a month of new music // days 1-15

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Fear not, I haven't abandoned you yet, and today I'm going to talk about something different, because I can.

It's been a while since I've talked specifically about music, which is strange, because that's one of my favorite topics in the whole world and the history of ever forever amen. So that's what's going to happen today, and you can come along for the ride if you'd like.

i just rly love drums ???
I've been restless for some new music this year. I love the bands I have now, but what's the point of having Spotify Premium (the best use of my money right now) if you don't use it for holding alllll the music, instead of just a few albums? I tend to be a little bit set in my ways when it comes to music, and it's hard for me to branch out.

So I decided to do something scary.
*resists urge to rant about legion erry day allll day*
As I went into April, I decided on a whim that I was going to listen to one new album every. single. day. For the entire music. The idea being that I would have to find new things, and by the end of April I will have heard 30 entirely new-to-me albums. They couldn't be by bands I already knew, or be albums that I've listened to ever. They have to be fresh and brand-new. I've gathered suggestions from things I've wanted to listen to for a while, favorite albums from friends, suggestions from Twitter, and so on. And sometimes just random selection. VERY VERY VERY scary.

This is going to be a long post, so I won't blame you if you leave now. But here I'll be documenting the 15 albums I listened to for the first half of this month. They are, in order: 

1. Language and Perspective (Bad Suns)

exactly my genre! exactly my kind of music! a very punk and bouncy feel, with thoughtful lyrics. I've listened to a lot of these songs over again this month. A+, a win, etc. (A fave song being Salt)

2. Ghost of a King (the gray havens)

Absolutely lovely and calming. Not my kind of music, though. 

3. White Lighter (Typhoon)

A NEW FAVE A NEW FAVE A NEW FAVE A NEW ALL-TIME FAVE. There aren't really words. Lyrics. Sound. HIS VOICE. I die. It's dark and morbid and tugs at your heart and I cried a few times. (Young Fathers and Dreams of Cannabalism are especially fantastic. Listen to them.)

4. The Human Condition (Jon Bellion)

Bruh. Another new all-time fave. Jon Bellion has something special in him, I'm convinced of it, and he's a bit of a genius. I haven't listened to many rap albums that I've liked at the very least, but I adored this one. It's heartfelt, and human, and raw, and genuine. If you're not a fan of language (pretty strong at times) or some sexual references, probably steer clear, but he's very honest in a way that a lot of people aren't, and at the same time manages to come back to truth and goodness and humanity every single time. (Maybe IDK will make you weep. Promise.)

5. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)

Weird. Totally and completely weird. Something I would never listen to on my own, if it hadn't come recommended by a fren. And yet, I'm glad I listened to it. It's unique and inspiring and compelling in its own way, and I really like the style. There's a lot to get from the lyrics and the story behind it. 

6. Story of an Immigrant (Civil Twilight)

It had me at the cover art and it kept me the whole time. Much more of an indie-rock feel, which was nice after all the weird things I listened to at first. It's a bit like if you smushed Coldplay and Bastille together, excellent lyrics and all, which I'm always here for. 10/10 would listen to again. 

7. All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend (Aurora)

Recommended by an excellent fren of mine and approved by me. Her voice makes me so happy, y'all, and I don't know why, because she's intensely morbid. But it's great and inspiring and makes you feel powerful and good about yourself. 

8. Vessels (Starset)

WHY HAD I NOT HEARD THIS BEFORE NOW. This is the sci-fi-inspired album you need in your life. Aggressive. SPACE. BATTLES. IN SPACE. If you want music that feels like the new Star Trek movies, look no further than this flawless screamy thing. (Also. That cover. I'm in love.)

9. Sam's Town (The Killers)

Okay, yes, obviously I've heard some Killers songs before. (Come at me, bro, Mr Brightside is a JAM.) But never seriously, so it doesn't count. People said this was their best album and I needed some angsty rock, so I came to this, and I was not disappointed. There's a very specific aesthetic to this that I loved a LOT. 

10. Out of the Wasteland (Lifehouse)

It seemed appropriate to actually listen to a Lifehouse album, since, y'know, I just busted my paycheck on TICKETS TO SEE THEM AND SWITCHFOOT THIS JULY. (Switchfoot, y'all. I'm going to another Switchfoot concert. I could cry right now.) I was not disappointed. So much emotion and rock and amazingness. 

11. The Interstellar Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer)

I'm one of the few people in this universe who actively disliked Interstellar as a movie, but sci-fi soundtracks are the best for me to write to, and I'd heard enough people scream about the soundtrack that I decided to do something new and listen to a soundtrack that day. The movie disappointed me, but the soundtrack did not! The colorful space vibes are real. 

12. Pure Heroine (Lorde)

"How have you never listened to Lorde, Aimee?" I mean, obviously I've heard Royals. BUT NOTHING ELSE DON'T SUE ME. After much pressure, I finally caved and listened to some Lorde. Granted, I wasn't paying a ton of attention that day, but I know it's something I want to hear again, because there's a lot of depth and story inspiration there. AND DANG, SON, HER VOICE.

13. Hey, I'm A Ghost (Sullivan)

Finally, a proper screamy album. With thoughtful lyrics! I didn't hear much -- it was another distracted today -- but I liked what I heard, I think. Not many opinions here. 

14. The Golden Age (Woodkid)
Interesting, but not going down as one of my faves. It just didn't grab me. *shrug*

15. Dear Evan Hansen (yes, that musical)

LOOK I DON'T KNOW WHY IT TOOK ME THIS LONG EITHER.  This is a tough one to mini-review, because I've only heard it once, and with musicals it generally takes me a few listens to understand what's going on and properly appreciate the characters/lyrics. But this one has something special to it, I think. (It reminds me a bit of Next To Normal, which I will never be over.) It's a message very close to me and I think it's important. Must listen to this a few more times! 

That, I guess, is my musical journey so far, and I don't have a convenient way to end this, so yeah. Aimee is listening to lots of music this month. And if you have an album you want me to listen to, PLEASE send it my way! I have a lot of days to go. 


  1. Yess, Dear Evan Hansen is great. It reminded me of Next to Normal too, though I've actually only ever listened to some of the songs from that (every time I start to watch a bootleg I realize I'm not emotionally ready to cry for two hours). I'm glad you made this post, because I've been in an awkward musical limbo and now I have some ideas! I also totally get what you mean about disliking a thing but loving the soundtrack. The Game of Thrones soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard, but I don't care for the show. Have you listened to much Regina Spektor? You might like her style. It's very unique and interesting.

    1. Bruh the Game of Thrones soundtrack is EXCELLENT. And works for my steampunk writing needs, strangely enough. *drowns in excellent soundtracks for the rest of my life*

  2. (This is pretty unrelated, but have you seen the Disney movie Treasure Planet? It's really good but super underrated, so I've made it my mission in life to expose as many people to it as possible. Great soundtrack, pirate ships in space, illogical sci fi, really good characters. Watch it.)


    2. I SAW IT LIKE FOREVER AGO AND HAVEN'T SEEN IT SINCE. But I remember loving it. So I really have no idea why I haven't come back to it, y'know? I do know that small Aimee really really loved it, and Present Aimee loves the concept, so.

  3. Yussss you listened to Language & Perspective!! I don't know why I never thought to mention them to you, because they're totally your thing??? But I'm glad you liked it.
    AND HOLY CRAP LORDE IS AMAZING I'M SO THRILLED THAT YOU LIKE HER VOICE. You should definitely give Pure Heroine another listen and check out her two new singles as well because they are beautiful. Also idk if you listened to the extended edition of Pure Heroine but you totally should because Bravado is one of the most Kristana songs to ever exist. So.

    1. LORDE IS SO INTERESTING. Must come back to it. *nodnod*

  4. This is such a good idea! I'll have to steal it from you sometime! Thanks for sharing what you've been listening too, I'm always super desperate for new music. Lately I've been listening to a lot of old music for my wedding playlist, lol.

    Hmm, well, I have a bajillion recommendations for you if you're interested?? Some you've probably heard before, but I'm just gonna spill out all my favorites.

    Adele - 21/Avicii - True/all the Bastille but you said you know them already/Birdy - Beautiful Lies or Birdy/The Doll Sisters - Off the Edge of the Earth (these guys are friends of mine and a celtic/blue-grass band but even if you're not super into old country music they have great voices and tell beautiful beautiful stories with their songs - so much writing inspiration! Colt 45 and Sailor Boy are my favorites)/Evanescence is good/All the Fall Out Boy but Save Rock and Roll is my favorite/All the Florence + the Machine but especially Lungs/Halsey - Badlands/Hozier/Don't know if you've heard Imagine Dragons, but definitely them/The Lumineers - Cleopatra/Manafest/****OLD**** Newsboys music/Of Monsters and Men - My Head is an Animal and Beneath the Skin/OneRepublic - Oh My My and Native/Owl City/Panic! At the Disco/ALLLLL the Passenger music you can get your hands on/The Piano Guys who are instrumentalists but amazing/Two Steps from Hell, also instrumentals/Pentatonix/All the Skillet, but that's not for everyone...

    I think that's most of it. XD Sorry to spam you with all of those. Good luck with your month of music! Let me know if you like any of these!

    1. *casually saves all the recommendations because I'm obsessed with allll the new music now*

  5. Because we like very different styles of music, you will probably hate me for sayin this, but you need to listen to the Titanic score. It's so beautiful and raw and intense and amazing. I have no words to do it justice. Just...listen to it.

    On a side note, James Horner was one of my favorite movie scorers. R.I.P. James Horner! 😭

    1. Soundtracks make up like 97% of my music lol.

  6. Oooh, have you ever heard of The Decemberists? They're like an indie rockish band thing...? But they do a lot of long songs that tell stories, many like folktale stories. Some of their songs have this folk sound with electric rock to it and the combination is AWESOME.

    ANYWAYS. You NEED to listen to their album The Hazards of Love. The whole album is one big creepy fairy-tale like story and just...IT'S AWESOME. My best friend introduced it to me and I fell in love.

    1. I LISTENED TO THIS BECAUSE OF YOU THANK YOU. Omg. It's so creepy and I absolutely adore songs that tell stories. So here I am, aggressively saving everything they've done ever. Excellent.

    2. OH MY GOODNESS. I ONLY JUST SAW THIS COMMENT BUT EEEEEEE!!!! I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THEM. I love songs that tell stories too. And they tell the BEST ONES. Dark fairytales FTW!


  8. so many good artists! hmm, you should try:
    alfred hall ep
    ocean by ocean by the boxer rebellion
    in the silence by asgeir
    exit lights by falling up
    ascension by ninja tracks
    homework by coals
    eisenhower by the slip
    effort by lovelier other
    she never sleeps by zach hurd
    island songs by olfur arnalds
    aventine (deluxe) by agnes obel
    the albatross ep by port blue
    i want to see pulaski at night by andrew bird
    this empty northern hemisphere by gregory alan iskov
    still life by dawn golden
    golden age by zayde wolf
    painting pictures of a war by aquilo
    other rivers by matthew and the atlas
    build anyway by the rocketboys
    viva voce by the rocketboys
    when i was younger by colony house

    and i probably have about a million more, but those are some of the first ones i saw in my spotify. this is a great idea!

    1. Yasss thank you! *saves all the things*

  9. I really liked this post, it's such an adventurous yet scary thing for you to do! I'm glad you liked a lot of stuff, I just got really into AURORA recently SO I'M GLAD YOU GOT TO LISTEN TO THAT! LOVE HER VOICE! I also really love Starset, though funny enough, the wonderful friend who introduced me to them does not like the song that made me fall for them (Carnivore, it's a unique song to say the least).

    1. Starset definitely has a unique feel to it, and some of their songs are straight up WEIRD, which I adore. *hugs Starset always*

  10. Thank you for all the new music suggestions! I LOVE Dear Evan Hansen! Glad you liked it too! Also, Lorde, her music is my jam. You should listen to the album "151A" by Kishi Bashi. It's kinda weird but really pretty. I particularly love the songs "Manchester" and "It All Began With A Burst."

    Kind wait for more suggestions!

    1. Oooh yas! I'll save it on my Spotify. I need all the albums. :D

  11. I love this post!! And I'm totally stealing this idea and these albums. If you haven't already, you should listen to Hozier's album (Hozier). It's sort of a bluesy rock vibe. I don't agree with all of the messages in his songs, but he sings like the angel of death so I forgive him.

    1. *saves album because I have been meaning to listen to Hozier for a while now*

      Totally do this! It's hard at first and it's a commitment, so sometimes it gets annoying, but forcing myself to find something new to listen to has opened me up to a lot of styles I hadn't heard before, which is neat. I've discovered a lot of new faves I would have if I hadn't been ~adventurous~.

    literally Ive listened to those so many times. (especially Jon Bellion. oops.)

    I really like that idea you had. listening to a new album every day. thats crazy so hats off to you for being able to do it. thats awesome.

    1. It's been so much work and I can't say I won't be relieved when the month is over :P

  13. Revolution Radio by Green Day or Halloway by Tessa Violet (technically an EP but whatever)

  14. I am gonna check out a lot of this stuff now :3 The album a day idea is so cool, I must try it out sometime... :D (also can I say Neutral Milk Hotel is such a hilarious name xD gotta love quirky band names!) Starset is great, I've gotta listen to the entirety of that album 'cause I don't believe I have... YOU SO LUCKY GETTING TO SEE SWITCHFOOT! *cries* there is so much music I love I don't know what to pick to recommend... ever heard of Lacey Sturm? her album Life Screams is amazing (plus everything she did with Flyleaf) and I adore her as a person also. Recently got hooked on the album The Peace of Wild Things by Paper Route, it seems like something you might like. Also, ever heard Bearcat's EP? Bearcat is Renee Yohe, who was the inspiration behind the organization To Write Love on Her Arms.

  15. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST THING! I want to try it one month soon.

    I reallyyyyyyy need to listen to Dear Evan Hansen soon. It's like Next to Normal?? I'm hooked. LOVE that show. *insert allll the heart eye emojis* The fact that you've listened to it makes me insanely happy.

  16. Mr brightside yessss I love angrily screaming in my car when it comes on :)

  17. *now has a gazillion songs on my Spotify cue* THIS IS SUCH A BRILLIANT IDEA. O.O thank you for sharing!


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