a month of new music // days 16-30

7:00 AM

Musicccc! Yayyyy!

If you're just coming into this, you should probably read this post first. The long story short of it: I decided that for the month of April I would listen to one new album every day, one I'd never heard before.

I actually stuck to it all the way through. I still don't know how. I do, however, know that I came out the other side with 30 new albums and some new musical interests/favorites to show for it, so I consider that a huge win. So, as you do...I'm going to recap the albums I heard because YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ALL OF THEM.

it's always the appropriate time for a jefferson dance
16. Hymns (Anthem Lights)

For Easter! I haven't listened to a proper worship/hymn album in way too long (something I need to fix) and this really got me in the right mindset that afternoon. It was nice to sit outside and reflect on Easter with this on in the background. A+ very soothing. 

17. This Is Our Science (Astronautalis)

A THING I HAVE TO LISTEN TO AGAIN. I've always been fascinated with the potential in rap, and I've always felt like it would be a favorite genre if most of it wasn't absolute trash. This exceeded ALL EXPECTATIONS. (I first heard one of his songs in a Night Vale episode and I've been curious ever since.) Deep, thoughtful, meaningful, and ohmygosh I'm in love with his voice. Definitely need to listen again and think about it more intensely. 

18. The Hazards of Love (The Decemberists)

??? ??? ??? I'm not sure what I just listened to, other than the fact that it's beautiful and story-inspiring and dark and weird. It makes me want to write all the dark fantasy. *evil villain chuckle* 

19. You Can't Kill Us (Icon For Hire) 

Icon. For. Hire.

So...I might have cried a little bit during this one. It's so rare to find anything that addresses mental illness and all the complex anger and hurt that comes along with it in a way that's honest and hopeful at the same time, in a way that doesn't try to have all the answers, that just sits with you and shouts and screams with you and gets it all out. It feels like a therapy session and I love it. I love it all. 

20. A/B (Kaleo)

Such. An interesting. Sound. I wasn't paying much attention when I listened to this one, so I'd love to hear it again, because his voice gives me chills and I was picking up some serious story vibes. #plotbunnieseverywhere

21. Native (OneRepublic)

A bit of a cheat because technically I've heard a bunch of OneRepublic songs before, but I've never heard this album other than like two or three songs, so I finally just did it. 

OneRepublic is as mainstream as it gets. I will still cry over every OneRepublic song I hear. WHAT JAMS. 

22. Ascension (NinjaTracks) 
Yayyyy for sci-fi soundtrack-y music! Yayyyy for writing inspiration! Fun times for all! 

23. Ocean by Ocean (The Boxer Rebellion) 

I...don't have much of an opinion on this one? It was okay. *shrug*

24. Revolution Radio (Green Day)

The real question is, why has Aimee never heard a Green Day album before? BECAUSE GREEN DAY IS AIMEE'S PUNK ROCK AESTHETIC minus the sin because i'm a good person

25. Hozier (Hozier)

Homeboy has some questionable morals but also the voice of a Greek god so I can forgive him for it because dang. 

26. Other Rivers (Matthew and the Atlas)
Pretty, but...kinda unremarkable to me.

27. Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! (Panic! at the Disco)

if you love me let me GOOOOooooOOOOOooOOOO 

(I decidedly am not a fan but Brendon Urie's hair is nice so there's that)

28. Limbs and Branches (Jon Foreman) 

For someone who's heard every Switchfoot thing in the history of ever... I've never heard Jon Foreman's solo work before. 

Again, I cried. Jon Foreman is actual goals and everything I love and I am never going to recover from the miracle that is his voice and faith and words.

29. Habits (Neon Trees)

Neon Trees is a JAM every time even through the angst. 12/10 would recommend if you like songs that feel, in fact, neon.

30. Coming Down the Mountain (Mipso)

Soothing folk tunes! Interesting lyrics! Pretty guitar! <3 <3 <3 

There's not much else to say, is there? I learned a lot. I found new music. I made myself branch out and try all genres, all sounds, things I wouldn't have heard otherwise. And now I'm motivated to find allll the new music and keep expanding. 

Basically: it's a win. 


  1. There's a lot of variety here which is awesome. I should definately listen to ALL OF THEM. I adore The Boxer Rebellion and One Republic. Have you ever heard of Wickerbird? I've been listening to that NON-STOP.

    1. I have not! Clearly I need to look into it, since I'm still on a new-music kick.

  2. Icon For Hire, yaassss!! 110% would recommend checking out their other two albums. and ok I have to listen to that Jon Foreman album now. I only recently became obsessed with Switchfoot and upon discovering he's got his own stuff too I'm so overwhelmed like there's so much Switchfoot and now all this?! where to start?! lol. I have only heard his Spring EP so far and that was very good. and...his album covers. soooo prettyyy. also I am glad to find someone else who is into the like 'punk rock music culture' who isn't a big fan of P!ATD. I love This is Gospel, but otherwise not so much

    1. JON FOREMAN JON FOREMAN JON FOREMAN. I love Jon Foreman more than any other musician, probably. I would start with the one I listened to? It's so so so good and soothing and makes me cry. I'm seeing Switchfoot this summer and I can. not. wait.

  3. I love Anthem Lights! :D They're fantastic!

    I was excited to see you tried The Hazards of Love. And your reaction totally made me laugh. Yeah, it's definitely...something. But every time I listen to it, it makes me want to go write alllll the fantasy things!

    I just love how you listened to an entire album every single day. That is goals right there! And it's SUCH a good idea! Glad you found some new music to listen to! ^_^

    1. I don't even know how to react to it...I just know I liked it :P

  4. Yay, more recommendations! I'll have to listen to a few of these. Also, Green Day is the greatest.

    1. Had to return to say that I'm listening to that Icon for Hire album and hOLY CRAP, IT'S GOOD.

  5. I'm still sad that you don't like P!ATD but Icon For Hire is lovely. I still haven't listened to You Can't Kill Us but their first two albums are wonderful and maybe something you would like.

  6. Aggggghhhhh this continues to make me so happy!!! I have a ton of more albums to listen to now, and I'm so happy you listened to Hozier and Kaleo! I heard Kaleo in concert and imma say his voice is proof of God.

    1. Oooh I would *love* to hear them in concert, man.

  7. Agdfksajdlhfkjasdfh THIS IS JUST THE COOLEST THING EVER. You are a cool fren o.o I've fallen in love with the Interstellar soundtrack from your first post. A lot of the songs fit the mood of my WIP really well :D


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