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10:16 AM

Alexa @ Summer Snowflakes tagged me for some things.

I am now going to do the things.

The rules: 
1. Share the picture above in your post and link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Share at least one blog you've recently discovered. (Try to say something about each blog)
3. Share at least one blog you'd describe as a new favorite.
4. Share at least one blog you'd describe as an old favorite.
5. Tag however many people you like.

New Discoveries

The PowerSarah's new blog is awesome. It's not the kind of blog I usually read but she's such a deep, thoughtful person, her writing is beautiful, and I've been incredibly inspired by her faith and some of the decisions she's made in God lately, so I'm going to promote this as much as I can. It's funny sometimes. It's clever. It makes you think. I love it already. 

Books, Bubbles, & ArohanuiOkay, technically I've been following this blog for a while, but it just got a new makeover and a new focus and I'm really loving it. Tessa (pen name, but whatever) is kind of hilarious and quirky and generally awesome so you people should go follow her right now.

Camo & PearlsI just found this blog the other day (well, became brave enough to comment) and I love it already. The writing is beautiful, the blog design is beautiful, and's just a beautiful blog in general. 

This is my relationship with these blogs. 
Old Favorites 

Sometimes I'm A StoryIf you're not following this blog, I'm not sure what's wrong with you. Heather has it all: sarcasm, sass, intelligence, thoughtful posts, everything. Her posts pretty much always make me laugh, so there's something. I've always appreciated her ability to analyze things, because I cannot do that to save my life. (Also, she's guest-posted here before. Check that out too.) 

A Writer's FaithKatie has been a huge inspiration and encouragement to me lately in the midst of all my Pariah woes, which I should really thank her more for. Not to mention, she's pretty dang awesome herself. Her blog is also awesome. Obviously. She's smart, funny, and overwhelmingly positive. 

Curious RamblingsSpeaking of hilarious bloggers...Chloe really takes the cake on this one. Besides being encouraging herself, she has a sense of humor I can really appreciate, good taste in gifs, and I love her blog design! So, basically, it's a win. I've loved all of her posts, from the thoughtful to the just-plain-funny.

Moving on to the next tag...

The rules: 
Answer the seven questions.
Tag some bloggers (no particular number required).
Include the above picture.

Bloggers Who Are Incredibly Dedicated

Cait: This is a textbook answer but really, guys, Cait's blog (Paper Fury) is a bit of a wonder to me. And she blogs so. often., as well as answering all the comments, commenting on the blogs that go with those comments, and reading as much as she does. Someone has too much time on her hands, yeah?

Emily: Her blog (This Incandescent Life) is really professionally run, which impresses me. She has some seriously thoughtful things to say, while I don't always agree with her, and she does such a wonderful job at sticking to schedule and running her blog. 

Bloggers With Beautiful Blog Designs 

Opal: Her blog (Opal Swirls) is gorgeous. It's simple, clean, easily accessible, and I could pretty much stare creepily at it forever, so she wins points for that. (Also, her writing rocks.)

Beth: Her blog is The Quiet People, and it's incredibly pretty to look at. While I am not a quiet person in any way, I do make an effort when I sneak onto her blog (read: stalk, because sometimes I get shy about commenting places), and I've always appreciated the simplicity of her blog design. It fits the theme of the blog and I'm in love with that color scheme. 

Bloggers With Brilliant Reviews 

Ana: I've always appreciated her reviews. She has a unique look on things, and while I sometimes don't agree with that look, I can 100% respect it. She thinks everything through and it really shows. (She also started the fascinating discussion about whether or not we should put content labels on books, which I contributed too, and I very much appreciate her post about it.) 

Schuyler: My Lady Bibliophile is such a fun blog to read! She puts so much heart into her reviews and I respect that a lot. (Also, she's awesome on Twitter. Just saying.) 

Bloggers Who Are Deep and Thoughtful 

Sarah: I already mentioned Sarah in this post, but whatever. Already The Power is such an incredibly thought-provoking blog that I really can't get enough of it. She has a brilliant mind, I think, and you should all check her out and appreciate that. 

Annika: I love Annika's blog for many reasons, and one of them is that I always enjoy the thought that goes into her posts. She's a really smart, funny, epic person, and her blog posts are equally so. So there. What other reasons do you need? 

Bloggers Who Are Just Plain Enjoyable to Read 

Gemma: First of all, she's such a sweet person and all-around good human being, which is a thousand more points in my book. Second of all, I adore her blog. She has some great discussions on there and it's the best.

Katie: Spiral-Bound is an awesome blog. That's it. But really, Katie is such a fun person to interact with, her sense of humor is spot-on, and I've enjoyed reading about her editing successes and struggles (and relating too much, sigh). 

Bloggers With A Great Sense of Humor 

Heather: Sometimes I'm A Story is one of my favorite blogs for a reason, kids. Heather has this dry sense of humor that I can't replicate and love to read. And you should go check her out. Now. I've laughed over almost every single one of her posts at some point. 

Alyssa: The Devil Orders Takeout is the name of this blog and if that doesn't set you up for the type of humor Alyssa has I don't know what else will. She writes some pretty weird posts, admittedly, and I love them all. (Like the one where she replaced book characters with shovels and the results were oddly hilarious.) 

Bloggers Who Inspire Me 

Chloe: Because this girl is awesomely encouraging and I've come away from her blog smiling so many times. She always has something uplifting to say, which is super important, and I enjoy talking to her! 

Go Teen Writers: This is a group/community that has meant a ton to me this year in lots of ways, so it wouldn't be right to exclude it! Jill, Stephanie, and Shannon are all hugely inspirational, kind people, and I've really appreciated the tips and quotes and bits of wisdom they've shared on this blog. 

Basically, I love you all and I can't say it enough. 

Alexa tagged me for the Unpopular Book Opinions tag, too, but that's coming tomorrow because tomorrow is a book day. For now...give me some shout-outs! Who are some awesome bloggers that deserve more love? Who are some bloggers I need to check out/follow immediately? Comment away.


  1. Oooh, lovely new bloggers to investigate! What fun. THANK YOU for listing me as an old favorite and as a humorous blogger, as that made me feel special. I'm glad I make you laugh, because that is one of my favorite things! :) :) :) You are so nice. EVERYBODY finds Cait so dedicated, and with good reason. She is just the master of all the things. It's interesting, just because she seems to be the connecting point between so many blogs. I do admit to loving both Opal and Beth's simple designs—it is really nice to read things easily, right? I gotta say I don't agree with Ana all the time either, but that's okay, her perspective helps me understand what I think, too. Alyssa is totally funny and amazing—she's very creative in the way she chooses to approach writerly things, which I always appreciate.

    YOU SAY THE LOVELIEST THINGS AIMEE. And they are all right, I bet. :) And, if you didn't know, your blog is pretty rockin', funny, and amazing, too.

    1. Of course! You're definitely one of my favorites and therefore I must mention you everywhere. *nods*

  2. AIMEE YOU ARE AWESOME THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm so glad you like The Power. :)

    1. Thanks! You're pretty awesome yourself.

  3. ... I LOVE YOU FOREVER. You are soooo sweet and THANK YOU so so much. I was not expecting to be anywhere on the list and it totally made my day. :)

    Aside from that, thanks for all the new blog recommendations. *follows spasmodically* And among the blogs that you mentioned that I'm familiar with, I could not agree more. So many awesome bloggers out there!!

    1. Of course! I really enjoy your blog and your perspectives, so it wouldn't be fair of me to leave you out. *follow alllll the blogs!*

  4. Oh, Aimee, and here's me thinking you didn't know my blog existed... I'm totally trying not to be all gushy and starstruck. Thank you for the compliment - my blog design is mostly minimalistic because I only bothered to install half of the design, but I'm really glad it works for you!
    Beth x

    1. Hah, I've just been stalking your blog for a very long time and not actually commented on anything, but I intend to change that. :P You're so welcome!

  5. Oh my goodness, Aimee, you have SUCH an eye for lovely blog names. Books, Bubbles & Arohanui + Camo & Pearls -- seriously? Wonderful blogs with names to match, thank you so much for sharing :) And you are not kidding about beautiful blog designs either -- I literally followed the Quiet People just based on that minimalistic design. Bottom line: your choice in blogs is exquisite and my Bloglovin' feed just grew by a mile.

    And of course THANK YOU for nominating me in the blogging community tag! I'm not quite sure where I was going with the shovel post either, but it seems popular, so *shrugs*

    1. Yessss, excellent. I was hoping to share the love for all my favorite pretty blogs. *rubs hands together evilly*

      You're so welcome! I loved the shovel post more than I probably should have. xD

  6. *visits alllll the blogs*

    Yay, you did the tag! And I see so many blogs I haven't visited before. I need to do that, because they all sound awesome.

    But a lot of these I DO recognize, and can agree with so much what you've said. Like, Heather and Alyssa are hilarious(I cracked up at the shovel post, really). And Cait. HOW DOES SHE EVEN DO IT. I don't know.

    Anyways. Awesome blogs; awesome post!

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

    1. Yay! I had a lot of fun going through and revisiting all these blogs, because they're all so fun and heartwarming for me. So it's only fair that I promote the heck out of them. :D

  7. Oh, Aimeeeee.
    *cue warm fuzzy feelings with a foolish grin*
    Thank you! I'd definitely shoutout your blog (cause it's my favorite!) buuuut seeing that you wrote this post it's a little odd. *shrug*
    *shouts out your blog to whomsoever may be reading this*
    You're completely awesome. xD

    I've heard of MOST of these blogs...but not all, so leave me be while I go stalk them all.

    1. *allll the warm fuzzies* Thank youuuu xD

  8. Well I went and followed Sarah's blog because I don't follow anything like that and it was good. :) So you succeeded in convincing me to follow one new blog at least. xD I'm very hesitant to follow new ones because I don't have enough time to read them all faithfully.

    1. Right? Her blog is awesome.


  9. *checks out all the blogs!... or will eventually when she has time, lol*

    I've already read, adored, and followed several of these, so I have to agree with you! These bloggers are certainly awesome! :D



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