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We're gonna sit down and have a casual talk today. No fancy pictures, no cool fonts, no more pretty words or wrapping up.

(I'll make this quick.)

I don't have any New Year's Resolutions. Do you? You're probably gonna break them. I would break them if I made any. Just sayin'. (This is a thing I say in real life way too often, that I probably shouldn't.)

It's time to stop wrapping up 2016. Time to stop talking about it. That whole tangle of things is done and dead and we've got a whole new year coming out in front of us. We've gotta focus on that.





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We've spent a lot of time whining about 2016, okay? (Yes, whining. I won't use a more delicate word.) And it could very well be that 2016 was hard for you. Some things are outside our control and maybe this was the year you got hit with a lot of those things.

But if you want 2017 to be great, if you want it to be your year...you've gotta make it your year, right? 

You can't control everything. 

But you can control yourself. How you react to things. How you fight. How you treat people. How you attack the problem before it comes. What you tell yourself, whether or not you get help, how you cope before and during and after. You remember in Hamilton when Burr's singing that "I am the one thing in life I can control?" Probably don't be Aaron Burr, but maybe pay attention to that line. 

If you want 2017 to be your year, go for it. 

Have an action plan. Get help. Determine what you need to do. Do the things that scare the crap out of you. Just. Do. It. 

(You thought I was going to use the gif, didn't you? NOT THIS TIME LOSERS.)

One little, agonizing step at a time. Baby steps, if you have to. That's how we're all gonna get somewhere. 

One step at a time, go for it.

It's been a year and I love you all. This is my year. Probably yours, too. 

As long as we go for it.

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  1. I think you make a good point on this, Aimee. On your last post, I made a comment that I've been thinking about how 2016 was for me and I discovered that it was both amazing and totally horrible. All at the same time. Yeah, I'm completely scared of 2017, but I'm also really looking forward to watching what God does with this next year of my life. Happy New Year, Aimee. :)


  2. WOOO MOTIVATING. :D (I love that you still use gifs in your serious posts!!) I actually had a personally good 2016...well I mean, mostly.😂 But politics and all the terrorist attacks and bombings were absolutely awful. So I do understand why people are so relieved 2016 is over. Here's to hoping the world keeps spinning in 2017 too. And yES. WORK HARD AND DO YOUR BEST <-- excellent life goals no matter what

  3. thanks so much for posting this. this is exactly the kind of motivation i need. this year is ours. xx

  4. "Probably don't be Aaron Burr, but maybe pay attention to that line. " << Accurate.

    Man, this was inspirational. You are an awesome person, Aimee.

  5. I'm glad you said all this. While there were plenty of things that happened this year that were out of most people's control (wildfires, terrorism, random disasters, deaths, and even politics), complaining about all the crap that's going down isn't going to change anything. I'm prone to giving up caring when things get messy, but that's exactly why so many people hated the year. Instead of dealing with stuff and trying to improve small-scale things as much as possible, a lot of people just complained about the things they couldn't control, giving up hope without even trying. So anyway, you make an excellent point. Thanks for the awesome post!

  6. Happy 2017! I'm not making any resolutions or major things for this year, either. We can start a rebellion against the norm :D Great post!


  7. Yes, let us leave 2016 behind.

    But to be honest, I do have ONE resolution. Start bullet journalling but my style. Waay better than just keeping my resolutions in my head. I really like making short term goals <3 Only one day but so far, so good!


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