if we want to read the thing, maybe we should write it ourselves

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Is it a certain day today? Should I be posting about a certain theme today? Well. I kinda am. In a way. A very vague way. and yes, i know i missed posting last saturday. sue me. #life

It's Valentine's Day. So...I could post about love. I could post about romantic tropes. I could talk about my favorite romantic tropes (hint: I really like that one where they have to pretend to be dating and awkwardness ensues) or I could talk about, y'know, anything to do with romantic love, or the ~OTPS~, or whatever.

But I'm not going to do that.

I'm going to talk about a different kind of love.
purely because i love it and it made me laugh while i was looking for something else.
Writing/storytelling is such a weird thing; stories are always better in our heads. We know that we're trash writers, and yet, at the same time...when we watch or read something that frustrates us, inevitably, we end up sitting there thinking "I could have done that better" or "they should have done so-and-so." YOU KNOW THE FEEL DON'T EVEN LIE. Or, worse of all... "Why is no one writing about *insert thing here*?"

We know what stories make our hearts sing. We know what we need to see more of. We know what's important to us, or even just fun for us. We know what we'd like to see. We know what we wish stories would stop doing. We know the YA tropes we're sick of and the topics we wish YA would address. 

We know what we want to write, I think. I know I do. 

The other day I was eating lunch with a friend -- #chipotle4lyfe -- and I got into this topic. Now, this friend is not a writer, but she's a wise person, and so she listened to me as I talked about the fears I have for my future as a writer/creative person. 

"Nobody's going to like my stuff," I said. "I'm not even going to be able to get my stuff out there. It's too weird, it's too niche, it doesn't fit anything. There's no market for YA steampunk. There's no trend of "YA books about teenagers stepping up and mental health in sci-fi future Scandinavia." 

"Well," said my friend, "there's not yet." 

All hail the wisdom.

That isn't entirely what I'm ranting about today, but it's definitely part of it. Someone has to start the trends. Someone has to write the things we want to read. And if it's not us...who is it? 

Write the things you want to read.

Typical writer advice, I know. I feel like I've seen it a lot. But as someone who worries a lot, unreasonably, about writing something that's going to "sell", that people are going to like and want to pick up, I need to hammer it into my thick skull about twenty times a day if I want it to make any sense at all. And I need to remember that if I want something new, if I want something a specific way, talking about a specific thing...why not create it myself?

Someone has to start writing the genre you want to see more of.

Someone has to tackle that topic you feel strongly about.

Someone has to be the first one to step into the ring and put the thing out there, or no one is going to see it. There's a first for most things and if we don't go for it...how do we know someone else will? (I mean, guys. Someone had to be the first person to write Hamilton. Lin Manuel Miranda had to be the first to do what he did.)
it's always the right time for a gif of lin
I'm going to say a thought that I've had in my head for a while, that may or may not be correct, so bear with me: there are a lot of dreamers out there. Dreamer is a compliment, a nice word, an artsy word that makes us feel high and mighty and good about ourselves as "creatives". We are the dreamers, y'know.

Maybe we need less dreamers and more people who are willing to be doers. (And I say that to me, too.)

Maybe we need to step up. Maybe we need to stop dreaming about things, or, at the very least, take those dreams and go somewhere with them. Maybe we need to start working toward things -- to be the person who steps up, takes those things they're dreaming about, and makes them happen.

Maybe. I don't know, man.

Maybe we need to shut up about being creative dreamers and get to work and step out of the way of our own heads and let the truth do the talking for us. (What does that mean? I do not fully know. Sue me.)

We should probably just go for it.

Note to self: if you want to read, or watch, or listen to the thing, make the thing. You have that power.

It's in you for a reason.

Make it happen.

Shut up and do the thing.

(I love you guys. I'm just tired of -- especially with myself, always with myself -- wishing for things and dreaming about things and then not doing them and then being sad. You have the power.) 

this has been a psa by rick castle, the most relatable of writers

what's the thing you want to see/watch/read about? why aren't you creating it? (spoiler alert: go create it)


  1. hey, I'm the first comment!

    Anyways, my first novel was a dystopian romance, and my current novel is a suspense/thriller. None of those are original. But my two collaboration projects are pretty original. One is a fantasy, but with emphasis on the characters, not on the world. The second is hard to explain, but let's just say it involves parallel worlds, and a world between worlds, and going through mirrors, and reflections, and cyborgs.

    1. Welcome, first comment :P Your stories sound super interesting, goodness o.o

  2. It's always good to have some motivation, something that says :do the thing! Thank you for being that motivation for me today. x

  3. I feel like I should be writing all of a sudden.....*shrugs* Huh, must just be me. I kinda feel like this post is basically the Aimee version of the "Just do it" motivation video lol. So that was pretty awesome, although I am a little sad that you didn't use one of his GIFs because it would've so perfectly fit in here lol.

    But anyways, good post! *hugs it*

    1. Oh and I'm working on two stories. One is a teenage mashup of Inception and The Matrix (well, that's what I'm marking it as if it ever gets finished) and the other is kinda like Maze Runner meets Divergent plus escape story (if that even makes sense....)

    2. Do alllll the writing. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

  4. I tend to look at my stuff and simultaneously worry that it's not unique enough and that it's too weird. One story is a fantasy/sci fi/maybe steampunk mess with dragons and multiple perspectives and a Jurassic Park-ish situation. One is a fantasy story that feels so unoriginal it sometimes hurts. I had an idea a while back for a cartoon series (a logistically impossible idea, but I can dream I guess). It's hard to write what you want to read, honestly. You end up second-guessing yourself, scrapping plotlines, and feeling frustrated because you can't seem to communicate what you want to (I mean, I do that anyway, but the more important to me it is the worse it gets). I'm rambling, sorry.
    Thanks for the lovely "do the thing" post!

    1. Ugh, yeah, I feel that way all the time. It would be great if I could always have confidence in what I'm doing...but I guess the solution is just to keep going, really.

  5. Arg my next story is a sci Fi with super soldiers, ballet, steel giants, and a couple other oddities....... It's what I'd like to read so I guess I SHOULD GO CREATE THE THING. But it's so true
    I don't like writing things I wouldn't read cause my passion isn't in it.

    1. Super soldiers, ballet, steel Giants? I so wanna read this story of yours, Hannah! Sounds epic, keep writing!


  6. Giiiiirl... preach! I was literally just talking to one of my writing friends about this, and the bit that your friend saying that a certain trend didn't exist YET really struck a chord with me. Because I don't know if anyone has written all female epic urban fantasy quest/road trip on the west coast and I really want to read it. So I'm gonna have to get over my self doubt and just do the durn thing! You inspire me majorly, Aimee, jus sayin... 🤓

    1. I'm so glad I somehow inspire you :P DO THE THINGS. JUST DO THE THINGS.

  7. Dude! So true! Recently noticed that homosexuality is never written (from the perspective that it's wrong but not necessarily is there a "conversion") in YA fantasy/mainstream fiction, so I've decided to write it. Awesome post, girl! Keep up the good work!

    1. Ooh, that's an interesting approach -- and I would agree that we're lacking that perspective. Go for it!

  8. THIS YAAAS THIS. this hit home for me. I have very few legit fears and one of them is being a dreamer and not a doer. Like...coming up with ideas is so easy for me. The hard part is making them a reality. AND THIS BLOG POST CAME AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME FOR ME BECAUSE I've been thinking a lot about a phrase I saw on Pinterest or someplace: "make your dreams into plans." AND I GET SO FRUSTRATED SOMETIMES because I NEED PLANS. Yet at the same time my life would be a completely uninteresting story if I knew absolutely everything that was going to happen. So I'm trying to find the balance. And I feel liKE I'M GETTING OFF TOPIC LOLOLOL but that's what I love about your writing IT ALWAYS MAKES ME THINK. <3

    Please please please give the world your beautiful books. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR BEAUTIFUL BOOKS. And your friend is wise. Niche just means it's fabulously unique. WHICH MEANS IT'S AWESOME <3333

    thank you for this post :')

  9. I love all the love that's going on in your comments, Aimee. I'm jealous!

  10. Aimee, you should definitely know that I would absolutely read everything you write ever if given the chance. YA Steampunk doesn't have to be a genre for me to want to read your stuff. Good writing and good ideas speak for themselves, they don't need labels. And good writers like yourself don't either.
    Really nice and encouraging post, thank you for sharing!

    1. "Good writing and good ideas speak for themselves, they don't need labels." AMEN.

  11. Thank you! This is the swift kick in the pants I needed today. Sometimes it's so difficult to sit down and acutally write.


    " "Well," said my friend, "there's not yet." "

    ....this kind of blew my mind a bit.

    I've honestly never thought of it that way, and I have no idea why. I look at my stories, and I'm like, "Oh, no one reads stuff like this, it would never sell." BUT SOMEBODY HAS TO START IT.

    Thank you for this.

  13. Okay, so back in 2015 I saved a document titled Encouragement and Confetti. It was a conversation with you about writing your Important Novel. The thing that you're driven to write... (*waves* Hi it's been awhile :P)
    I'm still working on that, draft after draft I'm still working on that story. But here on the very day I look up that document I find myself on your blog.

    Keep doing what you're doing, Aimee. <3


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