hi, i'm aimee // a brief introduction to the human disaster

oh look it's my face.

I could give you my life story, but that would probably be boring. I could give you the abbreviated version, but I don't know how to write short things, so that would backfire too, unless you feel like hearing about sixteen and a half years of bad puns and strangeness. 

Here are a few words: 

- Christian 
- vaguely punk-rock 
- conservative (and ready to fight you) 
- absolute total geek 
- not even kidding man don't get Star Wars anywhere near me 
- writer of words that sometimes form themselves into stories (I can't promise you they're good words most of the time, but take that as you will.) 
- writer, also, of weird genres (I like my steampunk and my space opera and my glorious mashups.)
- fan of blue hair (and purple hair. and red hair. and orange hair. and cool hair in general.) 
- blunt and way too practical (MBTI, you say? ESTP.)

There are lots of other words, but...I'm sure you'll catch on if you keep reading the blog. I'm not very poetical, but I'm great at sharing my opinions.