I Have An Enormous TBR Stack and Goodreads Is To Blame

10:26 AM

Guess what this one's about!

Today I'm going to give you a peek into my reading life, yaaaay! I have 14 books sitting in a stack by my desk as I speak, and I'm excited about all of them, so for today's bookish post I'm going to spend some time talking about them, and you can hopefully advise me about which books to read first (or maybe scrap entirely?) if you have any opinions either way. Whatever you feel like saying, let's talk books!

(Note: These are in order of how I have them stacked right now, but several are series so I'm merging those together. It's just easier that way.) 

This one was recommended by a good writerly friend, and I've been super excited to read it! It looks a little sci-fi, a little fantasy, and a little steampunk, and one of the main characters is named Finn. Just my kind of thing. And look at that cover. *swoons* 
EDIT: Since writing this post, I have actually started reading this - I'm not far in, but I love it so far! 

2.  Railsea by China Miéville

Apparently this is an adaption of Moby-Dick. Featuring giant moles. That's all I know about it so far, but between that and the cover I'm sold. 

These are the second two books in Lewis' Space Trilogy. I've read them before, but I'm in the process of rereading the series since I own them and they're gorgeous. They're divided in the stack, but like I mentioned, I'm mashing them together here because it's easier. 


Again, a reread - Shannon Hale is my favorite fantasy author, and this is one of my favorites of her books. Definitely my favorite set of characters. Have you read these? Go read them. 

Jill runs Go Teen Writers, my most favoritest writing blog ever, so I just had to read this! It's diferent from what I usually read, but hey, a look at human cloning from a Christian perspective. I'm down with this. 

"I don't even like Michael Grant," I whisper, as I find myself checking out the third book in his BZRK series, because the other two shocked me and made me feel sick but I REALLY NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS OKAY. 

I know basically nothing about this book, other than the fact that all my bookish friends have been talking about it and I like the cover. So, I'll try it. I think there's some magic going on here? 

I read this book when I was younger and going through a serious fantasy phase and really, really enjoyed it, and I read it once or twice back then too! So I'm going to read it again, for old time's sake. I'll probably need its happy nostalgia after all those distressing books above, too. 

Okay, this book is HUGE. And the first thing Goodreads says about it is it's kind of like Inception and features a blurred reality. I'm all for this. 

I just received a gorgeous copy of this book as a gift, and I've been interested in it for a while (Alice In Wonderland geek, right here) so I'm SO EXCITED about this one. And I'm in love with the cover.

Do you know how much I've heard about this book? A lot. Do you know how much I know about this book? Nothing at all. I'm hooked. 

I really, really loved Steelheart, and I've been waiting for this sequel for FOREVER. 

I really loved Ultraviolet, the first book! It was a pleasant surprise from a book I didn't expect to like and picked up randomly. Hopefully the sequel is just as good! I mean, it has a shiny cover. That's a win. 

And finally... 

Okay, so I loved the first book to death. I really did. GANSEY AND BLUE AND ADAM AND RONAN AND NOAH AH. I need this sequel, and I need it now. It's going to destroy me. 

Well, that was longer than I thought. If you made it all the way through, congrats! Now talk to me, friends. Which of these books have you read? Do I need to bump any up to the front of the list? Should I take any off? Most importantly, which would you like to see me review on the blog? What's on your TBR stack? Comment away. 


  1. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on Incareron, seeing as you like and I hated it. lol

    1. Haha, we'll see! I really just started and I'm not quite sure how I feel yet.

    2. Cool. :) I've never heard of some of the books on your list (The Replication first coming to mind) I'll have to add some of them to my ever growing goodreads list. :D

  2. I also blame Goodreads for my sky-high TBR. We have a love/hate relationship. :) I really want to read C.S. Lewis's space trilogy. I'm a huge fan of The Chronicles of Narnia, so I'm sure I'll like his sci-fi books as well. Ooh, Shannon Hale is one of those authors that I want to try soon. I got The Princess Academy from my grandma, and I can't wait to read it. I've heard so many great things about Shannon Hale's writing. We Were Liars is awesome, and it's good that you don't know much about it yet...Also, I really want to read The Raven Cycle Series because I have heard only good things about it.

    1. Goodreads is marvelous, isn't it? I'm a huge an of his space trilogy, and I loved Narnia too - still do, of course. :)
      You need to read Shannon Hale. YOU ABSOLUTELY DO. I started with Princess Academy and I'm still in love with it!

  3. Ooh, I see a lot of interesting titles! I didn't really like "Out of the Silent Planet," so I never read the others. Actually, I didn't know there were others. I assumed that because I liked CoN I would like his sci-fi books and then that didn't happen. Eh. You win some. In terms of other books... Replication, eh, again. I mean, not awful writing, I think I just hate Christian fiction. Which is unfortunate, seeing as I really like my religion. Anyway, you may like it; I didn't find it anything special but maybe you'll find it more worth the read! On the other hand, THE GRISHA TRILOGY IS AMAZING WOMAN THAT IS TOP PILE STUFF. I mean, okay. I know some people don't like it, and other people are not as passionate about it as I am, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT SERIES and there's every chance you won't because other (almost) rational people seem to think it's nothing special and I can only stare at them and be dejected. Because... *I* like that series... Anyway, I will love to hear your comments on it to see how it goes for you.

    I don't know the rest, but I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about The Raven Cycle so off you pop and read that soon too. I mean, I haven't read it. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it, maybe.

    Forecasting whether people will like books or not is hard.

    1. We having different tastes regarding that, I guess - I vastly preferred his space trilogy to Narnia, but then again, that's just me. :) I AM EXCITED ABOUT ALL THE BOOKS YES ESPECIALLY SHADOW AND BONE
      I've really loved the Raven Cycle so far, so there's one *you* need to read!

  4. Ooooh, Shadow and Bone! I read that!! It is very much about magic and sub-groups of magic, and what different types of magic can do--- It can get a little overwhelming, but it's awesome to learn about. :)

    And ugh, I've had Dream Thieves on my TBR for FOREVER. I NEED IT.

    1. Ooh, now I'm even more excited! It looks super intriguing.


  5. Oh gosh. You have got yourself a series decision problem here but seriously; THE ONLY ANSWER IS THE DREAM THIEVES, DUH. JUST GO READ IT FIRST.
    But nextly...hehe:
    Incarceron: is awesome...a little confusing but AWESOME. I read it years ago and barely remember anything just that I loved it.
    We Were Liars: OMG REEEEAD IT IT'LL ONLY TAKE YOU TWO BITES. It's so short.
    Black Space: I have actually heard really bad things about it and ended up crossing it off my tbr. >.> Sorry.
    Splintered: ERK HECK YEAH. You need some Morpheus in your life like nothing else. It's like my favourite book ever....apart from 49057092 other favourites. I share the love, okay?
    Shadow & Bone: really good but I've forgotten it and I need to reread it before I read the rest of the series.
    BUT HANG ON A SEC. YOU DON'T LIKE MICHAEL GRANT? CAN WE EVEN BE FRIENDS THEN?? Besides Maggie Stiefvater and Sarah J Maas, Michael Grant is like my only other insta-buy author. I've read like 14 of his books and I just want more. 0.0 That saying I HAVEN'T read BZRK Apocalypse though yet because the first two books scarred me horribly. This year tho, I will. x)
    Replication: good really good! little preachy at the end though.

    Omg. Longest comment ever. *slinks back to darkness*
    (Basically just read them all at once right now go go go.)

      Ahem. I'm mature, I swear. Actually, no. Nevermind.
      I actually turned out loving Incarceron...it made my steampunk/sci-fi heart very happy and THAT PLOT TWIST. ALL the twistiness.
      I need We Were Liars. Now. I keep hearing stuff about it. xD
      Ah, I've read mixed reviews on Black Space...I'll just have to see, I guess.
      I remember you fangirling about Splintered! I'm super thrilled.
      Haha, it's not him, it's me...his writing style isn't for me, and I think he uses too many POVs and storylines. But I'm liking BZRK more and more as it goes on, so I am a fan of that.

  6. Okay so I've read the beginning of White Space, so I can give you a little info on that one, at least. I think you'd like it, since you mentioned liking horror movies. This book is basically a horror book, in my opinion. xD It wasn't my thing but you'd probably like it. Very scary, and you get very confused about WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON.

    1. Ooh! It DOES sound like my kind of thing...I've heard mixed things, but it looks like something I'd enjoy. Thanks so much for letting me know!


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