Fictional Myers-Briggs

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I'm trying something a little ambitious this time! My last Myers-Briggs post summed up the 16 Types With GIFs, and you all really liked it (which is amazing, by the way!) so this week I've found a fictional guy and a fictional girl from each of the 16 types, to present to you. I've looked through books, movies, tv shows, and so on, so there's a variety - I've tried to pick mostly popular characters that everyone should be familiar with, and find a quote for each one.

(It's probably worth noting that these are the characters as I'm typing them, and I'll obviously have different opinions on what type they are than someone else might. If you disagree with any of these, I'd encourage you to comment below and tell me why! Disagreement is totally cool.) Sometimes I just couldn't think of two characters who fit each type, so there's just one, and you'll have to forgive me for that.

Anyway, off we go!


Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) 
I heard it was Annabeth’s birthday today…
Art by the wonderful Viria, found here
Smart, innovative, doesn't take any nonsense, shoves emotions to the side.

Nick Fury (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 
hugh jackman animated GIF
Secretive, strong leader, devious planner, 'emotionless', sometimes harsh, subtly smart.

Sherlock (BBC's Sherlock, specifically) 
Highly intelligent, messy, often improvises, buries emotions, distances self from others, relies highly on logic/facts/observations.

Blue (The Raven Boys) 

Logical, smart, shies away from emotional conflict, lives inside her head. 


Gansey (The Raven Boys) 

Controlled, likes to organize things and people, strong leader, 'overlord' type, decisive, takes pleasure in being in charge, logical. 


Iron Man/Tony Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Brilliant, narcissistic, reckless, witty, quick-thinking.

Why are ENTx girls so hard to find? Do comment below if you know of any.


Thomas (The Maze Runner) 

Kind, extremely loyal and sacrificial, seeks meaningful emotional relationships, curious, often lost in his head.

Juliette (Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi)

Which, coincidentally, I also hated. But oh well. 


Marius Pontmercy (Les Miserables) 

Impulsive, makes decisions based off of emotions, deeply empathetic, throws himself wholeheartedly into things once he commits. 

Bella Swan (Twilight) 
girl animated GIF
Yeah, don't give me that look. 


Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) 

Feels very deeply, keeps people closely around him at all times, caretaker when given the opportunity, likes to connect.

Lucy (The Chronicles of Narnia) 

Inquisitive, friendly? caregiver, laugher, good friend.


Loki (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 
loki laufeyson animated GIF
Now, hold on, I can hear your protests here. I just recently came to this conclusion myself, and if you want, I'd be happy to explain it to you in the comments. I'm not 100% on it yet, but it's the closests I can get to that I feel confident about.

And now I can't think of a less messed-up ENFJ. Do comment if you know any. Just think about how silly this looks. 


Prince Kai (The Lunar Chronicles) 

Jemma Simmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) 


John Watson (Sherlock) 


AND I'M JAVERRRRRRRT (Les Miserables) 

A big rules-person. To-the-point, no-nonsense sort of guy. Scary intense sometimes. Basically don't screw with the law. Or mock the law, for that matter.

Princess Leia (Star Wars) 

A lot of people type her as this, and I think I believe it. So there. 


Sam Temple (Gone by Michael Grant) 
Well, you kinda are...and you will probably go down as the worse leader in FAYZian history a little later down the road.
Organized, obsessively protective of loved ones, bad under pressure, deep feeler.

Clara (Doctor Who) 

Outgoing, likes to be in charge and keep things orderly, deeply emotional, watchdog personality. 


Katniss (The Hunger Games) 

Woman-of-action, views emotions as weak, improvises, straightforward.

Four/Tobias Eaton (Divergent)
I actually really dislike Divergent, but eh.
Emotionally distant, 'tough guy', silent-but-strong-type, determined. 


Hagrid (Harry Potter) 
Eccentric, empathetic, attaches self to odd ideas, absentminded.

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles) 
Portrait of Princess Winter [x]
This fabulous art is NOT MINE, you can find it here
It's a little early to find out much about Winter, but from her bits in Cress and of course those three teaser chapters at the end of Fairest this is my guess. Curious, emotional, a little odd (not entirely because of her type in this case, though), artistic.


Enjolras (Les Miserables) 
The 'ESTP Look', which is totally accurate. 
Revolutionary, hotheaded and persuasive leader, general disdain for most emotions, to-the-point, passionate about justice, willing to take risks. 

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 
Yes, I can explain this one, too. 
Guarded, enjoys being around people but not small talk, gets the job done, low regard for emotions in herself and others, capable of being extremely persuasive and manipulative. 


The 11th Doctor (Doctor Who) 

Reckless, a little silly but capable of deep empathy and emotions, willing to jump right in, fun, easy to connect with.

Kaylee (Firefly)

Lively, fun-oriented, occasionally reckless, friendly, loyal, sometimes flighty. 

And there you have it! What about you? What's your type? What fictional character of your type can you identify most with? Who am I missing? Comment away. 


  1. I'm actually unfamiliar with Annabeth, but hey NICK FURY IS AN INTJ. SO YAY. (You missed out Loki, though. *weeps*) I have a math genius friend who is INTP, so definitely Sherlock is a great example.

    And ooh, Lucy as an ENFP is so accurate I can't even. I'm the slightest bit miffed I'm not the same MBTI as Black Widow, but oh well.

    1. Oh, Annabeth is wonderful. xD YES OF COURSE HE IS. I tried to pick, you know, actually positive INTJs, instead of villains for a change because that's what I see most often. A lot of people don't think Sherlock is INTP, but that's what I've always thought... *shrugs*

      Yay! I haven't seen the movies (or read the books) in a while, so I thought I was taking a bit of a gamble with Lucy.

  2. Kaylee is perfect, and Sherlock... I like this! AND PRINCE KAI AND I SHARE ONE!

    It's interesting that you made Javert an ESTJ though. Usually book-readers classify him as an ISTJ, and I mean, that's fine, because I am the law and the law is not mocked, but I'd just be curious for your reasoning.

    I like Loki, too... I may have to go rewatch all the Loki movies with myself. :D


    1. Kaylee is like...ESFP posterchild in my opinion. xD YES KAI IS FANTABULOUS I DO LOVE HIM MUCHLY.

      Hm, yeah...I usually see him as ISTJ but I've always thought E for some reason? I wish I had a better reason for you and facts and such, but I'm lame and that's just what I had written down from when I figured the Les Mis charries out a while ago :P

  3. I get Bella Swan?? Oh least I've got Marius too :) And I also think Jehan Prouvaire and Fantine are both INFPs as well.

    Lucy's definitely accurate :D But I've always thought Gatsby was more of an I who acts like an E because he has to, or is an ambivert or something.

    Ok. This is a major disagreement here. I'm 99% sure that Enjolras is either ENTJ or INTJ. (The E vs. I discrepancy is mostly on who's performing him and such. I think Aaron Tveit plays him more I.) He's definitely one to make plans, which seems to be more J to me. BUT I want to hear your thoughts, because I'm neither ESTP, ENTJ, or INTJ :)

    1. Yep, I can see that! I have them both as INFP too, but I didn't want to pick ANOTHER Les Mis character, hence Bella. xD

      Yay! I wasn't sure about her.

      As for Gatsby...I've always seen him as much more of an E. He doesn't sulk on his own, although he does sulk and brood a lot - he throws these parties so people KNOW he's sulking. He's purposefully calling attention to himself and his misery. He wants people to talk about him - from what I got out of it, he enjoys that. But I also think he has some psychological issues, so I don't know how that plays into it.

      Ah, I expected that...I haven't seen anyone else say he's ESTP, and being that myself I may be SLIGHTLY biased, but he's one of my favorite characters ever and I've put enough study into him to feel fairly confident in this. I'll try to explain briefly and not drown you in details.
      (A lot of this is from having experienced some things on a lesser scale, too.) And right now I'm going mostly off the movie version, since that's the last version I saw, but I thought he was heavily ESTP in the book too.
      E - Enjolras strikes me as much more of an E than an I. As an ESTP myself I'm a more reserved extrovert - I enjoy being around people, I get energy off that, but I don't necessarily always want to mingle because, being honest here, I have a problem with thinking that I'm above them or I need to stay focused or something. Enjolras very clearly gets energy from the people around him, in my see the way he lights up in the cafe, especially, when he's caught up in the moment, and then when the revolution starts and he's caught up in the rush of people all following his dream. He feeds off the energy around him, and beyond that, he knows how to raise it. He knows how to talk to people, how to tease them along, and that's where he's most comfortable.
      S - Lots of people say he's an N but I have a hard time with this I guess? He's VERY straightforward - revolution or die, and all that. xD He has one straight goal, one priority, and he goes for that with everything he's got, totally flattening everything in his way. He thinks very narrow-mindedly in that respect. He knows what he wants, he sees the details, and he goes for it.
      T - This one is kind of self-explanatory xD He doesn't take ANY of Marius's emotions nonsense, or anyone's emotions nonsense for that matter. He's purely focused on the logical, practical side of things, and he strikes me as very ESTP in that way.
      P - I often see him as a J, but I have trouble with that too...sure, he plans, but I'm ESTP and I like to plan too as long as I keep the plan flexible. I think that's my xSxP - I have one goal and know how I need to get to it, but I want to be flexible with it along the way. He has a plan, sort of, but any leader would need that. He doesn't freak out when things change, or any of that. He moves easily with the change of events, adjusting the plan accordingly.
      On the specifically ESTP side of things...he's EXTREMELY persuasive. He knows how to get what he wants, how to subtly manipulate people, how to be in charge in a way that makes everyone like him. Obviously lots of types could do this, but it's something ESTPs are notorious for in their particular way. I think a NTJ would be more straightforward about the way they took charge? People don't follow Enjolras because he insists, they follow Enjolras because he's energetic and he attracts people with his drive and his words. He's very practical, he doesn't waste time talking when they could be doing (even in the book full of long monologues, his are usually the shortest) and so on.

      Anyway. I'll stop now before I go on forever. xD That's just my thoughts on it.

    2. Oh yeah definitely! And I get where you're coming from with the E thing. A couple of my best friends are extroverts, but they're definitely...quiet? extroverts. Book Enjolras is definitely an E. Stage Enjolras tends to also be an E, from what I've seen. Movie Enjolras almost seems a bit reserved though...he IS very involved with people, but it can be an I thing too. I can go certain places with certain people and I'm literally all-over-the-place. I act the most ENFP to ever ENFP. But then my energy goes splat and I'm very I. That's what I see with Aaron's Enjolras anyway. But I'm honestly kind of on the fence about the E vs. I thing.

      N- I guess this goes in with the cognitive functions thing. Ni types tend to have this sort of...they have waaay more drive then Ne types (I'm Ne.). S vs. N is always hard to type though...

      T- yes.

      J - ENTJs make insanely good leaders. A lot of them are super charismatic and have good energy vibes (have you seen 30 Rock? two words: Jack Donaghey.). Enjolras is really good at being flexible with his plans, but he's also really good at making hard decisions fast. As a P, I've never been able to do that and I'm always going back and forth.

      Okay...I guess that's my thoughts?

      Whatever that man is, he is the best. One of my all-time favorite characters!

    3. ESTP is also Ni. Fourth function, which the all or nothing function, and you can see this in Enjolras.
      The fact that you're a P and have difficulty making hard decisions fast means close to nothing. It's dependent on Se. I, for example, as an ENTP, have the hardest time with decisions, particularly the small decisions. ESTPs, however, tend to be much more decisive with things that matter to them, I'd think, as their Se is the highest function they have. Additionally, ENTJs would have a more difficult time being flexible with their plans. And, ESTPs are *extremely* good leaders most of the time. ESTPs, ENTJs, sometimes ESTJs, ENTPs... all good leaders. ESTPs and ENTJs are definitely different kinds of leaders, but ESTPs are no worse than ENTJs. The fact that he's a good leader does not automatically make him the stereotyped ENTJ leader.

      While I think ENTJ is in the realm of possibility, he seems like a well developed ESTP. An ENTJ would focus more on the big picture of the war, he would plan bigger, be slower to act. Enjolras had the flexible, in the moment planning of an ESTP, a bit less long term, and he contributed to the cause rather than trying to be the king of the cause. He didn't back away when it was evident they would all die, even when it was first evident and he could've gotten away with it and used his skill to plan an even bigger revolution, but did a large impact for the future, influencing a larger crowd... but that's off topic. ENTJs would look a larger picture, whereas the ESTP lived in the moment of it all more while also understanding how it would impact the future. Sorry if that was difficult to understand... my attention is split three ways. ENTJ and ISTP are just the two types that tend to get stereotyped to the point where if someone fits the stereotype, it's said they're that. ESTPs are frequently mistaken for ISTPs, because ESTPs can often be that loner irritable guy all the readers/watchers like a lot. ENTJs are so often the powerful leader, that when a powerful leader is something odd like ENTJ it's easy to mix them up. Look closer and tell me what you think. Again, sorry for rambling!!

  4. Honestly, I just clicked on this post hoping to find Hermione xD Also, I'm an INTP and I suppose Sherlock isn't bad company!

    Also, wow, you are SUPER into Myers-Briggs.

    1. I've usually seen Hermione as ESTJ, and I think I agree with that. xD Yay, you INTPs are cool!

      *laughs nervously* Yes...yes I am.

    2. I'd say INTP's unite, but I prefer working alone.

  5. I don't think Sherlock is INTP, he notices too many small things. Also, knowing both INTPs and ISTPs, I think he's more like the latter. He's just too detail-oriented to be an N. Often times Ns (read: me) see the big picture, then find evidence to prove/disprove it. From what I can see of Sherlock, he does the opposite. He looks at the evidence and goes off that.

    Also, um, you know the only ENTx female I can think of.

    1. I think that aspect of Sherlock's personality is more something anyone could learn...he's had a lifetime of teaching himself to notice details and keep them in that webby mind-palace of his. I'd say he's definitely an N, actually. He tends to see more of the big picture than anything, the obscure connections between things, and so on. He's definitely put a LOT of effort and training into noticing details, as he's said and proved, so that doesn't necessarily mean S to me. As someone who's very close to an INTP, I can confirm that he's got lots of INTP traits; the way he deals with emotions especially strikes me as more INTP than ISTP if that makes sense. xD

    2. I have to agree on the N over the S as well.

    3. Ns don't ignore details, especially if they're relevant to something we're interested in. Plus Aimee has a point in that Sherlock draws the connections between the details really well, which IS a N trait. I'm a N and I notice and remember LOADS of details at times, if I'm paying attention. Ss just prefer to single the details out and focus on those, I think, while Ns prefer to connect them and focus on the whole. *shrugs* That's how I've understood MBTI.
      PLUS Ss prefer to work with things hands-on while Ns like things all inside the head. Sherlock is a very "mind-over-matter" guy. ISTPs in particular are known for their skills with machinery, carpentry, mechanics, etc. Very different from Sherlock's favorite pastimes.

    4. Restricting yourself to the simple letters is limiting yourself and leaving high room for error. an NxJ vs. an NxP and their ability to notice details is going to be exceptionally different, because of the cognitive functions. Anyone who says "Ns are good at noticing details" or "Ns are bad at noticing details" will both be wrong. Way too limiting. Look at Se vs. Si... maybe Te vs. Ti, too, I think.

      Additionally, what you said, Annika, about ISTPs is wrong. The ISTP I know will frequently be inside his head, he's not extroverted, he has the ability to escape inside his head for long periods of time. That being said, hand him a pen he'll take it apart. Hand him a complicated computer, he'll just as eagerly take it apart. ISTPs work a lot with their hands, but they also have long periods of escaping into their mind and thinking. Look at an ISTP, as like many introverts, the first glance only tells you 10 percent of the story. The idea that ISTPs must have those past times, and INTPs must have these past times, is not at all any good argument. Merely stereotypical.

      Warning: next part is a ramble of indecision:
      I've just argued two points totally apart from the Sherlock argument, by the way. About that I have nothing to say either way. I can see both sides and haven't made a decision. I've seen things Sherlock does that are very ISTP, i.e. making decisions to do things such and drugs and smoking because he's narrowly set his decision of what to do and has gone after it. He's very quick to jump into something once he's solved the problem, a narrow set on his job which is his main priority in life... that being said, this is an INTP trait, too. INTPs can become addictively obsessed with things, frequently. Like Sherlock, INTPs will focus on one things for long periods of time. ISTPs are less likely to do that. However, I've observed Sherlock say things in a much more Ni way. He's said things, such of the drunk man scratching up the phone charging area, where I've found, through Ne, various other options for that. However, this could very well simply be flaws in the show, as he seems to use Ne, rambling on about various possibilities for why something could be, and falling into his head to ponder this for hours. But, like I said, he also gets SO focused on his work. An amazing amount of focus without getting sidetracked, as INTPs do, of "Why would someone do this?" or questions like that.. I can't see him necessarily asking this question, but you get the idea. While he's got that complicated, inner web of possibilities of Ne, he's got the desire of Ni. Honestly, it's like he's both S and N simultaneously and they've created an impossible character. I'm just indecisive about it.

    5. He could be an S put effort into having Ne or an N putting effort into having more Se... Dunno. They would both be equally difficult for an INTP or ISTP, as they're both the 7th function for each of them.
      And, perhaps the indecision on this is what makes him such a fascinating character to everyone? ;) ...aside from being a sociopath, which might be adding to my difficulty in deciding this. Sociopaths, psychopaths, they're more difficult to type.

    6. See I don't believe in hr cognitive functions. Check out this website: The jumping into things trait comes from the P, which is shared by both INTPs and ISTPs. Also, drifting into daydreams is just thr introvert side - it's when things become either dealing with theories and concepts and connecting things that you are seeing someone use N, and when you see someone focusing on details as individual items and preferring to work in the real world with tanfible objects that you see someone using S.
      That being said, just about everyone has every single trait present to some degree in them. There are times when I find myself behaving like a E or a S or a F or a P, my opposite traits. It is which trait someone uses THE MOST and that they're most comfortable with using that becomes part of their type code. I act like a I much more than a E so I is my type.
      So I guess what I'm trying to say is that just because Sherlock acts sometimes like a S or sometimes like a N doesn't determine which one he is. You have to focus on his tendency.

  6. I'm either Loki or Lucy. Huh.
    Golly I liked this post!! *goes off rummaging for the other said-mentioned post about personalities*

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings

    1. Congrats! xD I'm glad you liked it...thanks for reading!

  7. As an ENFP myself, I was blown away by how accurate typing Lucy as one was. The only thing is I don't like Lucy. Or any of the other girls I've seen people type as ENFP. *sigh*

    This was really cool!!! And I agree with you about Loki, just so you know. My sister insists he's an introvert, but I think you're right.

    1. I'm glad so many people think I typed her correctly...I was worried about that. And I'm not a fan of Lucy, either. :P

      Thanks! I'm not totally confident on Loki yet, but I would definitely venture to say that he's an extrovert at this point.

    2. It's actually pretty funny because I have a ENFP sister, and there are two girls younger than her than I'm nearly certain are also ENFPs. And she really doesn't like them at all, thinking they're obnoxious. However, ENFPs her own age or older than her she gets along great with. Maybe a theory?

  8. I love your Myers-Briggs posts. They always make me smile :)

    As an INTJ, I approve of you picking Annabeth Chase. Although I was kind of excepting to see Draco as the male one xD I don't know Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    1. Awww, thanks! That means a lot. <3

      I'm glad! I tried to pick more positive INTJs and Annabeth fits the bill exactly. I, um, would say Draco is ESTJ, honestly? o.0 *shrugs*

    2. Yeah, I'd say E for Draco... could be ENTJ, though..

  9. Hmmm...This is interesting. I'm ISTJ, and even though I hadn't heard of Jemma Simmons before, that quote in the gif is SO me. I would actually think that Cinder is more ISTJ than Kai, and the same with Sherlock. I don't know. I'm don't really know that much about Myers-Briggs types.

    1. I definitely wouldn't put Sherlock as ISTJ. If he's a J at all, he's INTJ.

  10. I've heard of Katniss as being a INTJ, which I can agree with. I don't think she's a P in particular, since she's pretty bad at on-the-spot adjusting. Think of how she reacted all the times Peeta whipped out some improvised PR tactic. I can definitely agree on the IT though, and S/N is always really hard to figure out, so . . . *shrugs*
    Definitely agree with you on Lucy being ENFP. Just yes. It fits. As well as Tony Stark being ENTP; I'd come to that conclusion myself. And Sherlock. And Four. And Javert. I think they're pretty spot-on I don't know if you've ever seen the TV show White Collar (if you haven't, go watch it NOW) or the movie Catch Me If You Can (again, if you haven't seen it go watch it) but I'm pretty sure the MC for those are both ENTPs. They're con-men. xD.
    I always thought of Gatsby as more of a J. He always puts so much effort into keeping up appearances, to making plans. He's definitely an Idealist though, with how he idealized Daisy. And he only threw the parties trying to get Daisy to come, so I'm not certain he's an extrovert.

    1. I'd be curious about how you could think she's INTJ... I can't possibly imagine her being so. However, I do find your suggestion at her being ISTJ interesting. I've thought ISTP, as well, and I'd still lean towards that, but now that I think about it more I'm realizing that there's potential for her being ISTJ.

  11. Clara's definitely not ESFJ. I'd be curious to know how you came up with that. I'd say a likely ENTP, 3w2... like me, actually xD I considered ENFP for her as well but decided Fi didn't fit her at all; she has high Ti.

    1. Except that she's a very different person than me... but at the same time I do think she's ENTP. But I think she managed to be more vain than me as a enneagram 3. xD And more extroverted and more of an F than me, which is why I considered ENFP and I've also seen ENFJ for her by others which I wouldn't be quick to say she's not. But I think she'd come down to ENTP. I can't possibly see ESFJ I'm confused how you came up with that.

  12. Yay, I'm Annabeth! This is a super cool post!


  13. Yep, I pretty much agree with all of this. I've seen a lot of people type Sherlock as an INTJ, but he's always seemed more like an INTP to me, so I'm glad someone else thinks so.
    I'm sorry for being such a creeper and commenting on all these old posts.


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