Flash Fiction Friday

2:24 PM


Ahem, sorry. But I'm super excited - you've probably picked that up by now, but NaNo is my favorite month of the entire year. And this year, since I've got a blog, I get to post about it! I'll be regularly updating my status on it on Twitter. More excitingly, I'll also be writing an extra post each Saturday this month, updating you guys on my progress so far, inviting you to share how far you've gotten, and giving a little mini pep-talk for the upcoming week (mostly to myself). If you're doing it this year, do friend me on the NaNoWriMo site! You can take a look at my NaNo project for this year here, or by clicking on the 'Current Projects' tab above. (I have fancy tabs now. It's very cool.)

But anyway, here's today's flash fiction. A bit creepy, of course.


They'll get in soon. It's only a matter of minutes. 

Hands pressed against the glass. Pounding, cracking, soon shattering. I can hear my breath echoing loud in the empty room. 

I'm the only one left. 

And they're coming for me. 


    how did you do the tabs? hahaha

    But seriously, I don't know how.

    Great flash fiction by the way. A lot of scary in very few words.

    1. Haha, it took me forever, and I don't remember exactly how I got them all formatted...they're pages in Blogger, as opposed to posts, and you can google how to format it all and such. that's what I did. It's all gibberish to me :-)

  2. Wonderful flash fiction. You can definitely feel the fear and terror in those few words alone.
    I also wanted to say that I really like your blog. You are very insightful, and I enjoy the tips, strategies, and of course fictions you share. Keep up the good work. c:

  3. Yes. Yes that is totally freaky. AH ZOMBIES. x)

    This is my first time doing NaNo and I'm really excited! It's just cool to be writing a book where everyone else is writing one too!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Thanks for reading it! And welcome to NaNo! I agree, it's definitely super exciting.

  4. Sirius-ly, I have to try this Flash Fiction!!!


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