Flash Fiction Friday: Escape

7:00 AM

Happy Friday! As usual, I'm going to post some flash fiction, and invite you to do the same. Use the picture below as a prompt and write a bit of flash fiction (200 words or less, preferably), and then post it in the comments below if you dare!

"You sure of this?" he asks. "They say there's beasties down here, you know, all kindsa unpleasant ones. Ain't you afraid of gittin' eaten?" 

I don't look back, just in case he could see in the dark how actually scared I am. "'Course not, those stories ain't real, you know. They just don't want us coming down here and getting out." 

"Right, cuz we ain't supposed to get out! We'll get in loads of trouble, they'll have us flogged and flayed like Bayard-"

"I'm not afraid," I repeat, a little too loudly. We both flinch when my voice echoes down the sewage tunnel. "I'm gettin' outta here, and you can come if you want or run back like a little coward. Come on."  

I fit the mask back over my mouth and nose and plunge forward into the muck, down the tunnel toward escape and a new life. 


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