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"But you said you were on hiatus, Aimee!" Yes, I am on hiatus. (I'll be back after Christmas! Huzzah!) But in my absence I bring to you a guest post by one of my favorite creative people and writerly frens, Caroline! I've gotten to meet/cling on her and let me tell you that she is an actual gem and I couldn't be happier to have her here. So if you don't enjoy this...I'm not saying I'm coming for you, but I am totally coming for you. Give her some love.

I like to think of inspiration as a kind of energy.  A motivation to create something. 

When I have inspiration, I drop everything I'm doing and run to write it down.  It's almost a sacred thing to me, because it comes so rarely.  And seriously, I should tell you right now that the inspiration for these words are from God, not me.

This blog post never quite lent itself to an introduction or bio of any sort, so upon editing, I'm officially and shamelessly sticking it here.  I'm Caroline Meek, author of "The Drawing in of Breath" and blogger at Of Stars and Ink-stained Things!  I'm a super spontaneous writer/blogger, so bravo to Aimee for letting me post on her amazing blog - with me, you never know what you're going to get: pictures of squirrels and an analysis of their eating habits, or some deep, personal account.  But today, my goal is to inspire you.

Throw-all-my-inspiring-things-at-you-until-you-drown-in-inspiration kind of inspiration. This is your inspiration prescription, in case you've been lacking lately.  (See back label for warnings: deficiency in inspiration can cause sadness, idleness, procrastination, Pinterest roving, and general urges to become a penguin and live in the Antarctica.)  I greatly encourage you to take a look at all the inspiring things...because you, my friend, deserve to feel that burning energy inside of you, the kind that makes you shiver in silent, frantic anticipation as you scramble for the words to express it.

First...breathe.  Let yourself take ten seconds out of this day. Surely you have at least that much time to do the most vital thing to living: breathe. And take a listen to this amazing spoken word (and all her others!) by my poet friend, Arielle Estoria:

Your inspiration is your energy.  It is food for thought.  Please, do not feed it all to your fears.  

For creatives, this is pretty easy.  Your inspiration-energy gets spent on wondering if your dreams are viable, justifiable, or worth their time. On fearing that no one will like it.  On doubting that you, o small person, have anything important to add to this void of chaotic light and sound.  Oh, but you do. 

The energy that goes to feeding your fears comes straight out of your inspiration reserve.  

Tonight, I reached a breaking point, a negative climax.  And I realized that I had been diverting every ounce of energy into worrying about things.  I've been scared about getting everything done in time, and if I'm thinking about certain things in the right way, and if I'm going to stop feeling down so often, and if I'm worrying too much.  Overthinking, my mind running in circles, and compounding the anxious thoughts.  I've never felt so empty of inspiration as in these last few months.

I've realized, however, that.....this is no way to live.  You have been given gifts, my friends.  Certain things that you know how to do, you love to do.  Yes, other people can do these too.  But none of them can do them like you can.

Let your inspiration out of the fear box. The world needs you.  And by the world, I don't mean all 8 billion people.  I mean that there is someone, at least one person, who needs to hear your story.  They need to see your work, or hear your song.  And if you accomplish this (whether you ever know you did or not), you will have changed the world and made all the difference.

Don't wonder if you're loving someone in the right way - love them, and God will use it.  Don't worry if this moment will last forever - it probably won't, and you can find comfort in that solidness of change and the opportunity and growth it brings.  Don't worry what others will think - your inspiration is not of this world.

Don't worry about which words to use in the moment - say them, and trust that God will use them. He created us with a few words - don't you think He can use our inspired words for His will?

This video made me cry the first time I saw it, one of the most inspiring, wake-up-moment things I've seen:

Artist, writer, breather-of-human-air - resolve to live.  Dare to be inspired.  I believe in you and your dreams, and you have every right to as well. Those dreams of stars are what universes are made of.

I saw a sign in a store window the other day, and it really got into my head.

Take a moment and breathe.  Look at the detail in your hands.  Feel inspired by the inspiration that's already around you, waiting to be joined by your creation.  Don’t give that inspiration up to fear.   Right now, you're living, and you have so much potential to live.

* * *

If I had to recommend the most inspiring book, I'd tell you to read "Dancing on the Head of a Pen" by Robert Benson.  That book changed my artistic lifestyle; both writing-related and in general. Go read it immediately and soak in the energy.

For inspiring music, I listen to the artist Sleeping At Last.  Wow.  That music just....embodies my creative-soul.

Thanks for reading, frens! I write more (spontaneous) inspiration posts like this (and umm, not like this, depending on the time of day and the alignment of Pluto with the North Star) - on my blog,  Of Stars and Ink-stained Things!

this is caroline and isn't she just the cutest?

How do you find inspiration?  How have you been spending your inspiration energy?


  1. Hey there! I'm new around and I totally love your blog! Loved reading this post of yours, it's so interesting and, well, inspiring to read about how others get inspired. Loved your post!

    1. Welcomeeeee! So glad you're here, and thank you! <3

  2. I like this post. �� I think inspiration is a hard thing to find, and when I find it, I'm completely obsessed with it.

    1. It's feels magical, doesn't it? It's one of my, if not the most, favorite feelings ever. :)

  3. Literally crying right now because that video "Not everybody lives" made me realize that my plan for my career is based on fear that I will not be able to do what I really want to do with my life.

    1. Oh friend <3
      Don't ever let your backup become the first thing you try.
      Passion will get you further than settling will. Don't throw your dreams away because a "maybe" wedged itself in between you and the future. Like he said, "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever did". These are dreams that don't deserve to die - not without a chance. There are so many possibilities in this world and your dreams are totally among the possible. Maybe people tell you that you have "potential to have a 'safe, successful' career" but listen - there are multiple kinds of potential. You have the potential to forge your own path, something unknown, something beautiful, something that is more "you" than any plan whose numbers look good on paper. The things that look good on paper - money, numbers, safety, prestige - they carry no weight without a heart to fuel them.

      I don't know your exact situation right now, but I would encourage you to believe in yourself. <3 I believe in you. Go listen to "This is For You" by Arielle Estoria a few times. I often have it on repeat, it gives me so much life. Also, I wrote a blog post on this specific problem, because I just recently realized this as well - soon after listening to that video, and it changed my plan for college.
      Thank you for existing <3

  4. I love this. It is truly inspiring. I also appreciate your insight into what inspiration is. The etymology of "inspire" is in the idea of the divine breathing into a person. In other words, it's the image of God breathing life into Adam, inspiring him to live.

    1. Thank you! Oh my goodness, the idea of inspiration=breathing is one of my favorites things ever.

    2. One of my favorite illustrations is in Ezekiel 37, "The Valley of Dry Bones." I write zombies, so it fits, but in Ezekiel I've learned inspiration teaches us that creation is a process, and God will partner with us in it to create what we offer.

    3. I'm gonna go back and read that passage. I love that idea!

  5. Oh my goodness. This is perfect. You're a blessing to this world, Caroline.

  6. I'm a little late commenting, but this post was really so helpful. It's so easy to give in to fear, but, like you said, it's no way to live.

    1. I'm glad it impacted you! :) I believe in you.


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