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7:00 AM

I don't know, I don't talk about my life/me very often? So here's an update on the wonderful world of Aimee. a terrifying place to be, let's be real.

this is a bad picture, taken by me. #livinontheedge

Look, I'm not good at lifestyle stuff and I don't have any cool song quotes and all the pictures I take on my outdated iPhone are grainy trash so here we go with a list of things. Random things. Consider them as lil snapshots, Instagram posts in words, things I would have captured about my life lately if I had my phone at the time or took more pictures in general.

- me and one of my younger brothers laughed through a neon-lit sorta grimy dollar theater and bought a bunch of candy boxes instead of popcorn and basically inhaled sugar and caffeine while laughing over that fantastic beasts movie. he loves harry potter stuff and i've never cared for it but i had fun with this one. (it was all rainy and gross outside afterward, so we got burgers and more caffeine. and got wet. sigh.).

- my coworkers like to play the most artfully awful mashups of various pop songs after we close. it's hard to focus on doing dishes when you're listening to uptown funk/bring me to life and also when you're laughing hysterically but there's something pretty great about cry-laughing with coworkers in an empty restaurant at 10:30 at night. (i had an energy drink so that probably didn't help.)

- i'm making my way through parks and rec for the third time. it brings me a lot of joy, even though i can probably quote all the episodes and jokes by heart this time around. the other day it was a sunday afternoon and i curled up in blankets, ignored the rain, and binge-watched a billion episodes.

- i already mentioned work, but lots of work. it wears me out and makes my hands feel weird, but i like the feeling of walking into work and slipping into the back and saying hi to my coworkers and clocking in and having inside jokes about customers who came in two weeks ago. they bought me gluten free cake the other day. we hid in the back and ate some and all agreed it was decent. (i mean, it had chocolate in it.)

- valentine's day was strange and a little bit upsetting for unknown reasons, but i also had breakfast with a very good fren and we took up a booth for at least three hours because we started talking about daredevil and jessica jones and all things heroism. nothing like getting weird looks from the people across from you because you're heatedly discussing superhero shows.

- i read the rogue one novelization. i bawled my eyes out halfway through. i had to put the book down and lay on the floor and let it all out, which sounds stupid, but some words just mean things and some characters make you want to live a little better and i felt achy and breathless and tired all that night with a little hint of panic but thinking about rogue one helped a lot. sometimes thinking about bodhi rook inspires you to keep going and breathe, not gonna lie.

- i walked across the park and into the woods and down to the creek while it was half-raining and totally quiet other than that. it smelled really nice. my phone died, even though i wanted pictures, but i'm glad i wasn't on it the whole time. i found lots of litter in certain areas, which made me think about people, and things they leave behind, and i stared at some empty bottles for a long time trying to recreate the situation around them. litter is awful but it's fascinating at the same time, especially when raindrops keep hitting it and nothing smells like trash and there's bright green moss everywhere.

- lots of tight-chest-feeling and laying on the floor watching the bottom of the wall and thinking about too much or not a lot. but i always get up, get water, put on socks, eat ice cream/chocolate/popcorn and watch something stupid afterward until it's time to sleep.

- sitting weird in a desk chair way too late at night and pounding out words that are messy and not plot relevant and don't make sense and aren't good, but are words that i'm enjoying. there's something great about writing something that isn't pariah. there's something better about remembering how much you love a story, even if it's a mess right now.

- a lot of work. a lot of potential. a lot of weirdness. sometimes, though, just sitting outside when it's still cold to do that, listening to really annoying birds, and annotating a Lemony Snicket book. that's the good stuff.
this is an awkward picture of my face. #hipster



  1. Not gonna lie, you sound like you're having fun. But also like you could use a hug (then again, everyone could use a hug).

    The movie-candy thing sounds like something that happened with my (older) brother a while back when he took me to see a movie. We had SO MUCH candy, and the whole theater to ourselves, so we played tag while we were waiting for previews. It was so fun. Brothers are great (for the most part XD).

  2. This is just the most beautiful post that makes the whole world seem big and me feel small and it makes me want to live and breathe and go places and meet people and youuuu are an inspiring fren <3

  3. these are such beautiful little snapshots of your life and I love them. now I want to go for a walk in the woods, and write a post like this.

  4. Ah life posts are fun. I LIKE. And I like your shirt. Also good long conversations about superheroes are the bessst and this reminds me that I still haven't even started Jessica Jones and what am I doing with my life.

  5. I know what you mean about the work thing. I just started a job last week or so, and getting into the swing of things and feeling like you know what you're doing is kind of fun. :D

    Isn't walking lovely? I have a super long driveway through a bunch of trees that's perfect for taking walks. And sometimes I have to remind myself how beautiful it is to just walk, with no music or anything to distract from the surroundings. There's also this clearing a little bit off the driveway that I've been hanging out in lately, where I can kind of shut myself off and think or pray or just stare at the sky. It's lovely. ♥

  6. I really like this. ❤


  7. Aw, this is sweet, Aimee. I really enjoyed reading about your life! You made it sound really simple and really amazing.

  8. Posts like these are my favorites <3

  9. Glimpses into another person's life are great. Thank you for sharing, Aimee. I love your observations of the world. You take in things at their heart, the little details, but sweep over the whole big picture too. That's awesome.

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  11. this post was so lovely! it inspired me to do a rambly little emotional life update on my own blog too.
    Glad to hear (read?) that you're keeping yourself hydrated, keep doing that. also, curling up in blankets is the best.
    long walks and short walks and woods and parks and rain are lovely. family time, sibling time is lovely. talking to friends about things you love is the best. you seem like you;'re doing a lot of work but then it's great, cuz you want to do this.you're doing great, keep going.*hands you cookie*

  12. This post was lovely! It's always great to hear how you're doing. Walks are vastly underrated. They can be amazingly refreshing, and they provide wonderful opportunities to clear your head, think, pray, or deal with your stress by yelling at trees. I still haven't read the Rogue One novel, but I did watch the movie again at our local drive in a couple days ago (they opened early and it was freezing) (I still cried so much I got a migraine).
    Anyway, I'm glad your job is going well! Hooray for adult responsibilities, right?

  13. Your life seems a lot more interesting then mine, and find grainy pictures cool.

  14. Can I just say I'm new to your blog, and already love it. Your style, your sarcasm, your faith. This was fun to read, thank you!


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