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Hello, it is I, your friendly neighborhood writer of super-soldiers and experiments and war and upsettingness.

The people have asked (I'm assuming, at least) for Havard snippets. Today, I'll give you Havard snippets. Because I'm awesome like that.

"What is Havard about, Aimee?" 

To be honest, I don't know. I also haven't talked about this one very much, because I get caught up in all things Pariah...but I'm diving back into this particular story of mine, and remembering how much I love it. So. A brief elevator pitch, for your convenience and some context going forward:
The war between Norway and Sweden has been raging for decades. But when a series of violent bombings abruptly ends that war, Havard Madsen finds himself in a position he never anticipated -- a picture of a young soldier wounded in the bombings becomes the face of a losing side not yet ready to give up, and for Havard, the face in that picture just so happens to be the same face he sees in the mirror. It's difficult to survive forced heroism and a series of soldier-enhancing underground experiments when your own mind is the thing making it hard to breathe, leaving Havard a failed experiment hidden away in a hospital room with only an empathetic nurse and his recovering cousin for company. 

Until they decide to escape, of course.

MOVING ON from the awful synopsis that I made up on the spot: This is a story that I'm a little bit obsessed with. There's lots of stabbi-ness and guns and fast cars and, of course, a good heaping spoonful of friendship and family relationships and mental illness and all that good stuff. It's helped me process a lot of emotions and there's a good bit of Aimee poured into this one, tbh. At the moment it's standing at almost 15k, still the beginning, so...hopefully these aren't repetitive. (if they are you can deal with it and enjoy the pain like everyone else.)

So much fun. 


Havard, my poor short child
*more dramatic music here*

in which i blow up all the things and it's very distressing for everyone involved

again, my poor child. i too hate hospitals.

lol screw your properly formatted sentences give me all the run-ons 

This is all very cheerful, as you can imagine. 

*forced laughter*

Of course, if you want more snippets, I throw them at you on my Twitter. I throw lots of things at you on Twitter. It's a bad habit of mine. I'll be talking endlessly about Havard both there and on the blog, I'm sure, as I get further into it and feel all the feels. I'm sure you can't wait for that. 

always a good idea to end stuff with an awkward scott lang gif.


  1. Do I get first comment? I do!! Sweetness.
    This looks so amazing, Aimee! Will you please please please write faster so I can read it soon???

    Where do you come up with all your marvelous ideas? Gah.

  2. Oh my goodness Aimee, this looks amazing. I'm absolutely in love with your writing style.

  3. wow. so I've been reading your blog pretty regularly for a while but I somehow haven't commented very much! o.o I've heard a bit about Harvard from your posts so I was excited to read these snippets! YIKES this story sounds so incredible. so intense and heartbreaking, and the whole concept is very cool. I love your run on sentences and the way you space out some words, I love doing that with writing. and that's great that he is short, one of my MCs is very short too ;P I would love to read the whole thing someday!! keep on writing this amazingness!!

  4. Love. It.
    I love your voice, Aimee! And I reallllyyyyy want to read the whole story and get to know Havard, that precious child. Keep working on your art. It's the real deal.


    *flails like a mad octopus* I JUST CAN'T. This was so incredible and OH GOOD GRACIOUS I need this thing. JUST GIVE US ALL OF IT WHO CARES HOW MESSY IT IS. *takes a deep breath and begs*

    Yup rant over. BUT YOUR WORDS ARE MAGIC, just saying. It's so unfair that certain special people (aka YOU) can write like this xD. THIS NEEDS TO BE A PUBLISHED THING. I NEED THIS THING.

    *goes off into a corner to cry for the poor Harvard-child, whom I am already attached to* Thanks for sharing the story-words, Aimee ;).

    ~ Savannah

    1. OH GOOD GRAVY - *finds an embarrassing typo* HAVARD, not Harvard, good gracious xD.

      ~ Savannah

  6. holy cow this is so different from the first draft and i love it so much.

  7. oh my gosh aimee it's like being inside bucky's head what is this.

    And also, I don't think your synopsis is bad. I'm intrigued now because you end on a note of positivity (supposed positivity... or I hope so... please don't hurt him too badly o__o) at the possibility of escape.



  8. GIRL.

    These are so painful and REAL and epic and I AM IN LOVE. Like, just from this I already love and sympathize so much with little Havard. o.o AND YOUR VOICE. It's so unique and amazing. Yes! Just...YES.

  9. Thank you. Now I have a longing desire to read this thing and the feels and the blog posts and the Twitter snippets are simply going to make it worse. :D It is historical fiction, yes? Ah, one of my favorites. Your prose is amazing. Run on sentences, yes, but that's just grammar. It's all so poetic and beautiful, full of sensory description and powerful details and oh! i can just see it all. <3 Keep up the good work, my beautiful blue-haired friend. :D

    1. *whispers* i know i'm not Aimee but i read the first draft and unless the book has drastically changed, it takes place in the near(ish) future

  10. Love love looooove!


  11. EEESH I WANT TO READ THIS OMGNS It's so so beautiful!

    (also can I say that I thought your book was called Harvard for the longest time? :P #toomuchcollegesearches #eventhoughIamdefinitelynotgoingtoharvard)

  12. Dude, I'm so excited about this story. Those snippets were beautiful. I feel like stream of consciousness is a style that's often abused, but you've really mastered it. The little I've seen of this story is so painfully beautiful, and it has a super unique poetic style. AAAAH, it's so cool.


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