Writing Is Hard (and it's totally worth it!)

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Well, it's Day 4 of NaNoWriMo, and I'm already hitting walls.

If you're at all like me, or most other people, this happens every time you start a story. Your idea is brilliant. Your characters are wonderful. You start writing, you get about 15k or so in, or past the first few chapters, and then suddenly:

Writing problems.
Yeah, that's the feeling. 

The plot isn't as fleshed out as you thought it was, the characters aren't as alive as you want them to be, the dialogue is stiff, and that plot twist is just...lame. And all of a sudden, you start to wonder why you ever started writing this stupid story at all.

Yeah, this is usually how it goes for me. And that's where I am now, even though NaNo has just started. I've honestly been going through a writing low point these past few weeks. Between being discouraged over a third draft that isn't half as good as it could be, and now a NaNo novel whose lack of a plot is driving even me the pantser crazy, it's been hard to sit down and pound out those words at all. 

Naturally my solution to this was to spend several hours on Pinterest looking up writing stuff, after which I came out inspired, encouraged, and without any of the 4k I was going to write during those several hours. But oh well. 

While doing this, I came across several really, really good quotes by people much smarter than me. 

Conclusion? Writing is hard. 

Like, really hard. Writing is sitting down and pounding out those words to get to your goal, even if it means it's three in the morning by that time and you're typing gibberish. It's not being able to read anymore without constantly judging and at the same time feeling woefully inadequate because your work will never, ever be that good. It's rewriting sentences over and over because they just aren't clicking. It's fighting characters who don't want to cooperate, and agonizing over cutting out things you really like. It's being exhausted all the time some weeks, crying, sacrificing other things for the sake of finishing that draft. It doesn't matter if you're a fast writer or a slow writer, planner or pantser, it's hard, dang it. And sometimes you'll be in the place I am in now, and you'll wonder if it's even worth it, and you'll want to quit. 


Because it's worth it. 

It's hard, yeah, but there'll be moments in the slog of awful prose where you type of that sentence and think "Hm, that isn't that bad!" There are characters you love to death and never get tired of writing. There are moments where everything, even if it's just for a scene or so, clicks just right and it doesn't matter. Writing is hard, but it's also the greatest fun I can think of, and I don't know what I would do without it. 

I had other plans for a post today, but I know I was in need of encouragement this past week, so I thought I'd spread some of my own. So whatever it is that you do, whether you write 100 words or 10,000 (if you're insane), try to write every day, even when it's hard, because there are low points, yeah, but that means you'll be on your way back up soon. 

There's your encouragement, and mine too. Go do it! 

 Now, why don't you tell me. What do you do to help you recuperate when you hit a writing low point? What's your favorite quote about writing? What's your favorite kind of cookie? Comment away.

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  1. Great post! It's encouraging to see (or read) another writer admit that yeah, this job is hard but it's worth it as well. We all need to be reminded of that. You're not alone in the writing sloughs of despair; I've been there numerous times. I pull myself out of it by remembering why I started and that the finished product will be a book I will love to read over and over. Sometimes I read my characters' personality profiles--that's a good reminder of why I fell in love with these people in the first place!

    One of my favorite quotes on writing (found, naturally, on Pinterest), is: "Write every day, just to keep in the habit, and remember that whatever you have written is neither as good nor as bad as you think it is. Just keep going, and tell yourself that you will fix it later." ~Jane Smiley

    I hope your writing goes well!


    P. S. I really respect that you chose to give encouragement when you needed it yourself. That's the kind of attitude I want to have.

  2. It's so cool reading this and knowing how you persevered through at reached 50K! Woo hoo! Congrats! I like talking to my friends or watching episodes of a favorite show when I'm at a low point to get "reinspired". I have so many quotes to choose from. XD But I like "A writer is a world trapped in a person." And favorite cookie? Um ... That's hard. XD Oreos?

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