In Which I Have News About Pariah

11:43 AM

You should've seen this one coming. 

A post on Monday!

But it's totally happening.

The reason for this post is to share some news with you guys that I'm very excited about! Yesterday, I finished the third draft of my current WIP, Pariah

I've been wanting to use Princess Bride GIFs for a while now. You're welcome.
I've been working on Pariah, which you can find in my Current Projects tab and my informative post about it here, for about a year and two months now. It's kind of my baby. I don't think I've ever been more in love with a plot or characters of mine before, and it's finally starting to come together correctly! I know these characters better than I know my best friends (and aren't good characters basically best friends anyway?) I know my villain's motives, and I have most of my plot down. It's been a frustrating, long year, but I've come a long way, and I'm glad I struggled through and made it all the way to this draft.

I'm setting my baby aside for the rest of the month, so I can print it out and get my things together, and then in December comes all the revisions. Read-throughs and notes and outlines and character sketches, oh my!

My strong inner pantser certainly thinks so.

I'm looking forward to it just as much as I'm scared, but I was excited to share this little milestone with you guys! I've got a lot of drafts to go, and you'll certainly see lots more posts about it and my editing struggles in the future.

What about you? How's your WIP coming? Share your writing milestones/exciting news/anything else about your writing below and I will congratulate you with happy emoticons and digital cake. Also, I'm looking for plotter people to share their outlining and planning tips, so if you've got any advice, or have experience with serious editing, do share. Happy Monday! 

Aimee out.


    Congrats Aimee! Unfortunately I have no patience for outlining right now... but I'm editing my WIP and I just used all the chapters and described the main happenings in each one and that helped me get a general idea of my pacing and stuff.

    1. Ooh, good idea...good luck with editing! :D You're doing a great job from what I know so far!

  2. This is like A+ gif usage. x) WELL DONE. I love the Princes Bride. But also WOOT AND CONGRATS FOR FINISHING THIS DRAFT!! I have a book (well, almost a series) that I worked obsessively on when I was 15-17 and, gosh, it just has a real close place in my heart. Even though I haven't worked on it for years now, it's totally like I know the characters so so well!! I wasn't actively planning on writing in December, but maybe January I'll start editing my NaNo book! XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Haha yeah, Princess Bride is one of my most favorite movies. I totally get that feeling of knowing the characters really well, obviously...good luck with editing! :D *hands digital cake as promised*


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