it's really cliche but i'm gonna do it anyway // ASK ME QUESTIONS

7:00 AM

This is literally the most cliche thing ever. NO CARES GIVEN.

see? no cares. i'll dance to prove it.
I'm jumping fully on the bandwagon. I've been waiting forever for "the right equipment", whatever that means, but you know what? I have a laptop and an iPhone and I'm going to make this Youtube thing happen, slightly lower quality be darned. And the best way to start that, I with a Q&A, which is cliche but something I haven't done on here in a while.




All the burning questions about me that are just lurking in your soul. What's my favorite chocolate? How do I feel about *insert show/movie here*? What do you want me to talk about? What do I recommend in any category? Any other question? COME AT ME BRUH. 

This video will come THIS MONTH. I promise you that. And, if you help me'll be awesome.


  1. YASSSS. All the questions will be asked this day. I'm excited for the video!! :D

  2. Looking forward to this video!!! Is it a launching intro to your Bright Eyes podcast??

  3. EEP.

    Until when do we have to ask questions? Because I like to take my time thinking of good ones.


hey. hey. talk to me. i'm a fan of comments and flailing with you. go for it.