A Very Helpful Writer's Block Pep-Talk

7:00 AM

Writing Is Hard (and it's totally worth it!)

We've all been here. 

Writer's block. 

It's the number one thing that stops writers from writing. It's that mysterious entity that sits on your hands and makes typing even a single sentence torture; it's the thing that we writers wail and moan about more than anything else (besides those times when the internet goes out and you can't procrastinate). There are a thousand billion (actual data, guys) posts about what to do about writer's block, how to break out of it, etc. It's Camp NaNo time, too, so I figured I should give my own advice on the subject.

Here's something to remember when you're trying to find a way out of writer's block: 

Writer's block is not actually a thing. 

Woah, what's that? You wanted something and helpful? Well, I'm trying to be.

Are there rough patches in writing? Yes. Are there times where continuing the story feels like walking through snake-infested syrupy sludge while dragging a ton of bricks and simultaneously having to sing Latin chants you only half-remember? Heck, yes. 

Sorry to break it to you, but that's just writing. 

There is no disease that is writer's block, infesting the mind and making it impossible to write. There are those rough spots, but hey, if you need or expect writing to be easy you're in the wrong line of work. Writing absolutely sucks 70% of the time - and you shouldn't discourage yourself with excuses to make yourself feel better about those sucky periods. 

This is actually what it feels like most of the time. 

Deal with it. 

Keep writing. 

"I've got writer's block" may be a nice excuse to give you time to close the document and spend five hours eating ice cream and surfing Pinterest, but it won't carry you very far. One way or another you've got to push through! Take writing as the hard, sometimes near-impossible thing it is and go push through it. Even if you write just 50 words. Write SOMETHING. Keep writing. Every day. Ask most published authors and they'll tell you exactly the same thing, I can guarantee it. 

Speaking of which, what are you sitting here for? Close this blog post and go write 100 words right now. I can promise you it's a better use of your time. Don't worry, I'll wait. 


The sucky feeling won't last forever - but why sit around and wait for a blast of inspiration to make things easy again? Writing isn't easy. It never will be easy. You can't wait for inspiration to come to you; that's nice but that's not how it works. You have to slog through thousands of words of suckiness to get to the good parts, guys. 

Throw away the idea of writer's block. 

Just keep writing, one word at a time. 

Because what about Haymitch isn't inspiring? 


  1. The Nemo gif! Pure perfection!

    You are so right. There's this quote by someone I don't remember. It goes something like, "inspiration doesn't start anything. Action always generates inspiration." Or something of the like...
    I kind of learned this the hard way.

    Haymitch! Stay alive.

    1. Ooh, I think I've seen this quote too! It's something I've had to learn in order to keep going, and I'm glad I did. :)

  2. Thank you for this, just what I needed, Loved all the gifs, and nothing about Haymitch isn't inspiring.

    1. Right? Haymitch is the most inspiring person I know. xD Glad it helped!

  3. the first GIF was so funny ^-^ Thank you for this post... I've been going through some "writer's block" (I know better after this post)... It's kinda hard not to go on Pinterest ('cuz hey, that's probably one of the most used sites on my computer) to "help" writer's block, but writing through the hardest times is certainly what I try to do.

    1. Oh, I feel ya. I've been struggling through it too - heck, that's what inspired this post in the first place. Pinterest is totally the default. xD Keep on writing!

  4. YES. I don't like it when people use writer's block as an excuse for not writing! Although, to be fair, I have "writer's block" at the moment. But that's just because I don't actually feel like revising. REVISION. I HATE IT. *sigh* But I'll never get published without it, so I need to get over it.
    This post reminds me of a quote by Phillip Pullman . . .http://izquotes.com/quotes-pictures/quote-i-don-t-believe-in-it-all-writing-is-difficult-the-most-you-can-hope-for-is-a-day-when-it-goes-philip-pullman-349637.jpg
    I need motivation . . . Oh well. Maybe it'll pick up when school is over.

    1. Revisionnnnn. We hates it, precious!
      I LOVE THAT QUOTE. *saves it everywhere*

    2. We does.
      That is about the only writer quote I actually really know of. :/ But it is a good one, I think. xD

  5. My thoughts exactly! Yes, I get 'stuck' sometimes in my writing, hit those rough patches, but honestly 'writer's block' I think is just an excuse. I see so many people use it constantly - I have a friend who uses it for months on end to justify the fact that she hasn't written anything - and it kind of annoys me. Great post!

    1. Exactlyyyy. It's very often used as a reason to NOT write, but I mean....you can't just wait for inspiration. You have to go get it. Happy writing! :D

  6. This totally gave me an idea for a new blog post about something kind of related and kind of not. You're right—writer's block is no excuse for not writing! Inspiration isn't a magical fairy that you pray for. I think Jack London said you have to go after it with a club.


  7. Those gifs are perfection!
    Also, you're exactly write: we just gotta keep on keeping on until we make it out of the rough part. Awesome post!



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