In Which I Have Been Nominated For Blog Awards!

11:24 AM

So, it would appear that I've been nominated for not one, but two blog awards! (I'm new to the whole concept, so I'll struggle through this as best I can.) I've been nominated by the lovely Rachel Day @ Rachel H. Day, whose blog I've just discovered. So thanks so much for that!

I don't even watch this show. But whatever. 
On to the tags!


The Rules:
♥ Thank the person who nominated you.
♥ Leave a link to their page.
♥ Give a brief story about how you started blogging, and share some tips.
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers
♥ Notify your nominees by email or comment for how I started blogging, well, I guess it just sort of...happened? I'd been interested in it for a while, and as I started to get more and more serious about my writing and saw that having a blog was advisable for writers, I went ahead and made one. Scared to death. With no idea what I was going to blog about that might be even remotely interesting. So yeah. I certainly didn't expect to have as many people read and comment as they already have - seriously, I love you guys. You all rock.
Tips? Well, it's only been a few months, like I said, but here's some things I've learned:

1. Have a schedule, and post regularly. Really. If I hadn't given myself some kind of schedule for posts (that's writing posts on Tuesdays, flash fiction on Fridays, and a few posts in between) I wouldn't have the guts to write posts at all. It's a great way to keep yourself accountable.
2. Find other blogs and comment and interact with those bloggers. This is a great way to find inspiration for your own blog and make new friends! (it also gets you more readers. Just saying.)
3. Have fun. Do write about what people like and seem to want to see, but don't get sucked up in that. Blogging should be fun, a place for you to write about your passions. Go crazy with it!
4. Don't get too stressed about it, and do be patient. One thing I've discovered is that blogging takes patience, and a lot of it. You're not going to get readers right away, really, or be super popular instantly. (and that's not what matters, anyway.) So just write, interact with other bloggers, and have fun with it! I can't stress the fun part enough. Seriously.

Hmm...I'll nominate people at the end, for both tags. Here's the other, once again thanks to Rachel:

This one's pretty, isn't it? 

The Rules:
♥ Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
♥ List the rules and display the award.
♥ Add 7 facts about yourself.
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers.
♥ Follow on blogger the person who nominated you

Seven Facts About Me: 

1. I'm a Myers-Briggs ESTP, through and through. (So yes, I am a loud obnoxious people person sometimes. But I do try not to be.)

2. I have a cat. A rather adorable cat, who likes to 'help' with revision. See?

Embedded image permalink
This is Duchess. This is also not a very good picture, but oh well.

3. I love music a lot. My most favoritest band is Switchfoot, though. Seriously, everyone should go listen to Switchfoot right now. They're one of my biggest writing inspirations, with both lovely music and inspiring lyrics.

4. I have 12 books in my TBR pile right now, all of which are from the same library trip, and if that doesn't tell you a lot about me I don't know what will. It probably tells you that I am an overachiever with no concept of time.

5. I also have a pet snake. His name is Riley. He looks scary, and he's pretty big now, but he's really the laziest thing I've ever seen.
Cute, right? 
6. My favorite show ever is Lost. I absolutely adore Lost. How could you not? Complex characters, complex plot, those characters... *stops rant* 

7. I'm extremely huggy. If I know you at all, even vaguely, you're getting hugs when I see you. That's just how that works. 

Did I mention that I really love Lost? 

Well, I guess that's it for, the nominations! *wild applause* Visit allll the people.

  • Alexa - Summer Snowflakes (She's hilarious and ships a lot of the same things I do, so, you know, awesome.)
  • C. F. Barrows - Digressions of a Demented Scribe (She does a lot of fantabulous character interviews. And is also hilarious.) 
  • Imogen - Gossiping with Dragons (Lots of amazing writing tips. I absolutely adore her blog! Which I don't comment on as much as I should, but do stalk.) 
Aaand that's all I've got. *stares forlornly at tip about getting to know lots of bloggers*. Once again, thanks to Rachel for the nomination!


  1. Switchfoot is amazing! And Riley is cute. You're so lucky you can have a pet snake, we can't in NZ :)

    1. Yay Switchfoot! *fistbump* Thanks! Not many people actually think he's cute, but oh well :P Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You have a pet snake? That's so awesome! Here in Australia we have something like nine out of the top ten most deadly snakes, so I probably wouldn't have one myself, but I still think that they make really unique pets. Actually, that would be a really great pet for a character to have come to think of it...

    Anyway, thanks for nominating me for the award! I'll have to get round to it at soon as possible.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I've heard quite a lot about snakes in to read about, but not cool to be around, I can imagine! :-) It's definitely a quirky sort of pet...I get lots of questions about it. Also easy to take care of, for characters who are always on the go xD

      No problem! I love your blog.

  3. I'm watching LOST, too! I'm only on season 4, but right now I think my favorite character is Hurley. Thanks for nominating me!

    Alexa S. Winters

    1. Yay for Lost! You've got a lot of fun stuff to look forward to (and yeah, Hurley is totally the best :) ).

  4. is it weird that your snake's face kinda reminds me of a little puppy?...yes?...ok...*fades back into the shadows*


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