Your Story Is Awesome (And So Are You)

10:35 AM

Confession time: this is a super impromptu post. I was going to put together something more sarcastic/funny/satirical/whatever, because I do enjoy those a lot, but quite honestly it's been a really rough month and I didn't feel like adding to that this week. So bear with me.

Also, I pretty much failed fan month this week, if I'm being honest here (and I do believe in honesty very much, so this is a very honest and blunt blog if you hadn't noticed). I really did. I didn't post (although I did let Katie guest post, which was fabulous) and I didn't do much - at all. I pretty much worked on school and lazed around and read some and wrote much much less than I wanted and panicked because Pariah is the suckiest fourth draft right now and I'm not going to be ready for betas by April like I thought and I was just a mess. So I didn't get around to many posts/blogs, and I wasn't intentional about being a fan, and that's not cool. So. This week I'm on break, so this'll be the real fan week for me, I guess, I promise. *shrugs*

I use this gif excessively and I won't apologize for that.
This is actually a positive post, or trying to be, I promise.

So yeah, it's been rough, especially with writing. We writers are delicate, insecure things - don't deny it; it's true - and let's face it, the whole process sucks. It really does. It's hard and it takes too much time and it's impossible to get right and in the end you might end up scrapping all your hard work and no one appreciates it. There are lots of good times, but there are definitely those days/weeks/months where everything goes wrong and nothing will ever be okay and you'll always suck. 

Getting an idea of my month so far? I'll get to the point soon, I really will. Bear with me, if you don't mind.

I've spent a lot of time beating myself up about it. I don't usually do that, but when I do, it's almost always writing-related, and it's always an awful crash. Yes, there has been lots of crying involved. It's made everything overwhelming, no fun, and just extremely stressful. I've come dangerously close to saying "screw it" and scrapping the whole draft/plot again, out of sheer desperation and frustration and all that. 

I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. I know there are people who feel this more often than I do, too.

It's a bad attitude to be in, through and through, and as I've come to figure out over the past few days (with some help and encouragement from amazing friends) it isn't true.

Because this story is pretty awesome.

Yeah, it might be bragging a little bit. But it is, despite all the fixing it needs, and I'm coming to see that. Because beating myself up about all the things I'm doing badly gets me absolutely nowhere. And you know what the cool part is? It's true for every single one of you.

You're freaking awesome.

Your story is awesome.

Those characters? Yeah, they rock too.

Your plot might need fixing - don't they all? - but it has some pretty amazing spots, and you'll bring those out as you go.

You've got this.

Writing is hard. I'm pretty sure I say that in every single writing post I put together, but it's true, isn't it? It's way easier to get sucked into the depths of despair than it is to, you know, actually be happy about what you're writing.

Stop beating yourself up about it. 

Step away from the document for a day or two.

Take some deep breaths - breathing's the key when all that panic starts to settle in, trust me.

Read a really awfully written book to console yourself. (Hey, whatever works, right?)

Eat a whole lot of chocolate. Even if you're happy with writing right now still do this.

Freewrite some scenes you're looking forward to.

Go look up 'Writer Positivity' on Pinterest. Scroll through alllllll those lovely happy affirmations.

+ DAILY WRITER POSITIVITY +  #046 You are the only person in the universe who can write that book.  Want more writerly content? Follow!
Like this one! 

Read over the scenes you really are proud of. Find someone and brag about it. Or brag about a character. Or something. Take what's good and flaunt that amazingness for a few minutes.

Get a piece of paper and start writing down all the things you love about your story. I'm serious; this works wonders. All the positives you can think of - scenes, aspects, characters, dialogue...whatever you love and whatever you feel like you're absolutely nailing. Don't stop until you can't possibly think of anything else to put down. I did this the other day and ended up spending about 20 minutes at it, which was a huge confidence booster with that story.

Sure, you've got things to fix. You'll have to edit soon. (Yes, you will, sadly there's no avoiding it.) But make sure to adjust your point of view first: realize the good. Realize that it's not you who sucks, or even the story.

It's just most of the story.

This could apply to things other than writing, too, I guess. It's not foolproof, but it's something I've been working on a lot lately and felt like sharing. *shrugs*

This has been the Rambly Post of the Week, brought to you by Aimee.

What about you? Do you often find yourself in the writing dumps? What do you do to get out of it? Do you know you're pretty awesome? Comment away. 


  1. I've been having one of those months, too, actually. I've been editing Oathbound. I'm very disappointed in it. Nothing that's on the paper is as I see it in my mind, and the characters sound too similar, and there's too much thinking and not enough action, and too many of the sentences start with I, and too many of the sentences stink and I don't even know why I wrote them, and I think I've forgotten the English language, and there's no realistic way I'll ever get the stupid thing finished. I look at other writers and feel even worse about myself because they've already written this and that and it was wonderful, and they did this and that in a much shorter time than I could have. I start to wonder why I'm even a writer. Sadly, that's how I feel most of the time. So, yes, I struggle a whole lot with insecurity too, and I'm also trying to learn how to be secure. Thank you for this post. It helped me feel better about myself, and it's got some really good suggestions that I think I'll take to heart. I hope you're able to start feeling better about your writing soon. If it helps at all, I have always admired your writing and your work ethic. Your first drafts look an awful lot like final drafts to me, and I really can't see all of the problems that you can. Maybe we're all our own worst critics.

    1. YES. This is basically me right now, too. But I know how much work you put into Oathbound, and how much you care'll get there eventually! I totally believe in you, and I'm glad you found this helpful. :)

  2. Actually, that's what my last blog post was about. I wrote about insecurity and writer's block, too. I hope something I wrote is helpful @.@.

  3. I think it is AWESOME that you were able to turn your sucky month into something better and encouraging, for all of us! I know that right now, editing feels like it is the worst thing ever on my WIP, like it’s a big lumpy blanket that I tried to make flat and instead it is just falling apart… And we all have those days, but, like you said, there’s something, somewhere that makes this worth it and fun and awesome and something to keep us doing this. Because it’s hard, but we can’t just throw in the towel. We write. We edit, we keep trying. And sooner or later things will turn around again.

    Really, though, gorgeous post, and thanks for the encouragement. I think there’s a lot of people who need it. :)

    1. Ughhhh yes. Editing is destroying my soul right now. You basically summed up this whole post in a paragraph much more nicely worded than mine, so xD

  4. Aimee, you're fantastic. And the stories I've read on your short story blog are fantastic.
    YOU ARE A FANTASTIC WRITER, OKAY? Don't think differently. :D
    But that being said, I struggle with the same thing. Daily. It's especially hard during the edits because all I see are the mistakes I have made and have yet to correct instead of the good things I've already written.
    But, go you! *hands you chocolate*

    1. *blushes and hides* Thank youuuuu! That makes me happy. <3
      Go you, too! Editing is the absolute worst, but you've got it. *takes chocolate happily*

  5. ABSOLUTELY. Yes, Aimee, you are freakin awesome. And I am too. Are we good here? :) :) I was just thinking about writing a positive post along these same lines. You rock girlfriend! And you definitely aren't the only one to feel like this. Nuh uh.
    Keep churnin out the words and make sure you take some of your own medicine. You're a stellar writer.

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings

    1. Awwwww, thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it - and you're VERY awesome yourself, yes. :D

  6. I was in a writing slump with the sci-fi mystery novel I'm currently revising right now. As I was working on the second draft, I got pretty annoyed because there were so many major problems in my novel and I just wanted to trunk the whole thing and forget about it completely. But then I started thinking about all the good things in my book (as few as they were), which I call writing a love letter to my book. It got me thinking about what my book could be, which led me to being really motivated to do a complete rewrite for the third draft. Hopefully that will happen with you, because honestly, writers are very mood swingy. One day we hate our writing, and the next we love it. We just have to keep on moving through and stop beating ourselves up so much. YOU CAN DO IT, AIMEE. AND I AGREE WITH KATIE THAT YOU ARE A SUPER DUPER WRITER. *gives you all the chocolate and all the hot chocolate and all the chocolate cake and all the chocolate covered strawberries, and all the chocolate milkshakes and all the chocolate peppermint combinations because chocolate is good and I'm getting crazy right now because I love chocolate and peppermint so much so I will stop*

    1. Oohhhhh, yes. Chocolate peppermint combinations. *sighs happily*

    2. UGH yes. I've found listing all the things you love really does make it better, forces you to focus on the positive for a change, and before you know it it all starts flowing and you've got several pages of positive! THANK YOU YOU ARE AMAZING TOOOOO.
      *takes chocolate/peppermint things becauses yasssss*

  7. Oh man this was awesome. I beat myself up about everything, especially writing. Because Ive never seen myself as a good writer, so its hard to encourage myself or really try. because I feel like I suck anyway.

    but actually this week my writing has finally taken off and for the first time I feel like I'm writing something Im proud of! woo!

    you're right. my story is awesome. my character. my novel. everything. its awesome. thank you for the confidence booster.
    I hope you get out of your writing slump soon. take a break, look up inspiration on pinterest and tumblr and find a really great playlist that makes you feel very involved in your story. also, try to spend sometime in your happy place. like outside or in a library or coffee shop. thats what I do.

    thank you for this post! stay rad!

    1. I've never heard of a writer who DIDN'T beat themselves up about their writing occasionally. It's a sucky part of the process, yeah, but definitely a thing. Don't know if that's encouraging, but oh well. *shrugs*

      Oh, huzzah! Those are the best. :D

      And you go, girl. Say it several times - you're pretty awesome and you've got this.

  8. I have been in the writing dumps for about a month now. I'm writing, just not what I was hoping to, it seems very messy.

    Your writing is amazing!! I wait for your short story each week xD

    1. Ahhhh, thank you! <3 I'm really glad you like it. I hope you get out of the dumps soon, too...that's the worst.

  9. Oh gosh. :') I FEEL SO ENCOURAGED RIGHT NOW. I'm literally working on synopsises and thinking "gosh my book sucks really badly" ha. So very timely to read this. I think self-doubt is the curse of many artists (all artists??) and it is a fine balance between listening and improving realising you're saying you suck when you DON'T. I mean, we all suck, but not 100% of the time. So that's encouraging. XD
    *showers you with chocolate*
    I hope Pariah starts behaving for you.

    1. FEEL ALLLL THE ENCOURAGEMENT, CAIT. I know exactly what you're talking about - the suckiness kind of drowns you and it's just ick. But you're absolutely right, it happens to everyone.
      Yes, I hope it behaves too. *glares*

  10. THIS POST. It's perfect. (By the way, you mentioned positive writing resources and I have to say Positive Writers and Literary Rejections are great ones.) And definitely, writers are already awesome for daring to put their words out there (it is SO nerve-wracking) and all ideas of the seed of brilliance. We just need to figure out how to mess around with them? And I think someone else -- whether it's a friend or a beta or a CP or blog readers -- definitely helps with what Cait said about striking the balance. Even if this incarnation of your writing sucks, it does not mean all of your writing sucks, or you suck. Not at all.

    Amazing positivity, Aimee!

    1. (Ah, thanks! Alll the positive resources are great.)
      *nods wisely* I couldn't have said it better myself.

  11. This post is wonderful and awesome. As a writer who often looks at my work and says "What am I doing?" this really helps me to remember to look at the good, because that will encourage me to change the bad.

  12. Thank you so much for this! I needed this really bad. Even while I was reading this post I figured out something that I think will fix my world building problem. (basically: douse it in Steampunk XD)

  13. This post = AWESOMENESS!! Thanks for that... I needed this. :D



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