Flash Fiction Friday: Wings

12:37 PM

"They said giving me wings was impossible, so I had them ink them on instead."

They gave me one wish. Half-joking, I wished for wings so that I could touch the sky myself instead of through just aircraft,  but in the middle of the joke I realized how badly I actually wanted that. 

They told me wings were impossible, that humans cannot fly. 

I told them to ink wings on instead and give me something to strive for. 

I'll do it one day. 

Just watch. 


  1. This piece of flash fiction is awesome! It makes me want to read more of the story and see more of the character.

    1. Thank you! I'd like to see more of this character, haha. He just sort of...popped up as I was writing and I think I'm going to write more with him sometime.

  2. Nice! This story could go in so many different directions. It could be the start of a fantasy, the start of a dark comedy, or the start of a psychological thriller.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I was seeing it as a psychological thriller myself xD Glad you liked it!


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