The 5 Types of Stories That You Totally Need to Keep Writing

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   I meant to write this post yesterday, but that fell through. From now on, though, I will try to have a writing-related post up every Tuesday, hopefully! So here you are.

One day I'll get through an entire post without using a GIF. One day. 
There are lots of overused concepts in the world of books. No doubt you've rolled your eyes at some of them: "Oh, not this again." With just so many stories out there, it's hard to be original and find ideas that stand out from the others. That being said, here's a list of concepts you should totally keep writing in your quest for originality, because we simply don't see enough of them:

1. Vampires/Supernatural  

Obviously there aren't enough books about vampires, so keep on turning those out, because I just can't get enough of the whole stupid-human-girl-falls-in-love-with-insanely-attractive-bloodsucking-immortal-who's-probably-a-creep thing. Bonus points if there are also werewolves. I NEED MY SUPERNATURAL LOVE TRIANGLES OKAY.

I promise, it's not creepy that this girl is attracted to this thing that could and probably at some point wants to kill her.

At all.

2. Boarding Schools (or schools in general) For Kids With Powers 

Because what else would you do with the child bestowed with magical powers/abilities/potential? Heaven forbid they should be allowed to figure out their powers and this new supernatural world they're thrown into themselves. The best and most original way to show this is to have the kind mentor show up and take them to this wonderful school.

Also, make sure you make them unusually powerful or talented, secretly, but they have to be clumsy and awkward in real life at least at first because magical prodigies must be friendless and immensely disliked/bullied at the school for no reason. The bonus points here are for giving them some kind of prophecy or destiny. No one will ever, ever see any of this coming.

Also, supportive parents who fully accept this magical world or were not secretly the best in said magical world before they gave it up and now hate it are totally lame. Avoid this at all costs if you want to be cool. 

Which brings me (sort of) into the next item on the list,

3. Orphans

Like I said before, supportive and kind parents are so. lame. Besides, this is a clever way to, you know, not have to deal with the parents interfering during the story, like they would in real life. And how tragic is it if the character doesn't have parents?

It'll be a total shocker.


Now this sort of fits in with the whole magical powers thing, but I thought it deserved a special place of its own. I mean, how else could you expect a character to make a decision to do the right thing if they weren't specifically the only one who can save the land despite being a ridiculously unqualified minor, etc.?

DO NOT let the character become great of their own accord. Destinies and prophecies are, like, the coolest, and give you an excuse to write rhymes. Just do that instead.

And finally...

5. Love Triangles 

Dear YA writers,

Give me ALL the love triangles. ALL OF THEM. IN EVERY SINGLE BOOK. No, it's not unnecessary at all.

Oh, and one of the guys should be a brooding, talented jerk. Our lovely strong female protagonist must choose the jerk 90% of the time. No one will ever see that one coming, trust me, because you won't make it obvious who she's going to choose the whole time at all. Oh, and they have to hate it each other at first, because it's just the sweetest when she slowly comes to appreciate said jerk who treated her so awfully at first. The love interests shouldn't get along in the beginning, ever.

And he must be attractive.

Insanely attractive. Spend paragraphs talking about his attractiveness and remind me of it every other page, because how else can you expect me to remember he has blue/green/unnaturally vivid and alluring eyes? Bonus points if you talk about his attractiveness combined with how much of a jerk he is.


Now, that's not to say that any of those stereotypes are bad all the time, or can't ever be used anymore. There are certainly books that I like that follow some of those concepts and it doesn't usually take away from the quality of the story for me. But there are some formulas that are very much overdone and lacking in originality, and if we can't find a fresh way to twist it we probably shouldn't write any more of them. This also isn't a complete list of story stereotypes, just the first ones that came to my mind. If there are any you can think of, feel free to mention them in a comment! I'm sure everyone has different stereotypes that bother them as much as these 5 bother me.

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  1. This is the greatest thing ever it's so true xD

  2. I love this. It's very, very true. xD

  3. AMEN to that last one.

    I'd much rather have a heroine who acknowledges the attractiveness, but finds other attributes MUCH more attractive than his features. Give me a heroine who's respectable, not just boy crazy and "oh look I saved the universe while I kissed a cute guy!"

    Ahem. Soap box.
    I'm stepping off.

    XD great post, by the way.

    1. I agree! It's definitely not the acknowledging his attractiveness that I mind as much as it is that being the main thing the heroine notices, like you pointed out. :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this post. Love triangles are SO. ANNOYING. Please. Just. . .get rid of all of them.
    I am, ehem, guilty of the orphan thing. . .ehem ehem. Very convenient way of giving the protagonist freedom. . .oh well.

    1. Thank you! And I'll confess, I'm guilty of the orphan thing several times over. I just see it so often it seemed worth mentioning.

  5. Omg I love the first one!


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