2016 // a year in lists

10:18 AM

or sort of lists. However I feel like summing it up.

Well, gang, it's been a year.

What a year.
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If you didn't know already, a lot of people aren't glad that 2016 is over as much as they want to take 2016 out back and shoot it in the head repeatedly. It's been tough for a lot of people. It's been weird. as has every other year ever, but i guess we're forgetting all about that. So it's a little awkward for me to say out loud, but I will anyway: 2016 has been the best year of my life. 

Maybe the hardest. Some months, especially the first few, felt like I'd been kicked in the face and then headbutted repeatedly for good measure. But this year I've grown. I've met new people who have changed me, and gotten closer to other people than I thought I would. I've made and kept some best friends that I value so, so much. (If you think I'm talking about you I am definitely talking about you.) I'm sitting here writing this in the coffee shop and I'm realizing that for me, this year has been the year of growing, of finding who I am, of chasing who I want. 

I have a job.

I can drive myself places. 

I'm working on a sci-fi podcast that I want to produce and release legitimately this upcoming year. (be on the lookout for that!) 

I'm working working working and writing writing writing and thinking about the future. 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out and changed my life. (more on that later.)

So many things have combined to make me who I am this year and push me further; so many things have made me laugh and made me cry and inspired me. So it would only be fair to throw a few of those things at you. Think of it as a sort of multimedia digital scrapbook.

this year I... 

250 things. (I WILL reach that goal. I WILL.) Some of them were spectacular. Some of them made me sad. Some of them I don't even remember. But there were most definitely some favorites. 

Morning Star, duh, was everything I've needed out of a good book, good sci-fi, and a perfect conclusion to a heartbreaking series. cannot recommend enough. // Gemina was as fantastic as expected and, in fact, more fantastic than expected. // Behold the Bones came as a surprise treat that gave me the warm-cozy Southern vibe I need while also horrifying Southern Gothic and fun characters, so it's a win. // X-Men: Legacy should technically not be here because it's a comic but it means so, so, so much to me and makes me sob and i cannot leave it out. // Scythe is a Neal Shusterman book and that's really all you need to know about that. // Clockwork Orange is horrifying and disgusting and made my head hurt so naturally, I fell in love with it.

'Twas a good year for comics, too, so some deserve a mention.

Ant-Man captures everything I've ever loved about Scott Lang, fun comics, and the concept of fairly average superheroes trying to balance being normal human beings. // Iron Fist was written by my fave, Matt Fraction, and is almost as good as Hawkeye, somehow. // Black Widow hurt every one of my five feelings and the art made me swoon. // Captain Marvel is my new role model and her comics are the most fun. // X-Men: Legacy should be here again but I already talked about it so basically just go read it, please.


Really, the only thing you need to know about Marvel Netflix shows is that (a) they're all fantastic and (b) I watched all three of them this year. (Eagerly awaiting Iron Fist, this coming spring, gah.) They're darker and more intense/mature than Marvel's other stuff (Jessica Jones in particular; a good amount of skipping was involved in some episodes) but if you're up to that, it's worth it. Daredevil is my fave. I shouldn't even have to explain that. Jessica Jones is pretty dark and left me disappointed in places, but it's a heartbreaking and excellently told story. Luke Cage...could have been better, but it's a fun superhero thing with sick villains, anyway.

Miraculously, I did not consume just Marvel this year.

Blindspot...is actually really good! I haven't caught up because I'm a distracted peanut but THEY ARE ALL ADORABLE AND I LOVE THEM. And Jamie Alexander is in it. So win for me. // The Office. My gosh. I watched it, and now I'm re-watching it, and I've never laughed harder. // X-Files does not really need anything to be said for it other than ~aliens~ and ~Fox Mulder~ and the huge crush I may or may not have on Fox Mulder and the fact that it's spooky and I love it. // Parks and Rec! Alllll the warm fuzzies. Goodness. What a good thing.

Moving on to movies...there were some stand-outs this year, obviously.

JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME HAVE ALL MY FAVES OKAY. Star Trek: Beyond was the ultimate sci-fi film and increased my love of Star Trek by ten million percent and also it is gorgeous, so there. // Doctor Strange was...strange. And lovely. And not my genre or my favorite Marvel movie, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless. // Civil War. Ahhhh, Civil War. Let me count the ways I loved every second of you. And cried over every second of you. And was frustrated with every second of you. And liked you a lot overall. (#teamironman) // X-Men: Apocalypse. X-MEN APOCALYPSE. I am a sucker for X-Men and this was an X-Men thing if I've ever seen one. I don't even care if it's objectively a sloppy film. It was everything I needed.

"But you're forgetting one, Aimee!" you say. "What about that other wildly huge sci-fi franchise movie?" 

This one deserves a space to itself, is all.

When I say that Rogue One is quite possibly my new favorite movie of all time...you may think I'm exaggerating. Which just means that you weren't in the theater with me on Christmas, watching me sob openly as the credits rolled and random strangers asked if I was okay. i was not okay. There's something so intensely...perfect about this movie, you guys. It's a good story with good characters and, as a result, it tells the truth: about humanity, about individual people, about life. It's tragic and gutwrenching and gritty and shocking and it's so, so beautiful and triumphant. 

I want to see it ten thousand more times. I'll never be tired of it. This is an important movie to me, y'all. (I have a review coming next week, never fear.)

Ah, music music music. I could go on for ages, so I won't. Instead, I'll give you some (non-Hamilton) favorites.

And, finally...here are some random moments and memories from 2016. It's been a great one. 

2016 was an interesting one.

2017 is gonna be better.

Love you all.


  1. This is a great list! I'm sad to say I haven't seen Rogue One yet but I WILL see it as soon as it comes out on digital! Hearing all the fangirling and crying makes me mad that it's gonna take so long. >.<
    Yep, I basically agree with you about 2016. It was weird, kinda crazy, but it was still a good year. I loved hearing your thoughts on it. :) Trusting next year will also be full of God's sovereign goodness!

  2. wow love lists and marvel and you so this post could pretty much not get better. SO HAPPY 2016 WAS A GOOD FOR YOU. it was for me, too. got a job and my license and lots of freedom and feels freaking good. thanks for sharing :')

  3. 2016 was a rough year for me but I am SO SO GLAD that it was so good for you. It's been awesome seeing you grow and improve and become the beautiful person you are now.
    (And gosh I'd better make it into next year's wrapup post because I'M MEETING YOU IN A FEW MONTHS)

  4. This post made me think....in a good way. It kinda made me look back over my year and realize that it's been a year of growth for me too. :) thanks for posting this because now I know what I need to add to my next blog post about the new year. ;)


  5. Wow... I guess I hadn't really considered how much I've grown this year as well. It just feels like, well, it happened.
    THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT THE POSITIVE SIDE OF 2016. Nearly every corner I turn on the internet everyone is hating on it more than I've ever seen someone hate on a year.

    I haven't gone to see Rogue One yet. My parents did, but I opted out... I'm not sure I want to put myself through the emotional struggle. XD
    [you left out your Hamilton favorites.... what are they...]
    -Jeneca Writes

  6. What an incredible post, Aimee! I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who feels like 2016 WASN'T the worst year ever. I love how you presented this. I'm still brainstorming my end-of-year post :P

    Rogue One and Civil War <3 <3 <3 I was trying not to be overly excited in case they let me down and they DIDN'T. And that's the best feeling ever :DDD

    I'm so glad that you were able to grow this year. As long as you learn something you're living life right <3 Here's to an equally awesome 2017 *clinks glass*

  7. I get rather frustrated with all the 'this has been the worst year ever' things I keeps seeing. Because it really, really hasn't. This has been, in fact, a really good year in a lot of ways. Yes, bad things happened. But bad things happen every year and I don't think this one was significantly worse. YOU MET AMIE KAUFMAN AND JAY KRISTOFF I"M JEALOUS (srsly though, I've never met an author). Anyway, these were cool lists *hi-fives*

  8. Firstly, I'm so glad you had a good year! It wasn't the best for me, especially in November/December. Plenty of cool stuff happened, but life is stressful and a friend of mine lost a fight with Cancer back near the beginning of November. We weren't close, but that's been hard for his family, so please pray.
    Congrats on having a job/adulting! You go!
    Secondly, ROGUE ONE. OH MY GOSH.
    I have done nothing but mentally scream over it (and Star Wars in general) for at least two weeks. My friends probably all hate me for the amount of unnecessary rambling I've sent them. My sister rolls her eyes every time I speak to her. I don't care, though, because this movie was amazing. Doctor strange and Fantastic Beasts were both excellent, of course, but dude...Star Wars. The end wrecked me emotionally, but it was beautiful, Agh, I could talk about it forever.

    1. (excuse the grammar, my iPad hates me)

  9. 2016 really was a good year for me, too. Here's to an even better 2017:)

  10. I know I mentioned it in my last comment, but ROGUE ONE FOR REAL. I went to see it first thing in the morning on release day (having a nerd dad means advantages) so I didn't have the advantage of seeing everyone else angsting over it so I wAS SO UNPREPARED and I cried so. freaking. much.

    Anyway, I love everything else here. I've heard good things about Daredevil, but alas, no Netflix. Maybe summer come and I can get a free trial and binge-watch.

    Also you people who somehow read 200 hundred books a year are of a higher order than us mortals. I couldn't squeeze in 40 this year.


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