#WatchMeWrite - This Is How I Do It

12:56 PM

This week is all about me. Because this is my blog and I do what I want.

Just kidding. I'm not that self-centered, although I will be talking some about my process and so on this week, and on Saturday I shall tell you more about myself and such, as you will hear more about at the end of this post. 

Today, I am going to talk about my writing process and how that goes down, and you will actually get to watch it happen, because I've figured out to take a video of my screen as I type, speed it up, and add music to it. Which is a huge accomplishment for me, considering the fact that managing a blog is pretty much the only thing I can successfully do with computers.

This is how I write. 
(Do not try at home. To the Barricade! is not responsible for your sanity and/or emotional state if you do.)

I procrastinate. 

Lots of procrastination, all the time. I mean, who just sits down and writes? I don't really have a scheduled time to sit down and write. I don't plan these things. They come out of my brain after some thinking and it usually works well. Sort of. Also, I have been known on multiple occasions to write half or all of a post on the day it's supposed to go up. Sue me.

I pants. 

I don't plot. At all. Not first drafts, at least. I sit down with a vague idea of where I want them to end up and little to no character development and I type until I'm finished. Sometimes it's actually pretty good. Sometimes it's an incoherent trainwreck (usually if I do it for NaNo) but it's always a mess that needs years and years and years of editing, probably. Who plots, anyway? It gives me a headache.

Me. For the whole draft. 

I'm surprised. 

Because seriously, how often do these characters behave? Never, that's when. But I love them all, even when they do things like die or kill other people or run into dark alleys or charge psychopaths with guns or whatever else the special little snowflakes get into their adorable heads.

I listen to music. 

Lots of music. Currently my favorite writing music includes the Game of Thrones soundtrack, the Sherlock Holmes move soundtracks (allll the pretty violins!), Coldplay, Mythos, some Paramore and Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, the Tron soundtrack (also the remix album which is lovely), various other soundtracks, and so on. Basically whatever pops into my brain at the moment and somewhat fits what I'm writing. (interested in the Pariah playlist? You can find that here on Spotify.)

Spotify is my most favorite thing ever now.

I drink tea. Or caffeinated beverages. 

I'll be honest: I'm not a huge tea person. Yes, I know, I'm a writer, but it's often not my thing! I prefer stuff like Coke. Or coffee, occasionally. Although, I have been known to enjoy peppermint tea on difficult days, because peppermint tea is amazing.

I also like to eat while writing. Popcorn, chips, something like that.

I pace. 

I'm incapable of staying still for very long at any given time, and that includes being glued to my chair while writing or editing. Every few paragraphs or so I'll get up and pace back and forth, because my fingers go faster than my brain and I have to put the words in my head into order for the next few paragraphs. I've also been known to write upside down (thank heaven for light laptops), laying down, standing up, walking, and so on.


This is where I write: 

Usually, I should say. I'll write on the floor, or my bed, or wherever else. I also like to write at my library, or the coffee shop. But chances are, you'll find me typing away here:

This is my desk. I cleaned it up for you people because usually it is covered in papers. There is my laptop, and my mascots, and my Victorian Era reference book on the left, and my tea on the right, and above that are my sticky notes with quotes from books I've loved. Because I'm cool like that. 

And these are my mascots. The creepy fish-eating cat is a gift from a relative who got it somewhere in Asia, and Small Wolverine is a birthday gift from a friend. They stand there and give me judgmental looks as I write, which is cool, I guess, and sort of motivating.

And finally, this is how I write. 

I've finally figured out how to do this, so now you can see the magic happen! Below is eight minutes of me editing the first chapter of Pariah, the finished version of which can be found here on Wattpad. The video quality slightly sucks, because my screencapture is not all that great, but whatever. You can visit that Wattpad link and read the very same thing I'm editing below! This is how I write/edit/revise, sped up a lot and put to music. (The music is Not In Blood, But In Bond by Hans Zimmer, from the Sherlock Holmes movie soundtrack. It is quite awesome and fits the book well.) 

How do you write? Share your tricks, locations, the music you listen to, and so on below. 


  1. Spotify is life. But can I say that my writing process is almost exactly the same. I am notorious for winging everything I write, because I don't have the attention span to sit down and plot. And yes to the pacing. I cannot sit still for longer than a few minutes while doing something, unless that thing greatly interests me, which is why I find myself rarely editing because editing is eating away my soul. And also, I approve of tiny Wolverine. That's so awesome. XD

  2. We edit pretty much the same way. I really don't like editing. For music, I listen to Lindsey Stirling music or soundtracks from Soundfuel. :) Good luck editing Pariah!

  3. Oohhhh. Is that a giant cork board behind your desk?
    *cough* May I ask how you walk while writing? I find that interesting and would like to know your secret. :p
    I always love watching these #WatchMeWrite videos. How you all do it, I have no idea. xD Maybe someday I'll have to figure it out. *shrug* Thanks for sharing. :D

  4. I pants a little bit. And I listen to a lot of music. But most of all, I love your writing place! It looks so pretty, and thought-provoking! I don't have an office place like that to work; I have to share my workstation with three sisters and two parents should they ever feel like it. Still, I find this mostly awesomeness, and THANK YOU for sharing because it is cool to watch people write and all that good stuff.

  5. I write anywhere in my house, near an outlet for my battery-dead laptop, and if necessary I play music through headphones to block out my family watching television. I don't usually write with no one else around, since . . . I don't know. Just how my family works I guess. I listen to the playlists I put together for each project while I write, or the mood playlists for different emotions I've put together. I always end up with at least five documents open while I write - the draft, the outline, the timeline, and character sheets. Oftentimes I've got my email pulled up in my browser as well so that when I get the notifications, I have an excuse to virtually trot away for a diversion (especially if I'm editing).

  6. That's cool. I love tons of sticky notes and Spotify. Spotify all day erry day. I don't know what I'd do without my inspirational soundtrack playlist.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack! I also enjoy listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack while I write. I usually stick with instrumentals because listening to music with lyrics really distracts me when I'm writing. I don't have a Spotify account, but by how awesome it sounds I must give it a try! Also, I am quite impressed with your video. Bravo. :)

  8. First of all: YES HANS ZIMMER. *does a little twirl*

    Music is SOOOO important when I write. I've also taken to the habit of recording whenever I write, even if I'm not planning to make a #WatchMeWrite, just to avoid procrastinating. And oh my, I wish I could learn how to walk and write. I could do so much more exercise. But I totally get that ideas-faster-than-mind feeling -- typically I just scribble it on a note card for later.

    ALSO YOU HAVE A CORK BOARD. I am much jealousy.

  9. Oh yay. I very much enjoyed seeing how you write. I've tried pantsing before, and promptly realized that it's way too messy for my organized soul, so know I plot everything I write. It helps the words flow a bit better for me for some reason and it helps me keep my sanity while I write. Still, I admire the way of pantsers. I kind of write upside down, too, sometimes, if we're thinking about the same thing. When I am facing a particularly difficult block in my writing, I am known to get up from my desk, throw myself on my bedroom floor and write with my laptop on its side. Or I flip the laptop so that the screen part is resting on the ground and the keyboard is perpendicular to the ground and I write like that for a bit. Because I am weird. And somehow doing that helps me think when I get stuck. Then when it's all fixed I revert back to my desk. I kind of listen to music while I write, but it's not a very regular occurrence. When I do listen to music, it is most always to movie soundtracks, because they are fabulous for writing. I don't really eat or drink that much when I write because I'm paranoid about spilling something all over my laptop, but in the winter I guzzle lots of hot chocolate in between writing sessions. Oh man. Writing that comment just made me fall in love all over again with how fabulous the life of a writer is.

  10. Cool! I like seeing other people's writing processes. I find candles help me write when I'm really going hardcore. I turn off all of the lights and have just candles, my laptop, and a cup of tea and the words just come to me lol.


  11. LOL, cool post!
    I pace when I'm writing too! I /can/ sit still for long periods, but when I need to think or brainstorm or--weirdly--write a battle scene, I almost always have to get up and walk around my room!
    I pants too! The special darlings our characters are. *sighs* I suppose if they behaved though the pantsing process wouldn't be as fun.


  12. Omg I wish I could write in my room!!! I write on the computer in our sunroom and it's out in the middle of the house amidst the chaos lol! But usually I'll put in my earbuds, turn on my Playlist Of Hope and go for it lol. (My playlist of hope is actual songs that I think fit my story idea very well and plus are just good songs in general.)


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