopped. *shrugs* Others -- True Allegiance, Metaltown, Stalking Jack the Ripper -- were decent, but didn't grip me, which is always sad. HEARTLESS IS NOT A NAME FOR ME AFTER READING THAT BOOK BECAUSE MY CHEST HURT VERY MUCH AND I ADORED IT. (Marissa Meyer slays every time, I swear.) My Lady Jane made me laugh and smile and filled my heart with joy that my morbid self didn't even mind. Vassa in the Night was weird and incredible and I don't even know.

Obviously, I've been re-reading Lemony Snicket for the first time in years. I did some in preparation for the Netflix show (more on that beauty later) and wrote all up in my copies, of which I now own a complete hardcore set. Be jealous. Snicket deserves his own post because I have so many feelings, so be looking out for that. A Series of Unfortunate Events impacts me way too much.

So. Many. Weird. Books. (both good and bad.)

There's actually...not much to say on this front? This was a month of figuring things out and discovering what I want to do, the stories I want to pursue, and consuming all the inspiration and media I possibly can so I can pour it into my own stories.


I finished read-throughs of Pariah. #mychild

I printed it out and put it in a glorious binder and wrote in it and crossed things out and had a glorious time scribbling in it and falling in love with my steampunk baby all over again, and...some of it sucks. But most of it doesn't, this draft, which is a weird feeling. Slowly but surely it's becoming the story I never knew it could be, and it's growing, and I'm perfectly happy to go along with that. Something tells me this upcoming draft will be an important and final-for-now sort of one, one that could lead to pursuing allll the interesting next steps, so there's that.

But shhh. More on that later. Needless to say, lots of Pariah work as always. I'll get there. Other than that, I've been entertaining all the story ideas -- an upsetting faceswapping dystopia and a dieselpunk magical WWI sort of story in particular -- and brainstorming how to get back at Havard in full force without being stumped and going about it all wrong. (On that front I think I'm working that out, so it'll be back in full force in February.

Podcast things are happening too. Be on the lookout for that.

i'm suffering, send help.

Falling Skies with the Katie Fren! Will never be over my cheesy alien apocalypse show about humanity. It makes me cry and I want to share it with everyone because true frenship is exposing your fren to eye-bugs and alien surgeries and stressful apocalypse moments, obviously. never be friends with me.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Again, I'm planning a blog post specifically for this, but needless to say I devoured all of it in a week and it was everything I've ever wanted. So lovely. So morbid, a word which here means, "perfectly suited to Aimee's fiction needs and preferences."

X-Files slowly but surely. I have fallen in love with my fluffy FBI agent children. Send help immediately, except don't, because I am a sucker for aliens. 


Bones, my favorite crime show of all the crime shows, has returned for its last season and I am enjoying all the feelings and all the shenanigans of gore and skeletons and my science nerd faves.

To so much nonsense. 


What even is life at this point. 

School is a thing that's happening. Or, should be happening more than it actually is. Still learning how to balance a schedule. #homeschoolproblems 

Work is definitely happening. So much work. Gotta earn that dough to support my artistic career, I guess. 

I went to the art museum this month! (This past weekend, actually.) It was lovely and I am too enthusiastic about modern art, I'm sorry. that's an upcoming post too but shhhh you didn't hear it here. 

Working on podcast things. It's very scary, because this is a legit thing I want to produce and I want to produce well, so I'm actually going to have to pull people into this and make it happen. IT WILL HAPPEN. I just have to get over things. 

I painted my room! It's now blue and beautiful and possibly was not worth the agony that is painting. But here we are and now I can have posters again.

It's been a rough month, honestly. Balancing things, mental health (sigh), all that good stuff. But I'm still here, and at the same time, it's been a great month, so that's confusing. I've gotten lots of things done and broken down and been caught in a whirlwind of what even but hey, that's just life. I'll take it a day at a time or sometimes a minute at a time, thanks. We got this. Probably. 

Podcast things. Two whole episodes are now finished and it's a February priority, so...mwhaha. 

Y'all will hear more about Havard! My lovely Scandinavian dystopia/sci-fi/what-even child that I'm figuring out piece by piece. 

PERHAPS I will post some of my actual fiction writing online for peeps to read. Perhaps. If you're lucky. You might get to experience some soon. Keep an eye out. Or don't. It's really up to you.

More productivity. More self-care. Can the two coexist or will one kill the other? We'll find out.

We'll find out lots of things in the month to come. But whatever happens, we'll keep on going on. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE FRENS LET'S GO SEEK IT.

Aimee out. 

what did you do this month? do you have any show recommendations for me now that i have netflix and can drown my sorrows in shows? how much do you hate snow? hit me up with all the details.


  1. Tomorrow = February and February = Havard so I'M EXCITED FOR TOMORROW
    (also I'm very proud of you for getting through this month because I know it was tough, but you were wonderful and survived. *chocolate*)

    POST MY JANUARY WRAP-UP!! *screams and collapses* So thanks for reminding me about that, Aimee! 😜 Lots of stuff is happening in this crazy world of life-ing, so I'll go ahead and end this comment so I'm not late for my life lol!!! Good post!

    1. Also, that "You ever have so much to do that you just take a nap?" gif is life! It's so stinkin' true!!! That is my new favorite gif and I must have it!

  3. It's been a weird month. My friend had a heart transplant last week, so I've been awkwardly stranded at my other friends' house for a long, long time. Their cat is standing on my keyboard as I speak.
    YOU FINALLY LISTENED TO IN THE HEIGHTS. YES. Oh yeah, and Sleeping at Last is one of my favorite bands. They have such a unique, contemplative style.
    I need to re-read A Series of Unfortunate Events before I watch the series, but I'm seriously so excited.
    I've been reading The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon). It falls into a lot of overused fantasy archetypes, sure, but DRAGONS.
    Anyway, I'm glad you survived the universal insanity of January. May your February be even better!

  4. Ah. Series of Unfortunate Events has been sooooo good. BUT WE HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR FOR SEASON 2 UGH.

    hannah (furious ever afters)

  5. YEAHH you go, aimee. I am looking forward to more pain of falling skies this month. bring it on. xD

  6. I think you just slayed January XD I'm sitting here scowling at my unfinished sequel and WOW. How do you read and watch and write so much in one month?!?!? #thatsawesome

    *flails over gifs* (because I really have a problem with your gifs for some reason) ;-)

    audrey caylin

  7. I absolutely adore your posts over at Youer than You. A lot of times I don't end up commenting but I always read them and love them to pieces. Yours are my favorite (shhhh don't tell).

    That's so exciting about Pariah!!!! I am so curious about this masterpiece it's not even funny.

    I really want to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events! My friend recommended it to me, saying it fit my bizarre sense of humor. XD Not sure how to take that, but I'm very interested to watch it.


    I hope you have an amazing February! Forever in awe of your productivity XD

  8. I love snow. I will take all the snow you don't want off your hands and build something awesome with it. Like a snow castle.

    Also, it sounds like you've done heaps in the past month. Here's a cookie.

    1. Yes! Or we could build an army of snowmen and form our own country.

    2. Yessss!!!! But they have to be like the Olaf babies from Frozen Fever! 😂 Lol! And we also need a snow giant named Marshmellow.

  9. YES. Post ALL the writing. Pleaseee. Where's the Homer Simpson "Shut up and take my money!" GIF when I need it?
    I am excited you are listening to Bastille? How do you like it? Have you seen any of their music videos? They are probably the weirdest ever and that's saying a lot cause most music videos are super weird.
    I too, hate the snow, particularly today cause I was going to go dress shopping but had to stay home and be bored instead because of awful road conditions. Sigh. Canada.
    Tell me the secrets of reading 15 books, writing and editing and having the internet and Netflix at your disposal?? What is this witchcraft?
    (Also, don't know if you've seen it or not, but Stranger Things is a great, great show - highly recommended.)

  10. I'm so glad I found your blog in January!! It was a super crazy month, but overall pretty good. =)


  11. 15 books? You are awesome.

    I missed some posts myself but I do try to... try.

  12. The truth is, I live in a desert land where there is no snow.

    Okay, it's not a desert, but there's still no snow. I want snow. *all the Northerners laugh in the distance*

    Also eep podcast thing I'm REALLY looking forward to that -- I love the way technology is evolving so there's so many new ways of telling stories.

    Also I want Netflix. D= Maybe summer come and I'll get the free trial and binge-watch everything I'm missing out on.

    1. It almost never snows where I live either - I don't think you're crazy for wanting snow.

    2. Ya'll aren't crazy. But just be careful, I mean Anna wanted snow too and she ended up getting a random blonde hair streak because her (totally awesome and possibly insane) sister struck her with an ice blast. Lol!

  13. Ach, Falling Skies! I'm normally not one for alien invasion stories, but I did like that one. (The first couple seasons were more my cup of tea than the later ones, but *shrugs*, it was still good.)


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