Beautiful People: Iliad Retelling

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*screeches because I just now realized I have to start planning for Camp NaNo next month*


Once again I'm doing the Beautiful People linkup, as hosted by Cait and Sky. There isn't a particular theme for this month so I'm going to introduce you to some new characters. As I've briefly mentioned before my Camp NaNo novel is going to be a sci-fi retelling of Homer's The Iliad, because I am total Iliad trash. Here's a brief summary/description of the characters (because yes, I am totally answering these for four different characters. I do what I want.) 
This is Achilles. Problem child. ESFP but like, not the happy bubbly kind. Cyborg. Pro sulker and thrower of excellent tantrums. Terrifying fighter. Has cool sci-fi armor. We don't screw around with him. 

Odyssey. (In which I genderbend Odysseus because I can.) Master tactician. Most clever ESTP child. Doesn't play by the rules. Unbearably sassy. Very sneaky. Will beat you up in a heartbeat.

Patria. (genderbent Patroclus because once again, I can.) Cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Could also kill you if you mess with her. Best friend. Better soldier. Pays attention to anything, is never actually noticed.

Hec. (yusss genderbent Hector.) Takes no nonsense. Gets crap done. Deadpan humor. The Mom Friend. Totally hardcore. Vastly underrated.

This should be fun. 


1. What first inspired this character? 
Well, this is a retelling, so they're obviously all based off characters in the book. But I have my own thoughts about all of them, and I'm very excited to get deeper into their characters and explore things I've always wanted to do with them. (I'm having too much fun with this.)

2. Describe their daily routine.
While they're hanging out on their awesome metallic spaceships at war but not in the middle of intense battles: 

Achilles spends most of his time training. He's always preparing for a fight and feels the need to distract himself from his own mind when he's not fighting. 

Odyssey also has no chill and is constantly analzying, planning, forming plans, being sneaky. She's everywhere, with everyone, befriending people and making sure she's on top of the situation. (Man, the (wo)man is NON-STOP.)

 Patria is an actual cinnamon roll with some amount of chill. She's usually reading -- she has to work hard to keep her position and be respected as someone smaller and gentler than most of these hardcore people. She's also generally around Achilles, because the poor boy needs friends.

Hec is all about family and keeping people safe. She's constantly patrolling and in meetings. Constantly. Someone give that woman a break and some coffee.

3. If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into?
(I happen to love this question. None of them are high-school age, but I'll pretend they are for the sake of the question. Also: I'm homeschooled. I don't know how actual high-school cliques work. I'm going off stereotypes because it's funny. Sue me.)

Achilles is that weird loner kid who is tall and dark and handsome but also likes to sulk and snap at people unreasonably. So essentially your usual YA love interest. Odyssey is that one popular girl who's much cleverer than she might seem like at first and also dresses fabulously/is nice to most people. Patria is nice quiet bookish girl who hangs around Loner Kid. Hec is the one mature person in the class, the person who has good grades because she actually tries

4. Write a list of things they merely tolerate. 
Three for each of them: 

Achilles: Most people, uncomfortable beds, obeying people of higher ranks. 
Odyssey: Rules, stupid people, chocolate. (She's an anomaly sometimes.)
Patria: Achilles' constant sucky attitude, space, people who don't read. 
Hec: Her position as a commander, burned food, very large bugs that could eat your face off. 

5. How do they react in awkward silences?
Achilles: is probably the cause of the awkward silence, because he has no filters on his big mouth. *patpat*
Odyssey: leaves. Who even has time for awkward silences? 

Patria: thinks of something nice to say. What a sweetheart. 
Hec: points out the awkward silence. VERY awkwardly. It's a problem. 

6. Can they swim? If so, how did they learn?

I'm pretty sure they can all swim. For the first three they're hardcore soldiers and it's kind of part of their job to be able to handle basic situations like swimming. Hec lives in a city by a huge ocean, so pretty much everyone can swim there. She probably learned from her parents, or just picked it up naturally? 

7. What is one major event that helped shape who they are?

Achilles: when he joined the army out of honor, his ever-so-slightly-insane mother decided to give him more than a fighting chance in order to keep him safe and had him enhanced and essentially made into a cyborg. Realizing that he'd been...upgraded in such a way and that he was pretty much invincible, as well as all the psychological stuff that came along with the process, changed him vastly. 

Odyssey: Preciously she wasn't hardcore. Joining the army and going through several years of academy training and then more specialized training brought out the wickedly clever leader inside her and turned her into someone sharper. 

Patria: Meeting Achilles and beginning to work with him. (That tends to age people. He's a bit exhausting.)

Hec: She lost her parents when she was young, to a war that could have easily been avoided. It inspired her to become a leader/commander and prevent such disasters in the future.

8. What things do they value most in life?
*rubs hands together evilly*

Achilles: PATRIAAAAA. *grins*
Odyssey: Being well-respected and staying in control of things. She's not really a material person. 
Patria: Books. Books. Books. Books. She's a girl after my own heart. 
Hec: Family. *feels very evil indeed* 

9. Do they believe in giving others second chances? Do they have any trust issues?

Achilles: Nope nope nopeee. He doesn't give second chances to anyone, not believing that anyone deserves it if they screwed up in the first place. He's exceedingly paranoid and only trusts one or two people. 

Odyssey: She gives second chances when she believes it's deserved, and only then. She has a very specific code that she sticks to firmly. However, she has a ton of trust issues -- she's learned not to really trust anyone, probably because she's a cheating backstabber herself. 

Patria: Again, what a cinnamon roll. She's extremely forgiving and will almost always argue for a second chance. She has some reservations, but is very good at reading people and can generally tell when it's a good idea to trust and when it's a bad idea to trust. 

Hec: She believes in second chances too, but she doesn't trust people after she gives them that chance. She's learned much better than that and has to keep her head on her shoulders. 

10. Your character is having a rough day…what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood?

Achilles: He goes off and sulks by himself. Sometimes a talk with Patria helps, but usually he just sort of sulks and mopes until he gets over himself. *deep sigh* A good hard victory makes him feel better for a little while, though. 

Odyssey: A drink and some healthy competition lift her spirits almost instantly. She gets over stuff fairly quickly. A good interact with almost anyone helps her extrovert self, too. 

Patria: She's a hugger. Feeling loved and being able to help someone else makes her feel better, but if she's in a bad mood, you won't know about it unless you ask her and get her to talk to you. 

Hec: Her family. She has a husband and some kids, and spending time with them helps. What a sweetheart.

Basically: These characters are a bunch of special snowflakes and I love them.


  1. They all sound amazing, and I can't wait to see how you mess their lives up.

  2. Cool beans! It's been three years since I read the Iliad and Odyssey, but Achilles and Odyssey sound very accurate to the originals. I love story retellings and this one sounds super epic! You've got such a good balance of mirroring the original and dong what you want. I am a huge fan of Greek mythology, so may do a genderbent retelling of one of those old stories at some point!

  3. They all sound awesome, but I'm especially loving Hec. I can't wait to hear more about this!

  4. *whisks Hec's precious family away to protect them.*

    Sounds very awesome and clever, Aimee! I love your characters here and seriously can't wait to read this story!


  5. I'll admit I've never read the Illiad, BUT THIS SOUNDS AMAZING OKAY. I mean, cyborgs and hard-core sci-fi, what isn't to love? xD Odyssey sounds like a character that I will absolutely love. And Patria is precious. Achilles sounds like the emotional angsty person but simultaneously great. Hec doesn't necessarily sound like a character I'd normally really love, but I'm intrigue. *nod*

    In other words, give it to meeee xD

  6. AHHH THIS SOUNDS AMAZING. LIKE BEYOND AMAZING OMG. Retellings are infinitely awesome and gender bending is basically everything. Tbh, I don't know why it isn't done more in retellings?! Hum. Anyway! BEST OF LUCK WRITING THIS. I hope it's super fun. ;D

  7. *sqwee!* The Jeremy Renner gif was me the whole time reading this.

    Yay to gender bending! Hugs allll the characters, hugs YOU for writing such awesomeness!

  8. Sweet!!!
    I'm excited to see how this story plays out. I think I'll read your version before I read the classic. Why? /Because/.
    I already love these characters, and I wish you good luck!
    Just as a side note, I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one who writes stereotypical moody damaged guys. Somehow one of those ends up being the main character in every novel I write, even when I set out with the intention of avoiding that. *looks at Gabriel, Sean, and Norman* Poor dears.

  9. Aw, Patria sounds like an adorable cupcake. And yay for HAMILTON REFERENCE!

  10. Aw, Patria sounds like an adorable cupcake. And yay for HAMILTON REFERENCE!

  11. I'm trying so hard not to fall in love with these characters, because I have an uncomfortable feeling you're going to kill them all (or at least torture their souls out, but I think I'm failing. Just-- ACHILLES. AND HEC.

    Also, reading this is making me really want to write a Horatius at the bridge retelling (with genderbent Herminius, yesss). Argh. Bad brain. I MUST RESIST.

  12. I'm trying so hard not to fall in love with these characters, because I have an uncomfortable feeling you're going to kill them all (or at least torture their souls out, but I think I'm failing. Just-- ACHILLES. AND HEC.

    Also, reading this is making me really want to write a Horatius at the bridge retelling (with genderbent Herminius, yesss). Argh. Bad brain. I MUST RESIST.

  13. Ugh I am so not ready for this I don't want to be destroyed again

    1. Same, same, same. *is already ready to cry*

  14. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH THIS IS GONNA BE SO AWESOME *takes deep breath* Oh man, I love your interpretations of the characters.
    Oh my gosh this is awesome.

    1. It's totally not okay. I think this book is going to torture us. O.O But I can't wait for it. xD

  15. Love this, the collages are gorgeous. I relate to Patria.

  16. I LOVE THIS POST. I LOVE THE COLLAGES. I LOVE THEM. Aaand you've made me 3000x even more excited to read the Iliad, so, yeah. I LOVE the twist on the River Styx O.o

    Also I am shipping! I am shipping indeed! Patria sounds so cool.


    Oh gosh, I LOVE the fact that you genderbent some of the characters, and Achilles is a cyborg?? THAT IS SO EPIC AND PERFECT.

    And my heart is already aching thinking of poor Hec and Patria and Achilles, because assuming you're not going to change the basic plot in drastic ways, we all know where this is heading. :'(



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