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Full disclosure: this post is basically just one big

And I will not apologize for that. 

If you're interested in adding a billion books to your TBR, read on. If not, you should probably go elsewhere, and finish the books you've already got, like a mature and responsible person (which, coincidentally, I am not.) 

Here's how this goes: I give some of my recommendations by genre, because I'm neat like that. (*awkward laugh*) I've picked more obscure books for the recommendations, generally, because why not discover something new? Besides, most of you will have already read or decided you didn't want to read the more popular ones. 

And then, when I finally shut up, you get to give me some recs of your choosing! Or I can give you some more personalized recommendations. Sound cool? (as usual, all titles link to their respective Goodreads page, so you can add it quickly.) 

If you're in the mood for some doom and gloom this is probably for you. 

Apocalypse. Hawaii. Epilepsy. Totally tough but relatable MC. Father/daughter adventure. Need I say more? It's a tough read emotionally, but unexpectedly great.

2. Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi 
One of the best settings I've ever read about. Plenty of feels and oil and rust and blood and friendship. Fascinating premise. Technically more dystopian, but eh. NO CLICHES YAYYY. A little grittier than Islands.

I honestly don't read much contemporary, but here goes. Can't promise it won't come with a twist.

3. Bruiser by Neal Shusterman 
Neal Shusterman is one of my favorite authors - known most popularly for his Unwind dystology, some of my favorite books - and I don't think Bruiser gets nearly enough attention. It's beautifully written. It's heartbreaking. It made me cry. Read it now. (You know those twists I talked about?)

4. The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie H. Anderson
I own this book, and it has nice pages and a gorgeous cover, which should be reason enough. Beyond that, it's another heartbreaking one - I got all teary and stuff. I love it and YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE.

Despite my last post, yes, there are actually some good ones out there beyond Hunger Games.

5. Legend by Marie Lu 
This book has an unusual setting. It has a unique girl protagonist. IT HAS A UNIQUE GUY PROTAG/LOVE INTEREST. It has one of the best YA relationships I've seen. It's written wonderfully. The text is colored. It's actually not a cardboard cut-out of every dystopia ever. Go read it.

6. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 
Yes, I know, a classic. I'm boring like that. But this book is INCREDIBLE - I've read it twice - and you need to read it if you haven't already. It's so very short, so very beautiful, and such an eye-opened with a lot of great quotes. Besides, it's a good intro to the real dystopia - think Brave New World or 1984. 

For those of you who like really, really long worldbuilding books.

7. Book of A Thousand Days by Shannon Hale 
You've probably heard of The Goose Girl, but what about this one? It's an interesting take on a very obscure fairy tale, in typical Shannon Hale style. It's disturbing. It's twisty. It's short, always a blessing with fantasy. It's a lovely little book and it probably won't disappoint you.

8. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson 
This one, on the other hand, IS huge. But it's so, so worth it. I'll let my review on Goodreads speak for it, otherwise we'd be here forever.

Historical Fiction 
It's not all boring, I promise. (Speaking of boring, we're almost done here.)

9. Dodger by Terry Pratchett 
This book is HILARIOUS. It's set in 19th century London and a wonderful look at the slums and culture of that time, while being extremely witty. Dodger's a lovely chap himself. Totally worth a read.

Apparently I don't read much Historical Fiction. Oh well. Know any good ones? Comment below.

Read as: things that scared me, but might not necessarily be horror. (To be fair, I have nerves of steel almost never.)

10. BZRK by Michael Grant 
Okay, this wasn't my most favorite book ever, but it deserves to be here, right? It's terrifying. Probably not technically horror, but scary all the same. (Note: It does get rather coarse at times, not to mention gory of course. Do use discretion.) 

11. White Space by Ilsa J. Bick 
This book is horrifying in the best possible way. It's probably the scariest book I've ever read - minus Coraline, which I read a few months ago, but that's another story - and it's so, so good. It's twisty and confusing and basically Inception/The Matrix/Inkheart all smushed together with a good side of horror. If you can handle your gore and scary stuff, go for it.

Yeah, yeah, I'm finishing up.

12. Red Rising by Pierce Brown 
Most of you know that this is my most favoritest book of all time, so obviously it's on here. Superb characters, stunning plot, twists to die for (*chuckles*), everything that makes a good story. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.

13. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness 
Okay, this book is pretty incredible. It's written in a unique POV, directly from someone's thoughts, and it's one heck of a ride. Intense but so worth it.

Technically I already did a post on this, here, but whatever.

14. Railsea by China Mieville 
Steampunk Moby-Dick with giant moles and trains.
That should be all the reason you need to pick this up.

15. Heap House by Edward Carey 
Don't let the cover fool you - this book is one wild ride. Living, talking objects and all the steampunk worldbuilding and hilarious witty characters, oh my!

If you survived thus far, congratulations! *hands out cake to all* That was long, I know, but hopefully you picked up something new. Hopefully. 

Now it's your turn to give me some recs, because I'm fun like that. If you could recommend three books to me, what would they be? 

And if nothing here clicks for you, if you tell me your favorite book in the comments below, I'll hook you up with something you might love. Sound cool? Cool. 

What's your favorite book? Have you read any of the books on this list? What's your favorite genre to read? Comment away.


  1. I almost read Bruiser and The Knife Of Never Letting Go was realllllllllllly good!
    But really Im not a dystopian kinda person. they freak me out honestly. so I cant read a good portion of this list, but its a good list nonetheless :) thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, wasn't it just? I need to reread it, honestly...I remember really liking it a lot but I don't remember a lot of the plot. xD And I totally get that...good luck with your own reading! :)

  2. I want to read Railsea so badly... giant moles sound terrifying though! The Book of a Thousand Days sounds really intriguing too - I do love me a fairytale retelling! Thank you for sharing!
    Beth x

    1. YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. It's such a weird concept but so, so good somehow. :D Book of A Thousand Days is one of my favorite books, too. Thanks for reading!

  3. You have successfully suggested 15 books I have never read—congratulations! Although, to be fair, a few are already on my to-read list... And I'll get to them... eventually!

  4. First of all: IS THAT YOUR BOOKSHELF IN THE FIRST GRAPHIC. So much envy right now, Aimee.

    I've heard of several of these -- Legend, Book of a Thousand Days, Red Rising. Considered getting these at some point but never quite got the push, which means with my looooong TBR I've decided to give up on them.

    But I really really want to check out White Space and The Knife of Never Letting Go, and I've decided that kicking off my sixteenth year by adding books to my TBR is awesome.

    As for recs for you -- erm, I really have no clue. But if you like post-apocalyptic, you might wanna check out Station Eleven. The Archived is a short-ish YA fantasy that I quite enjoyed. And I'm just going to throw in another post-apocalyptic: World War Z. Soooo breathtaking and imaginative.

    1. Haha, sadly it's's a stock photo I found, but I totally wish it was. Eh...maybe one day. :P

      YOU NEED TO READ RED RISING. Just saying. I'll shove it on everyone because I do love it so. xD But that long TBR....*sighs*

      Do it! White Space was freaking /amazing/ and The Knife of Never Letting Go was one of my favorites last year or the year before. Don't remember but I really enjoyed it, and I do own it...maybe it's time to pick it up again. Huh.

      *adds all the things*

  5. Historical fiction is never boring! :D I love historical fiction so much (even though I hate history class itself), so I shall recommend three historical fiction books to you. 1) Code Name Verity 2) Rose Under Fire and 3) Prisoner of Night and Fog. All three books deal with WWII which is one of my favorite historical time periods to read about. Dodger also sounds like a wonderful book, so I'll look out for it.

    Fahrenheit 451 is SUCH A GOOD BOOK, and one that I MUST REREAD. That is not even an option. I am in love with Ray Bradbury's writing and his stories in general. They resonate and are so painfully honest. I wish I could write like that...

    Oh, and I really want to read The Way of Kings. I've heard good things about that book, and fat books make me happy.

    1. Oddly enough, I'm the opposite...I'm rarely a fan of historical fiction and I love doing history for school. :P BUT I have Code Name Verity on my list and I'm super interested in it! WWII is so interesting to read about... Dodger is SO fun to read, so I hope you do get a chance to check it out!

      RIGHT? I've only read Fahrenheit 451, but I'm looking into reading more of his books for sure. I LOVE his writing.

      *shoves Way of Kings at you*

  6. I shall read these books! *adds to long list of books to read*

    I actually have three series to recommend. That kind of feels like cheating, but oh well. My favorite trilogy of all time is The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. The characters are really, really deep and the setting is beautiful and it's thoughtful. My second favorite trilogy starts with Mistborn, although I don't know the name of the trilogy. It's by Brandon Sanderson, but I think I've already told you about it. My third favorite is the Pendragon series by D. J. MacHale. It has all the action and feels and intensity.

    1. Yes. Add ALL of them. *chuckles evilly*

      I've heard of all of those recently, actually! Mistborn has been on my list for a long time now, especially since I'm really liking other stuff by Sanderson lately. *adds all to list*

  7. A Book of a Thousand Days. Oh that's an all time favourite of mine. I hardly ever meet people who've read it though. But funnily enough, I've read that, but none in the Goose Girl series, though I do have two from the library waiting to be read.
    As for the rest of the books on this list, I've heard of some, but never read them. It's time I updated Goodreads:)

    1. Ah! I almost never meet people who have actually read it, so that's super cool. You should totally read Goose Girl and the rest in that series...they're REALLY good and sweet and some of my favorite books. <3

  8. Oh, this is such a good list! *Adds them all to my already too long tbr* Fahrenheit 451 was one of my favorite books that I read last year, and I also really enjoyed the Legend trilogy. I just got Red Rising from the library and am planning on reading it next!

    Have you read the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas? If you haven't you should definitely pick them up! They are my favorite ongoing fantasy series right now, and I love all of the characters. I don't usually like contemporaries much either, but I do love Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson. But you should read Throne of Glass as soon as possible, it's so good (and each book gets better)!

  9. Great list, Ship Breaker and Heap House seem to appeal to me the most. Thanks for the recommendations

  10. Ooh, I read Legend! I love the entire series, except the ending. But still, most of it was great.


  11. Looks like I have even more books to ad to my monstrous TBR list.
    Fahrenheit 451 is one of my absolute favourite books ever. The writing is astounding, especially the imagery!


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